Mrs Tink travels in style with Ciao Bella Travel 


I’m obsessed with all things pink (shocking I know!) and I’m always on the look out for something unique and stylish and… pink! When it comes to travel I have a hot pink suitcase, posy pink carry-on and a light pink vanity bag – seeing me walk through an airport is like watching a float at Mardi Gra. With a trip pending overseas at the end of the year, I’ve been on the hunt to add to my pink collection and find the perfect travel accessories to take with me.

Recently I was squealing like a piggy (a pink piggy) as I opened a very special pink parcel from my friends at Ciao Bella Travel, who combined my obsession with monograming and my fascination with all things pink. They had sent me the most gorgeous travel set complete with luggage tags. This set was like nothing I had ever seen before, it was beautifully crafted and constructed from lovely leather, and did I mention it was pink and monogrammed!?

This gorgeous set comes complete with:

  • Travel Wallet
  • Passport Holder
  • 2 x Luggage Tags


Each piece is personalised to the owner with fabulous silver Monograming and are available in 18 different colours. The Travel Wallet is filled with lots of compartments and has plenty of room for boarding passes etc. The Passport Holder will have people begging to know where you purchased such a unique piece, and don’t even get me started on the travel tags they are divine beyond words! Reading this I’m sure you’re seeing dollar signs and are expecting such extravagance to cost you hundreds, but this saucy little set retails at only $55.00 – just another reason why I’m quickly becoming obsessed with Ciao Bella Travel.

Whether you’re travelling near or far, you will not want to leave home without this set.

Do I have you excited? Well you’ll be very excited to hear that the team at Ciao Bella Travel are giving one of these beautiful, no framed sets away to one lucky reader. For a chance to win simply share with me ‘if you could have a dream holiday away for 2 weeks, where would you go and who would you take?’
Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 13th of March at 10pm.

Good luck xx

CiaoBella logo

Ciaobella Travel is the destination for all your travel accessories and travel clothes . We are passionate to bring you fabulous products to make your trip both stylish and hassle free. From travel wallets and passport covers to the perfect dress for travel, in classic black as well as in this season’s colours.

Travel Wallet Set Features:

Travel Wallet, 

Passport Cover 

2 x luggage tags

Travel Wallet can hold up to 4 passports

Dimensions: Travel Wallet :24cm x 14cm (when closed)24cm x 25cm (when opened)

Dimensions Passport Cover : 10cm (w) x 14cm (h) 

Dimensions Luggage Tag : 10cm x 6.5cm


25 thoughts on “Mrs Tink travels in style with Ciao Bella Travel 

  1. Leigh Isabeth says:

    My dream holiday is to napier, New Zealand, not only is it the art deco capital of the world, and stunning at every turn, from the Art Deco buildings, to the seaside, to the backdrop of luscious green rolling hills, but its my hometown, i miss it dearly, i try to get home as often as i can to see my beautiful sister, niece, nephew, nana, and my bestie of 20 years. I would take my son, and share as much of this beautiful pkace as i can, to give it a place in his hesrt, but more than that, it fills my heart to see my child with my sister snd her children. nd though likely he won’t remember nana , but it gives her so much joy to see her great grandson, which is such a rare treat.

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  2. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    Ooooh I’d go to Milan ..the fashion capital of the world ..
    I’d take my bestie ..
    although neither one of us can walk in high heels anymore, we will soon learn even if it meant taking lessons .. Excitedly we Would farewell our families and approach the plane yelling ciao Bella ciao bella!!

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  3. nikki cashion says:

    I would be of to Bora Bora in a heart beat . Looks so beautiful there , peaceful and tranquil . And I would take my best friend with me so we could relax and drink wine to our hearts content , with no interruptions , just us and the peace.

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  4. Rebecca Costa says:

    As my sister due to have her 5th baby in 8 weeks id love to go see her around her due date to meet my new neice or nephew and say hi to her other 4 children. My teenage son would come with me!!

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  5. Elissa Bartholomew says:

    I’d take my husband to Russia! On our first date we talked about travel and this was on the top of both of our lists. So we thought we would go there on our honeymoon but we ended up moving our wedding day forward as I was pregnant so we didn’t have a honeymoon but have promised ourselves for our 10th anniversary we will be in Russia celebrating

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  6. Rowena Jozwik says:

    My dream holiday for 2 weeks would be to South Africa. My son who is 13 since forever has marked himself as a Nat geo photographer and to see Kruger National park with him would be his dream come true. Last night he just purchased his first canon SLR to start taking serious pics with. It’s all the beginning of a boy and dreams

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  7. cleo sids says:

    America with my partner who dreams of travel , adventure and thrills, far from his hard hats, hammers and drills. As he builds he dreams of journeys out over the sea, can’t afford a ticket yet but daydreams are free.

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  8. Leanne murphy x says:

    Like yourself I love matching accessories but very hard to get a full set this is fantastic well I’m flying out on April the 1st for a great family holiday 5 days in kuala lumpar 8 days exploring Hong Kong and 7 days in Borneo look at the great orangatangs and hopefully getting some much needed relaxation love taking the kids on great holidays to explore this great world and build great memories

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  9. vonnie1964 says:

    My dream holiday has always been America , especially Disneyland. I grew up watching mainly American Movies and have always been fascinated by America . I would naturally want to see all the other sites and stop by Fifth Avenue for a little shop . I would take my best friend since primary school as we are just like sisters and when we are together we think we are 15 again 😂 love this Ciaobella Travel set as its very unique nothing worse than waiting for your luggage and everyone’s luggage looks the same

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  10. sheldyn says:

    I’d love a holiday with my best girl friends. Could definitely use some stress free time away! I’d love to go to Malta. The culture, food, sights and people have me so fascinated! 🙂

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  11. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    New York New York!! Oh baby…….!! Imagine those hot little pink numbers in my handbag & on my luggage as I float along 5th Avenue, or Ice Skate in Hyde Park after visiting the Childrens Zoo there.. Visiting the Guggenheim or Empire State Building (re-enacting Sleepless in Seattle, of course). Or watching the Ball drop at midnight in Times Square just like, When Harry Met Sally…… So many possibilities & opportunities to fit in in just two weeks………. Of course I’d take my mum.. Someone has to pay for it all!! (Hehehehehehe!!) 😂😂 xo

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  12. Mamaliving says:

    My dream holiday would be to Ireland with my grandad. We always talked and planned on travelling to Ireland to see where he grew up and show me around the land of the little green men until Cancer aggressively took him away from us on such short notice. I still plan to go to Ireland and take my boys with him to show him that’s where ‘GG’ lived (great grandad). That’s where I would go with my grandad for two weeks.

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  13. Hannah says:

    Wow my sister is preparing to go on a world trip in style and this would be perfect for her she is going to malyasia and this will make sure she doesn’t lose or misplace anything! So gorgeous! I’d love to be the favourite for surprising her!

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  14. Natalie M says:

    I’d take my son on a dinosaur dig in WA. HE wants to be a palaeontologist and loves David Attenborough. He’s just 8 so we’d start with the dig then I’d find a meet and greet with the great David. I think the 2 could chat about animals for many many hours.

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  15. Emily Malia says:

    I promised my Mum that one day I would take her around England to visit all the places where her favourite classic authors are from, like Jane Austens and William Shakespeare’s house! She is the person that instilled my own love of classic literature!

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  16. Jo Taylor says:

    My Dream is travelling around Scotland..I have been obsessed with Scotland since I was little and my family did a family tree recently and we found out our family is actually from Scotland..Id love to see all the Castles and wander through and see ,really another time..Id love to immerse myself into their culture and learn and see Scotland in all is beautiful glory..Ok I may give haggis a skip ..Also I really would love to see Loch Ness and see if Nessy will make a special appearance..Id take my husband as he has listened to me talk about travelling to Scotland so many times he now wants to go as well 🙂

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  17. Leanne Mugridge says:

    Hawaii or definitely somewhere tropical where there is sun, shopping, and swimming. Somewhere I can lie on a sunbed reading a book whilst my hubby and son happily splash away in the water of a pool or beach. Bliss for us all.

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  18. donna1008blog says:

    Anywhere where I can see water! Just river, creek, ocean, sea or shower! Living in drought makes you appreciate the smallest things in life and water would be it for us! A nice coastal holiday like Noosa would be wonderful. But I’d even take a night at the local pub ‘to get away’! Definitely my family deserve this just as much as myself.

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  19. sharyn w says:

    one place i have always dreamed i travelling to with my husband is Machu Picchu in peru (the inca trail) – for the scenery, the history, the sights, the exhilaration, and the people – would be an amazing trip 🙂

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  20. thenotsosecretlifeofaninternetdater says:

    Surprise my husband with a trip to Scotland to see all his family. He has been dying to get back there but unfortunately due to money constraints and general living we haven’t had the chance. The smile would be ear to ear and plus I wouldn’t mind the cold weather, just to hear those accents and see those kilts….

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  21. Susan Banyard says:

    I would take my hubby to the UK so we can meet together all my aunties, uncles and cousins that I have never met or last seen when I was 6 years old and we immigrated to Australia.

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  22. Jacquie Tsoukalas says:

    I recently took my 10 yr old man away to Fiji with 2 of my best friends and thier girls. It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had!! Met amazing families and children over their brought groceries for them as they literally have nothing and learnt so much… So for my 2 week holiday I would do the exact same trip longer with my exact same besties and son again. Only thing I was the only person with the boring pouch the passports come in and the folder from the travel agent cause I didn’t realize you could get pretty stuff like this. I would love to win this stunning pink set for my next holiday over seas💗💗💗💗

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  23. Sonja says:

    What fun is this giveaway! I love it and everything about it- the pink, the monogram, the passion to travel! I would hands down go to Paris France! I’ve never been (yet) and have always promised my Grandmere I would get there but wanted to learn the language first so I kept putting it off. She passed away last year and now it’s my #1 bucket list item (actually written down in a book I call my bucket list) and I don’t care about learning to speak French anymore first- it’s just time to get there, and I can’t wait to start planning it! I would take my beautiful mom who hasnt been since she was about 6 years old and went with my Grandmere (her mom). Besides traveling back to the USA where I am from to see family & friends, that will be my next big trip and I am so excited! Besides, I still have family there, many I have never met, what better way to meet them than in Paris. C’est la Vie ;). Je t’embrasse, Sonja X

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  24. Anj K says:

    I don’t even have to think about this answer – a CRUISE!
    Ever since having miss 3 we have had to ‘change’ our family holiday style. She was not like the others who were happy little flyers, sat nicely in restaurants and enjoyed all day trips and exploring.
    We attempted a family cruise for her 1st birthday and to this day it has been one of our favourite family holidays.
    To have a wonderful kids club where the kids love going, babysitters who come to your room at night, formal dinners, shows and dancing with hubby every single night. Exotic day trips only a short walk or boat ride away and lots of family fun has meant it is our ‘go to’ family holiday now and we all love it.
    So 2 weeks on a cruise ship floating through the South Pacific would be the dream holiday with my beautiful little family and the Ciaobella Travel Wallet Set would be the perfect accessory for our next family cruise!

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