Mrs Tink gets her Glam on with Glam Affair

I’m a girly girl who loves nothing more than playing with makeup, so when the opportunity came up to work with a fabulous mineral makeup company called Glam Affair I couldn’t wait to say YES! Glam Affair, as I’ve discovered, not only have an uber fab name but their products are in a league of their own when it comes to good quality mineral makeup. All of their products are made from only the highest quality ingredients and the colour range is enough to make any girly girl swoon – beautiful pigments and rich colours ideal for day and night.

One of my recent obsessions in the Glam Affair range is the Peach Mineral Eyeshadow. I could rave about this eyeshadow all day long because it has a variety of uses and is a versatile colour all ladies will want to have in their makeup bag. This gorgeous shadow is great to wear during the day on its own with a dash of mascara, it also works as a great highlighter on your cheek bones, and is ideal when creating a smoky eye for night time makeup ensuring you don’t end up looking more panda than sexy smoky eyes.

The eyeshadow pots may look small but a little bit goes a long way. Simply tap a small amount out onto the container lid, swirl an eyeshadow brush in the powder, tap off the excess and then apply. You can build up to a darker colour for night time or use a small amount for a soft natural look. The Peach Mineral Eyeshadow is a girly colour that will make your eyes pop and really bring out the colour of your eyes.

Given my new obsession I thought it was only fair that one lucky reader was also given the opportunity to try the Glam Affair Peach Mineral Eyeshadow at home too! You will also receive an amazing 3 hour makeup workshop at Glam Affair (*Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast*). For a chance to win simply share with me your must have item in your makeup bag? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 28th of March at 10pm.
Good luck x

glam affairGlam Affair is a high quality Australian mineral makeup range, founded by natural beauty campaigner, Crystal Dawson. Our mineral makeup is safe and contains NO nasties. Made in Australia, using only the finest ingredients. Glam Affair also educates real women about makeup, with classes in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast. Our passion is empowering women with the skills to create natural beauty and real glamour, for every occasion. Glam Affair is dedicated to helping women feel proud to be themselves.





12 thoughts on “Mrs Tink gets her Glam on with Glam Affair

  1. Kathryn says:

    Wow! What an amazing prize! I really need a makeup workshop to help me apply makeup. My one essential makeup item would have to be mascara. Without dark eyelashes I simply look bizarre. My eyes don’t stand out and they just look so tiny. Amazing what difference one item can do 😍

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  2. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    Lipgloss….. Can leave the house without other items but definitely not “The Gloss”……!! Gloss me up for a date or Gloss me down for a day…… And the boys LOVE kissable lips anytime!! 💋💋

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  3. Melissa Zammit says:

    My must have is a gold lip liner as I have tiny lips and using a gold lip liner under my lipstick makes my lips look bigger and fuller giving the illusion of a perfect pouty lip

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  4. Jo Taylor says:

    I love my eyeliner..Makes me feel dressed and ready to go out its my bling..Also at my age (45) shh..It gives my eyes a little pop and Its always nice to have compliments about my eyes when I do wear my beloved eyeliner..I have gone through the 80s as a teen with my blue eyeliner now a soft black so Ive always been a eyeliner girl 🙂

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  5. Liz Davis says:

    I am not a girly girl, I was never taught how to put on makeup and everything I do know, I taught myself. I have been finding I am enjoying makeup more and more. My favorite is my mineral powder, I love it. You can wear it lightly for a more natural look or build it up to give more coverage.

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  6. samantha minshull says:

    My must have is the right shade blush! you look washed out, unnatural and totally less feminine without that perfect bout of blush making your cheeks pop! Its as important as the right dress 😉

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  7. Simone Blair says:

    Hands down cannot leave the house without my fave lip plumping lipgloss! Leaves the lips looking as if they’ve had a slight ‘sting’, with a gorgeous shine. Leaves them irresistibly kissable!

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