Mrs Tink shares more her of Zoe Kratzmann Footwear Obsession with a new pair of kicks to boot

‘These boots are made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you’ – Nancy Sinatra


A classic song that pops into my head each and every time I slip into my latest find from Zoe Kratzmann Footwear. Ladies, allow me to introduce you to The Instinct Boot. A boot so delicious my tootsies have never been happier. The Instinct Boot has been designed with the everyday gal in mind, it’s comfortable, has a great heel and it goes with everything! And when I say everything, I do mean EVERYTHING: maxi dresses, jeans, shorts and skirts. The stylish design and beautiful leather is a perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe for autumn. This single pair of boots will take you through the whole season looking chic, effortlessly stylish and on trend.


Created using a lux perforated leather, the Instinct boot comes in 2 colours; stone and black. I’m wearing a size European 41 which is equivalent to a 10 and these babies fit me beautifully. They instantly molded to my feet without needing to wear them in and the quality (like all of the Zoe Kratzmann collection) is second to none with leather upper, lining and sole.
One of the reasons I’ve quickly become obsessed with Zoe Kratzmann Footwear is that each pair is unique and unlike anything found in mainstream shops. The quality is first class and each pair of shoes is created using only the finest of materials which means you can count on them to last for years rather than just one season.


Are you ready to add a pair of boots to your autumn wardrobe? The very generous team at Zoe Kratzmann Footwear are giving one lucky reader their very own pair of Instinct Boots valued at $329. For a chance to win simply share with us ‘if you had a pair of Zoe Kratzmann shoes designed for you what would they look like and what would they be called?’ Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 2nd of May at 10pm.

Good luck xx

Zoe Kratzmanimg_5935

31 thoughts on “Mrs Tink shares more her of Zoe Kratzmann Footwear Obsession with a new pair of kicks to boot

  1. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    They would be high red strappy wedges ..❤️❤️❤️
    so sexy and yet so comfy !
    I’d call them KISS and TELL
    why ? because they would be so sexy and gorgeous that they would turn heads ..
    Wolf whistles galore !❤️❤️❤️
    and TELL because u cannot tell they are like wearing a slipper just so comfy !! ❤️❤️❤️


    • kelda says:

      Knee high blood red boots with invisible zipper on the outside of boot Thick high heal in black with a red strip down the centre of heal . They woud be called Red Flamingo. …


  2. Jo Taylor says:

    If I had a pair of Zoe Kratzmann shoes made for me..I would choose a black peep toe mid heel boot..I adore the peep toe look and especially in a boot..Perfect for any outfit or occasion.
    I would call them Bliss
    Its pure Bliss when I get a new pair of shoes and wearing a well made exquisite boot feels like bliss ..Every girl deserves a special pair of boots and these Instinct boots are Gorgeous.. 🙂


  3. Bianca says:

    If i had a pair of Joe Kratzmann shoes names after me they would be the sylish minamalist peep toe heels for all seasons mod heel in black or nude 👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡👡


  4. Stacey K says:

    My feet are tingling at the thought of winning these amazing Zoe Kratzmann boots. Sigh! It’s love at first sight. So many options if I was to ever have a show designed for me. I’m a practical kind of gal, so they would be black or tan, so I could wear them with everything. They would have a chunky heel and thick straps with some cute details on the buckle. I’d probably call them ‘Tantastic’ or something really cheesy, cause again, that who I am.

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  5. Tanya Walsh says:

    if l had a pair of Zoe Kratzmann shoes designed just for me they would be tan wedges with a peep toe, ohh l just love the peep toe so stylish!! l would call them my ” awesome “as that’s a word l use for some thing that l love or am exited about


  6. Lea Anita Black says:

    If I had a pair of Zoe Kratzmann shoes made in a design I love, they would be mid knee high boots that are fleece lined and low heeled and very soft and comfortable. Purple in colour and they would be called “Walking on clouds” as that’s how I would feel.


  7. Kathryn C says:

    I have been searching high and low for a short boot for this Winter and I think I have found a pair 😍😍😍 These Zoe Kratzmann boots are gorgeous! If I could get a pair of Zoe Kratzmann shoes made for me they would be not too high but not flat. Something with a wedge so I can feel comfortable in them all day. I would love them to be black and have a rose copper strap for around my ankle. Think I prefer a closed shoe but something stylish and still sexy. A pair of shoes that can be worn casual with jeans or dressed up with a nice stylish dress.


  8. Nicole Rodriquez says:

    Oh I would love to win these gorgeous shoes! If I cpuld design it would be an amazing wedge boot (comfy yet stylish) in hot pink with silver heel! 😍 I think I would call them “Pink Flash”

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  9. Leigh Rampellini says:

    My Zoe Kratzmann design design would be a mid heeled ankle boot in a beautiful soft neutral/tan colour. I love ankle boots as they are so versatile for autumn/winter with my skinny leg jeans and dresses.

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  10. craponacrackerparenting says:

    If I had a pair of Zoe Kratzmann shoes of my own design… I’d have a pair of Scarlet red lux leather ankle boots with a lace like imprint for a detailed touch at the top of the boot; with a dark burgundy lining and a wooden accented wedge heel. I’d call that then KARMA! Unpredictable, feminine, sexy and that make a statement.

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  11. sharyn w says:

    my boots would be called “confident” and they would a heal similar to the one above (for height and width) and it would be mostly black with a patch going up each side of the boot that contains a pattern of yellow and orange and pink (bit like a sunset) throughout as during winter I still like to stand out and feel confident wearing something different to the norm 🙂


  12. sheldyn says:

    Mine would be narrow but with a chunky heel, natural tan coloured sole like these but with a rich, deep burgundy coloured leather upper. They’d be my staple winter shoe and get more beautiful each year with wear! ❤


  13. YVONNE RYAN says:

    If l had a pair of ZOE KRATZMANN shoes they would be boot’s with wedges, wedges are about the only heels l can walk in lol . They would be black leather but with tan wedges and l would call them Mission as everyone that know me knows Me know knows I’m am always running aruond like a crazy lady because l am always on a mission .

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  14. Natalie M says:

    I would be the burnt orange strappy but above the ankle sandal. They would be called waves as my favourite place is watching the kids chase waves at sunset.

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  15. Hannah baker says:

    If I was lucky enough to have my boots created I’d call them the Pumped Up Kicks they’d be black leather matte ankle boots with a gorgeous wooden heel and have impeccable detailing like so many of Zoe Kratzmann’s shoes 🙂


  16. Clare Underwood says:

    If I was blessed enough to have a pair of Zoe Kratzmann shoes designed and made for me they would be a beige brushed swede ankle boot with a light colored timber look heal to make them versatile to wear and enjoy everyday, but classy enough to dress them up as well. I would call them Clare

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  17. Tania L says:

    If I became the designer for zoe kratzmann I would for sure make an ankle boot with a heel. I am obsessed with ankle boots at the moment and coming into winter, I am pretty excited. I think I would keep it a neutral colour like tan or brown because I think that goes with everything. Then to finish I would call it the ‘Ankle Tap’. Thanks Mrs Tink. Would love to win these boots, they are right up my alley.

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    • sarah says:

      Peep toe low cut ankle boot, in a light grey seude and leather with a timber and rose gold heel. I would love a pair of boots as i dont have any boots for winter yet and would love to strutt around feelinh fancy . 💖💘❤💗💟💜

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    • sarah says:

      I would call my boots tullip as i love tullips. Peep toe low cut ankle boot, in a light grey seude and leather with a timber and rose gold heel. I would love a pair of boots as i dont have any boots for winter yet and would love to strutt around feelinh fancy . 💖💘❤💗💟💜

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  18. Julie says:

    My boots would be called Aylalee. They would be a brown soft leather ankle boot with a cowgirl look. A heel that can show some sass but not so much that I can’t wear them ALL day. They would look great in some jeans and can be dressed up or dressed down depending on my mood. I am a boot lover and I also love Queensland. in my ideal world I could wear boots all year but, alas, the summer won’t let me 😦

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  19. Louise T says:

    If I were to design a pair of shoes the very first feature I would include is LEOPARD PRINT!!! I love anything leopard so this is a must. I do love boots also so I think a really nice leopard print and a nice chunky timber heel would look awesome. The name, I would call it ‘Fierce’.
    Love these boots Mrs Tink, would love to win these especially coming into the cooler months.

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  20. Sharon Johnson says:

    If I designed a pair of Zoe Kratzmann boots. There would be the illusion of them being lace up at the front, ankle height with a without a bow in dark grey. The heel would be half the height of instinct and I’d name them Immortal as they never fail to perform.

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  21. Susan Banyard says:

    Plain black, slight heel, comfort insole and I would call them “Walking On Clouds”as every step you take would feel so soft and comfortable, no more sore feet.


  22. Kate Perkins says:

    I would for sure design a pair of hot pink heels. I am also a massive lover of Pink Mrs Tink so this would for sure be the colour of the shoes. As for the style, I think a nice point heel would be lovely, you can dress them up or down and tie it with anything. I love a statement shoe or piece of jewelry, you will always have a conversation starter then. I also think I would call them PINK LOVE.

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  23. amaratreth says:

    Oh my beating heart ❤️❤️ I am a boot addict. I absolutely friggen adore these Zoe kratzmann instinct boots! They are Peeeeerrrrrfect! Look at those stunning heels! If I was to design my own they would be pretty damn close to the instincts, but with my over the top blingie nature and current obsession with ‘metals’ I would add a band of Rose gold and silver to the heel and therefore call them ‘decisions’… Which color accessories do I wear with my boots today? 👢💋 😍

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  24. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    Zoe Kratzmann is an amazing designer & so I feel quite inadequate trying to design a pair of boots in her company..
    However, here goes my wishes & desires……… White pure pure Snow White……!! With squared off toes that are open peep toe style to show off my Gorgeous Fire Engine Red or Fuchsia Pink Polished Nails… (They must be wide fitting to fit my orthotics in…) Clean cut lines show that the centre of the shoe where the tongue would normally run up the middle are cut out however a huge lapel of beige leather has a tuxedo style collar either side is running up to the top of the anklet… A thick braid of the white leather oneside & beige the other is plaited / laced up the front of this stunning anklet…
    The anklet boot is wedge style with the beautiful grain of the wood on show with the centre of the wedge cut out & the inside painted with high gloss white…… The finishes are all in Silver high gloss…

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  25. Leanne Murphy says:

    If I had a pair of shoes made for me they would be black wedge like boots below the knee with the wood look heal and a black rounded boot look hot with skirts or pants they would be called hot mumma


  26. Vicki Clark says:

    Mine would definitely be in patent leather for that sexy shiny sophisticated look but in the style of instinct. And I would call them Paton 🙂


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