Mrs Tink visits Amytis Gardens also known as heaven on earth 


For many years I’ve heard people rave about Amytis Gardens Retreat, Day Spa and Cooking School. I’ve heard about the sensational cooking classes, the tranquil accommodation and the relaxing day spa. I’ve seen their pictures enjoying all that Amytis Gardens has to offer and mentally added it to my to-do list for when I had some time off.

Recently that day arrived when I was invited by the beautiful Anita to venture out to Amytis Gardens and indulge in a Coconut Body Wrap. I was tickled pink at the prospect of some much needed R & R so jumped online to find out more – and that’s when I saw it was located in Kiels Mountain. I was crushed, it was too far for me travel and still make it into the office and pick up the kids all in the same day. I relayed all this information to Mr Tink who said, “Do you even know where Kiels Mountain is?” “No, but it sounds like its miles away up a mountain”, I promptly told him. Mr Tink jumped on trusty Google (what on earth did we do before Google?) and typed in ‘Kiels Mountain’ exclaiming, “Really? It says it’s only 10 minutes from here”.

Having lived on the coast for most of my life I found this hard to believe, how could it be only 10 minutes up the road and I’d never heard of it before? Even more curious, I called Anita to book in my appointment and entered the address into the Sat Nav. I crossed my fingers hoping that Google was right, and to my delight the Sat Nav backed it up saying that the destination was 10 minutes away. I felt like a kid with a pirate treasure map, travelling a road I’d never been on before hoping for buried treasure. After a 10 short minutes of driving along roads that I had no idea existed, I struck gold and found the Amytis Gardens driveway.

As I drove in I was in awe at the magnificent estate, each part of it was unique and you could feel tranquility in the air. I passed the beautiful chalets and decided I had to bring Mr Tink here for a getaway. As I approached reception I saw the famous cooking classes’ kitchen and the spa rooms. Still shaking my head in disbelief I was astounded I’d never been out here before, I’m a spa guru and I pride myself on being a bit of a spa floozy, I thought I’d seen them all. I parked my car and made my way up to reception while soaking in all of the surroundings.

In reception I was greeted by Anita and her mum, who are two of the warmest and friendliest people you will ever meet. Anita was excited to take me to the land of relaxation and led me through to the lounge area for a hot tea, to fill out my paperwork, and explain the treatments.

Amytis Gardens is unlike any spa I’ve been to as there are no shelves lined with expensive products or flashy bright lights and white furniture. Instead I was met with a lovely, homely feel much like being away in a bed and breakfast or luxury homestead. I snuggled into a comfy lounge as I drank my delicious tea, instantly feeling relaxed. The surroundings were warm and comforting, putting you in a state of calm as the hustle and bustle of life literally just melts away. Afterwards, Anita took me for a quick walk around the grounds to my treatment chalet which was filled with a warm ambience. I stripped down to my knickers and jumped up on the bed ready to drift off.

To begin Anita used a wonderful warm Frangipani, Monoi Coconut based oil which she ran down my body and massaged in, followed by a Lavender and Mungbean exfoliation which was also warm, and then finished with donkey’s milk bath products. When she had done both sides of my body she wrapped me up in plastic (there’s a sight for you – me wrapped up like a salad roll) and then placed blankets on top to keep me warm… This was bliss! I was in such a euphoric state I could’ve melted into that bed. Anita gave me a head and face massage which really took things to the next level, I was so relaxed I was drooling! Talk about bliss – this treatment was sensational. After approximately 20 minutes it was time for a warm shower to rinse. As the products washed away, my skin sparkled and glowed thanking me for all the love. When I arrived my arms and legs were scalier than a lizard but now they were as soft as Miss One’s toosh.

This is one treatment I want to shout from the tree tops because I think all women deserve this type of R&R, especially for Mother’s Day. So in the spirit of Mother’s Day the amazing team at Amytis Gardens are giving one lucky reader a Coconut Rub and Milk Wrap. To enter simply tell me why you would like to WIN? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 2nd of May at 10pm.

Good luck xx

Amytis Gardens Logo

Amytis Gardens is a family run business. The 16 acres has been in the family for over 40 years, starting as a small homestead and farm.

Our mountain chalet style accommodation all include sunken spa baths, balconies with bush views, king beds and crackling fireplaces to complete the feeling of escape and sanctuary. The design of the accommodation is reminiscent of the cottages of Southern France, and incorporates stunning hand painted glass panels imported from South America. A touch of Europe right here on the Sunshine Coast. 

4 thoughts on “Mrs Tink visits Amytis Gardens also known as heaven on earth 

  1. Jacquie Tsoukalas says:

    I remember going here about 10 years ago with my ex husband eeeek lol.
    Life gets so busy I would love to win it would be such a nice way to relax and distress. The past few weeks have been very trying to say it nicely I moved into my house 5 months ago and in 3 weeks I have had 4 mice living in my wall😳🙄😡got 2 out.. Silence yey then 3 days later stuart was back then I think he may of died in wall and now after a week of silence he’s been reincarnated driving me nuts but being positive. Coconut rub sounds soothing and quiet and relaxing 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻good luck all


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