Puppy Love with Bravecto

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved dogs. Nothing turns my day around more than seeing a dog smiling (yes, dogs can smile) as his dad drives him around in the back of his ute or seeing a dog bursting with joy as his mum takes him for his afternoon stroll. Dogsjust make the world a better place and now as a proud mother to three furry friends myself, I feel blessed and thankful for how much they have enriched my family’s life and given us a special and unique love like no other.

For all my four legged lovers I have teamed up with the team from Bravecto and Dr Katrina Warren to bring you the National search for Australia’s “Smart Dog”… With a twist in the tail. Anyone who owns a dog will tell you their pooch is “paw-fect”, but make no bones about it my friends – the stakes just got higher with media veterinarian Dr Katrina Warren announcing a new search for Australia’s smartdogs. Here is your chance to tell the whole of Australia why your dog is the smartest.
Sponsored by paralysis tick and flea treatment Bravecto®, the “Aussie Smart Dog Search” competition is inviting dogs all over Australia to put their paws forward via video or photo, to say why they should be in the running for Australia’s “Top Dog”.

But there IS a twist in the tail, as Dr Katrina explains: “This competition isn’t just looking for the smartest dog in terms of its ability to sit or fetch a ball,” she explains. “Smart in canine terms can also mean enhancing and enriching their owner’s lives. We’re asking dogowners to really celebrate their four-legged friend and find what makes them smart in the broader sense of the word.”

My three babies are our world – Chachi Muffin, Spencer Cakes and Lou Lou Pie (each named after bakery items). They’re always waiting at the door for us to arrive home just to say hello while bounding around like a kid at Christmas. They’re so loving and nurturing, especially around dinner time! Our top priority is always making sure they’re taken care of and I think it’s fair to say they live a better life than most humans. In fact, they think they are humans so don’t say that one too loud! Teaming up with Bravecto made sense to me because they love dogs just as much as I do. Bravecto are incredible at making sure they have your furry friends back… And front!

I am so excited to share with you all that the amazing team from Bravecto have given me some pawfect prizes to share with you all. Stay tuned to the blog and Mrs Tink Facebook page for more information and chances to win a Bravecto Prize Pack.

You can see my picture that I have posted of me and my 3 fur babies, now it’s your turn. I want to see all the “smart” dogs in your lives. Post your picture below in the comments using the has tags #smartdogsearch #drkatrina #bravecto and tell me why your dog should win the National Search for Australia’s “Smartest” Dog.

bravecto logo

Find out more about Bravecto at www.bravecto.com.au



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One thought on “Puppy Love with Bravecto

  1. Kirsty Johnstone says:

    #smartdogsearch #drkatrina #bravecto
    My sausage dog family has grown to a family of 3 with the addition of my boyfriend’s doberman x 🙂 It took a while – a lot of fighting and jealousy issues – but they are all now buddies and can play and sleep together. Persistence was key and I think they were very smart for overcoming their initial fears of the step-siblings! Lucy, Basil and Shadow would love some Bravecto, being in North QLD we want to keep those ticks away!
    I am having a blonde moment and can’t see a picture icon sorry!


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