Mrs Tink’s something for everybunny Easter Giveaway – Poppy’s Chocolate 

Ahh Easter, blissful Easter. The one time of year that you’re encouraged to eat copious amounts of chocolate without the worry of actually looking like an Easter Egg. As I’ve matured my taste buds have too, I now love good cheese, good wine and decadent chocolate. When it comes to delectable, velvety chocolate no one does it better than Poppy’s Chocolate. Rich, delicious chocolate made with only the best ingredients.

I was very excited to receive a taste of Easter a bit earlier this year with a ‘special delivery’ from my friends at Poppy’s Chocolate – a chocolate hamper that immediately made we weak at the knees. Filled with gorgeous chocolate fit for royalty (or me) with each piece uniquely designed and presented like chocolate art.

I rifled through not knowing where to start, reminding myself I was ‘researching’ so having a bite of each would certainly be okay. I felt like Augustus Gloop entering the Chocolate Factory, overwhelmed and in chocolate heaven. Poppy’s Chocolates are unlike anything you will see in the shop – handmade, created with the finest ingredients, and each piece made with love and care. They make the most beautiful gift for a loved one or for yourself. The only problem with Poppy’s chocolate is knowing where to start and when to finish!

Would you like to WIN your own hamper of Easter goodness? For a chance to win simply share with me how you will be spending your Easter this year? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 28th of March at 10pm

Good luck everybunny xx

PoppysChocolate_Colour_HiRez_RGB logo clean

Poppy’s Chocolate was born in 2005 in a tiny location in Brisbane to which they initially only wholesaled to 4 – 5 start hotels including Palazzo Versace, boutique retailers and contract work. In 2011, Poppy’s expanded and opened its doors to retail customers. Poppy’s creates individual pieces of love that transfer you to Heaven with every bite of award winning chocolate. When you indulge in Poppy’s chocolates you will leave the real work for some fleeting moments of bliss, escape from your worries and live in the now. Visitors are welcome anytime for a store visit and to watch the chocolatiers.

27 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s something for everybunny Easter Giveaway – Poppy’s Chocolate 

  1. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    Trying really hard to stay strict to my diet & celery sticks……. Bahahahahahahaha!! Who am I kidding!! I’ll be kicking back with my nieces & nephews stealing as much of their chocolate as I possibly can without getting caught doing so……!! Oh & having an icy cold sneaky glass of wine too.. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!! xoxoxoxox


  2. Elissa Bartholomew says:

    I will be spending it with my family as it’s also my birthday tomorrow. We will be up early on Easter Sunday for our egg hunt with Miss 1 and Master 4 with Mr 17 also wanting to be included 😍. A lovely breakfast prepared by my parents will follow and then we will watch a family movie before the littles have a sleep 😴 As will most of the adults after getting up so early!!


  3. Jo Taylor says:

    My sister is about to have her first baby anyday now..My first niece or nephew we are all so excited..So we are heading to her house and putting on Easter day so she does not need to do one little thing..Great food,family ,chocolate and the excitement of welcoming in a new family member..It will be a fantastic Easter 🙂


  4. Bianca says:

    Myself and the children will be spending easter very simply this year as cash restraints will prevent us from going away etc
    We will be making an easter cake and enjoying that on beach watching the easter bunny parachute in 😊


  5. Rachael Anderson says:

    I just returned to work after maternity leave this week… But I was lucky not to be rostered on Easter Sunday. So we are having a quiet Easter lunch with family. It’s Miss 11 months first Easter and we are pumped to get our Easter bunny on and powder out the bunny footprints ( #bigkids)


  6. nikki cashion says:

    Sadly a very quiet Easter in our house as Ive just had surgery and not allowed to travel . So this is my first Easter not being with my daughter and grand daughter . So it’s just me and the cat tribe .


  7. Liz Jackson says:

    At my Sister-in-Law’s celebrating with our Easter Egg Hunt. But our’s is really big & no Adult or Child knows how or where they are hidden. All Adults and Kids, except for me have to hunt. However before hunt starts, Adults have to compete in 3 rounds run by the kids. They have to do an egg & spoon race, Sack race & a three legged race. It is always so funny and the Kids are in fits of laughter. Then if the survive the rounds then they are allowed in the hunt, Kids 10 minute head start. We all have the best time. All eggs must be put into a massive bin & the older kids divide them equally between all of them, but Adults only get 2. Participation of Adults is not negotiable


  8. sheldyn says:

    My partners in getting surgery right now so I think Easter will be a bit of a miss for us this year! After a bit of a scare I definitely don’t care though… people are most important and I’ll happily pig out on chocolate any day of the year! lol


  9. The truth as we know it says:

    My husband and I will be celebrating our first Easter with our daughter who is only 5 1/2 months old. She’s a true delight! 🙂 While she’s not getting any chocolate this year as she’s a little too young, we’ve gotten her some F&P toys and planned a special day in the park (hopefully the weather will be perfect) before stopping in at grandpa’s house on the way home. Chocolate is definitely on the cards for her mumma once she’s gone to bed though!! 🙂

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  10. Lea Anita Black says:

    I will be spending this Easter with my three youngest babies, though they are Teenagers! We will be delighting in a few yum yums and having some family time.


  11. Mamaliving says:

    No 4 day weekend for me gotta work but I do get Sunday off work so it will be spent baking, egg hunting, spending time with family and DRINKING & EATING (sounds a lot like Christmas)lol eating decadent chocolate and fantastic food! 🐰🐰


  12. Natalie M says:

    We have a 4hr drive Friday morning, set up camp, take the kids to the beach and play in some rock pools, a full day boat hire Saturday so we can do a heap of ocean fishing with the kids.. Miss just 3 wants to catch a PINK fish!!!!! HAHA I don’t know how he’s going to pull that off!! It’s camping but glamping kind of. They are severely remote but have a great kitchen and bar and just sit back while the kids run on the grass and watch the boats return from their days out and check out their catch and watch the most amazing NT sunsets. Sunday is chocolate hunt fuelled with chocolate marshmallows for breakfast and the day spent running on the beach. I can’t wait. I have spent ages planning their chokies and my mans but I never get any. Better for my figure if I don’t buy for me but if their a gift they have no effect on body shape!! Amazing that!


  13. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    Il be spending it home with my teenage brood 🙄
    Hopefully their hormones will be in a good mood 😖
    But They will prob sleep til at least noon 😴
    then i will sing my happy Easter tune
    Bring out the chocolates and enjoy our day 🍫🍫
    Lazing around together.. hip hip hooray! 🤗
    A nice break from the normal rat race 😍
    This Easter, il be in a happy place ! 😃🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇


  14. donna coombe says:

    I will be with my grandparents as everyone is going away i didn’t want them to be alone so my partner and i are staying over and having a lovely old school Easter playing cards doing gardening the boys in the shed doing nothing just whistling to the radio or talking football and nanny and i cooking a roast for tea and bread and butter pudding for dessert. no technology at my grandparents just us and good memories

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  15. Leigh Isabeth says:

    Mr 2.5 is with his dad this Easter, so I’m alone this weekend.. Not so bad considering first weekend to myself since before xmas(!) so I’ll be relaxing with a few drinks, some chick flicks and that hamper of chocolate will certainly come in handy 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🐰

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  16. Sarah says:

    We have an Easter egg hunt at Nanna and Grampys today (Good Friday) followed by a feast of seafood and delicious deserts.
    Then an Easter egg hunt and some face painting down at the local surf club tomorrow.
    And then Sunday we may as well follow up with one more Easter egg hunt at home before heading to a family lunch.
    Then Monday should be filled with chores around the house (cleaning windows etc) but we will see how it plays out…might skip the chores and go to the beach instead 😉

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  17. Anj K says:

    We are spending Easter introducing the kids to a new family tradition ‘camping’. We are going to set up a tent and fire pit in the back yard and have a little family camp out at home this year as it is the first time the kids will have ever been camping 🙂
    We are all really excited about it!


  18. Suzi Ware says:

    My husband is home after a two month swing away, so we will be spending quality time with family and friends, it doesn’t happen very often so we make the most of it.


  19. Tanya Walsh says:

    Easter is a very bust time for our family, its nearly as big as christmas . As we all have the 4 day weekend its family time for us and to me that is the best time. l catch up with my siblinds parents in laws nieces and nephews and it just such a special time . Happy Easter Everyone 🙂


  20. Leanne murphy says:

    I will be painting ,gardening and cleaning in preparation for my holiday the following Friday on Saturday I will celebrate my birthday another year older yeah!!!!
    Sunday will be Easter egg hunt dinner with family yeah!!!!
    God I feel old and tired already good luck everyone happy Easter


  21. Kathryn C says:

    Easter morning chocolate hunt with my gorgeous Family, then off to my inlaws for a banquet lunch, then to the hospital to visit my Grandma who unfortunately broke her hip, then a mad rush to my parents for another feast. Then I will need to find someone to roll me back home ☺️🐰🐣


  22. vonnie1964 says:

    Living in Victoria to me there is only one thing to do Good Friday that is door knock for The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal , I started this when my now 28 year old son was in a pram . Easter Saturday it’s a big day preparing for our big extended family and friends luncheon at my house every Easter Sunday and Sunday morning the fun begins with the Easter Hunt . Easter is such a busy time because we love to spend time with family and friends . I am sitting here having 5 minutes time out before the BBQ goes on for dinner . Happy Easter everyone and just remember if you eat to much chocolate your clothes will shrink 😂


  23. Samantha Dawe says:

    On the first day of Easter I had a family day, we went out to the night markets and I ate way too much but hey its Easter, so that’s okay.
    On the second day of Easter I dressed up in a suit, I danced around the shops as the Easter bunny which really was a hoot (and super hot!)
    On the third day of Easter my kids woke to what had been left by the Easter bunny, then we had family lunch with absolutely everybody.
    On the fourth day of Easter was a special treat for mum, she is heading to the Goldcoast for the night for some time out with a wine or two..yum yum yum.

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