My new obsession Lee and Lou Collections Candles 

One of life’s little luxuries that I love (other than champagne) is candles. I have candles in every room of the house – even the toilet. I love the feeling that wafts over you from the aroma of a gorgeous candle as it fills the room with its scent. Lighting a beautiful candle never fails to make me feel sophisticated. For many years, my way of winding down is turning off the lights, popping a bottle of bubbly (note: do this before dimming the lights, nothing is sexy about broken glass and fumbling in the dark), lighting lots and lots of candles, and soaking up some great tunes while washing all the crazy and stress away.
Recently I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect candle for my closet (yes, even my clothes love candles). I wanted something that smelt fresh and delicious but also had to look fabulous while burning or sitting on my dressing room table. I looked high and low until I stumbled upon a luxe candle company called Lee and Lou. 
Lee and Lou specialise in not only bringing gorgeous smelling candles into your home but also creating candles that look like a piece of art in your living area. In my experience, the better the display the more bland the candle is. However, after viewing the Lee and Lou collection this theory was shattered. Each of their candles are hand poured and created on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, they’re made with only the best ingredients and then set in the most luxe glass jars.


One candle that made me weak at the knees and had my closet’s name written all over it was the Spiced Pear Martini. It was a candle that burned beautifully and was incased in the most fabulous glass jar that looked like a knockout on my dressing table. Since arriving in its new home, we have shared many a date night with champagne and tunes in the closet – and with an extra long burn time it’s showing no signs of running out anytime soon. A huge thumbs up to Lee and Lou for making this candle lover one happy gal.


Would you like to try a Lee and Lou candle? The good news is a lucky reader will have the chance to win one. For a chance to WIN simply share with me why you would like to win? Easy! The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner the 11th of March at 10pm.

Good luck x

We are sister duo: Kasey & Amy, creators and owners of Lee And Lou Collections. All of our products are handmade by us in our studio on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Lee & Lou Collections specializes in high quality, custom handmade, designer home wares that add a dash of colour and bring a touch of luxury to every space.
We create distinctive home décor pieces that have been hand crafted with love from our home to yours.

Geometric Cut Glass Candle in the clear, but they are also available in Matt Black & Copper

 The fragrance is “Spiced Pear Martini” which is one of our most popular scents. This strong fragrance captures the spicy scent of brandied sweet pears.  

17 thoughts on “My new obsession Lee and Lou Collections Candles 

  1. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    Candles make the world a better place.. They make my home a nice smelling aroma of everything that is beautiful & luxurious in the world.. Candles are my memories of long lost, I can close my eyes & shut the world out & just daydream while taking in the Gorgeous deliciousness of their unique fragrances & while they transport me anywhere & everywhere……… 💕💕💚💛💜💞💟❤💋

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  2. Bianca says:

    I would live to win one of these candles for my bedside table the only space in the house thats somewhat my own
    I xould handle the serenity of a beautiful aroma 😊

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  3. Kathryn says:

    This fragrance sounds divine Mrs Tink. I am also a candle lover! When they are lit up, they take you into another world. The jar that this Lee and Lou Collection candle comes in is simply beautiful. So elegant! I would L💖ve to win this beautiful candle so it can be a statement piece in my bedroom. 😍

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  4. vonnie1964 says:

    These look beautiful Mrs Tink , l have an obsession of beautiful smelling candles and they make my house so homely . This is very stylish and elegant and as much as this would look gorgeous on my bedside table I think l would put this in my family room to show it of as it’s very fancy . The Lee and Lou Collections Candles are very unique and would love to show this off to all my friends

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  5. donna coombe says:

    I find if my panic attacks are so bad through the week i have a nice bubble bath light up a candle and just reset let all the negative energy go i always burn a Lavender candle before bed to help me sleep. candles are something i find beautiful the smells and the holders,vintage is my thing i love all things vintage and this candle is absolutely gorgeous and im very fascinated about this Spiced Pear Martini sound so good

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  6. Lea Anita Black says:

    I would love a Lee and Lou candle to gift my daughter as a house warming gift, she has moved into her own home. It would make her home comforting & welcoming with Lee & Lou love ❤

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  7. Sarah L says:

    I’m not sure if the matt black one is up for grabs but if it is I would LOVE to win because my guest toilet is obsessed with matt black (well I’m obsessed but the guest toilet cops it) I’ve got a matt black toilet brush, toilet roll holder and plant stand….so you can imagine how excited they would be if there was a new addition of a candle 😝😝😝

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  8. sheldyn says:

    I’m a total candle addict. It’s the one item that always makes my shopping list even though its definitely a “want” and not a “need!” Something about burning a nice candle just makes a home feel so cosy! I love it 🙂

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  9. donna1008blog says:

    My Office & my home both smell of cattle! Yes, smelly cows! I can only Imagine after a long day & a nice hot shower walking into my bedroom, my sanctuary, my haven and lighting a beautiful candle that smells divine! I could close my eyes and drift away to some exotic location with leaving the farm!

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  10. Natalie M says:

    A scent to clear the mind, a scent to remember the beauty in the world, a scent to daydream by, a scent to make me smile, all great reasons to have a beautiful candle enhancing a home’s beauty and making my heart smile. I would love this to fill my home with an air of happiness.

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  11. Tania S says:

    I love the look of this candle, it is nothing like I have ever seen before. This is much more than a candle, it would look incredible on my bedside table. Im sure it smells as amazing as it looks.

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  12. Susan Banyard says:

    I 💙 My candles
    They are my me things
    I have my daily ones burning to make my home smell wonderful but when I’m feeling down or need a pick me up I burn some special ones and they take me into my own world of special memories or relaxation.
    I have not tried these ones but would love to add one to my special collection and dedicate it to my mum, dad and brother who are not with us anymore.

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  13. Leanne Mugridge says:

    I absolutely love candles. Not only for their scent and aroma, but for the decoration they add to my home. I feel at my cosiest in the winter with candles burning, and calm and serene in the warmer months. They add a sense of peace to our home.

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  14. Katie M says:

    I would love to win this candle and give it as a gift to my amazing mother. She works a taxing job and loves all things bling so I think this would suit her perfectly. This would be a great surprise for my mumma. I just want to smell the candle, I am sure it smells divine.

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  15. Sonja says:

    Wow! I had no doubt this would be a popular one when I saw how beautiful these Lee & Lou candles are but after reading and seeing the scent is “spiced pear martini” it ups the anti even more! Look at all these entries already! It’s still an absolute MUST that I enter this contest, these are the reasons I would love to win! (But I have a feeling I will be buying some regardless for myself & for presents- perfect gifts!) 1.We are preparing to move into our FIRST new place that is being built & I would absolutely love to showcase this fabulous candle when we get to move in. 2. Since moving to Australia from the USA I’m having trouble finding that “me” scent from an Australian store. My favourite in the states (they don’t sell it here) was also spiced/candied pear scent so I think this might be my “it” scent! If so I will be buying them regularly!!! 3. I’m a candle lover like everyone else & just love these beautiful candles! Thank you for telling us about these Mrs. Tink & thank you Lee & Lou for this giveaway! Good luck everyone X

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  16. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    Would love to try the Lee and Lou candle in spiced pear
    sounds good enough to eat
    Would spice up any home with its elegant encased finish …it would definitely become the centrepiece At my place … With its sweet spiced aroma lifting my mood in an instance .. Sounds gorgeous!

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