Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Snow Pearls

When I was a little girl I loved flicking through my mum’s New Idea or Women’s Weekly and admiring Princess Diana. Each magazine was jammed packed with pictures of Lady Di dressed from head to toe in elegant clothes and finished with stunning accessories. She was a lady that always looked impeccable, polished and beautiful. Cemented in my mind is a vision of the lovely Princess dressed in blue and sporting a chic pearl necklace. I vowed when I was older I would wear pearls just like Princess Diana, but as I grew older I realised that the pearls she wore would have cost millions, so my dreams of pearls were put on hold.

Recently I sat down with one of my favourite ladies, Senka from Senka Sleeves Australia, and we chatted nonstop while soaking up all of Senka’s gorgeous jewellery. Then out the corner of my eye I spotted… A gorgeous Pearl Necklace that would’ve had Lady Di swooning.

A perfect strand of beautiful freshwater pearls, I was in awe. I begged Senka to allow me to try it on, getting a vision of all the outfits I could pair it with, when the price tag caught my eye – $99.00! I was shocked, only $99.00 for freshwater pearls. I thought you would pay hundreds of dollars for such a knock out piece, and as Senka assured me that many jewellers do sell them for upwards of $300 a strand, she however sells them to the public at wholesale prices (and only $49.00 if you are a Mrs Tink Reader!) I could not grab my wallet, and the matching earrings, quick enough! So unique and the perfect accessory for an LBD or outfit to the office and don’t get me started on high tea! I now have the ultimate accessory.

Forget diamonds being a girl’s best friend, my new BFF is my stunning pearl necklace.

One lucky reader is going to win a gorgeous freshwater pearl necklace from Senka Sleeves Australia for Mother’s Day. To enter, simply share with me who you idolised as a little girl? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Sunday the 8th at 10pm.

 Good luck xsenka sleeves logo

Senka Sleeves and Snow Pearls are the two businesses that Senka Thwaites is now running from home. After closing the Spoilt wholesale and outlet business in Noosa (after 10 years) due to illness she has come back to a more one on one approach. It’s much more personal talking direct to the client.

Call Senka direct on 0418606288 and don’t forget to mention you are a Mrs Tink reader for a gorgeous pearl necklace like this one for only $49!


19 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Snow Pearls

  1. Cheerie Murnane says:

    I Idealized my primary school teacher, she was always welcoming us into the class room and would spend time with us, helping us, and if we needed to talk to her, she had time to listen and did this all with a smile on her face, she was a very kind person, someone I will always remember.


  2. Rebecca Costa says:

    As a little girl i idolized wander woman on the tv show as she was thriving in a mens world in both work and superhero!!!


  3. Hannah Baker says:

    When I was a little girl I idolised and still idolise my mum, through her health battles, moving countries and marriage breakdown she always handles herself with dignity and strength even when most would crumble she stood tall and taught me many lessons “rely on yourself” “don’t talk about yourself in a negative way you may end up believing it” “you CAN be the best YOU there is” love my mum 🙂


  4. Julie says:

    When I was a little girl I idolised one of my teachers, who was a man, Mr Vetter! He had this lovely relaxed way about him while he was teaching and told lots of amazing stories about his time in the Solomon Islands teaching. He arranged for me to have a pen pal there (yes this was before computers) and so I started a friendship with somebody who had a very different life to me! I really appreciated his passion and the way he made school a place I wanted to go to!


  5. teena towns says:

    I idolised Belinda Carlisle of the Go Gos as a little girl.I wore my hair like her,copied her dress sense,had posters of her band adorning my bedroom walls,and constantly sang my little heart out to her vocal magic. which had spun a long adoring history of idolisation with her.


  6. kelda thompson says:

    Now thats a hard one … i woukd have to choose my brother jamie who was 18mths older than me (rip dear brother) he was this gorgeous blue eyed blond chick magnet that the woman adored and he adored women.. so he taught me how a man must treat a lady .

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  7. Nicole B says:

    Although it is totally the wrong “occasion” I idolised my Dad when I was a little girl, now I’m a 27 year old big girl and I still idolise him’ (doesn’t mean I didn’t love my mum though xx)

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  8. sheldyn says:

    Our school crossing lady. I’m not kidding, my goal from age 4-6 was to be a lolly pop lady! She was a rockstar, giving out high fives and stopping traffic and I thought she was sooo cool!


  9. sharyn w says:

    my grandma as she gave me her undivided attention and she was the most sweetest kindest cuddliest lady who spoiled me with love 🙂 i miss her still so very much xx


  10. Leanne Murphy says:

    When I was little I idolised Maralyn Monroe she was a strong women that believed in being herself she had true control over her life and everyone around her this necklace would look fantastic on her


  11. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    When I was a little girl I totally idolized Tracey Wickham the Swimmer… As we lived across the road from the town swimming pool & I was an avid swimmer.. She came to our small country town for a sports dinner & stayed in my parents hotel, but unfortunately I was away at the time competing in a swimming comp.. In recent years I again found total admiration for Ms. Wickham for the tenacity she has shown in her battles with losing her daughter to such a dreadful illness & her own crippling back issues.. Hopefully, She has a brilliant Mothers Day too, with her remaining child & heavenly one in her thoughts….. xo


  12. Kathryn C says:

    What an elegant piece Mrs Tink. I have never owned pearls, not even a fake They are simply stunning and just perfect for high tea. As I was growing up I always idolised my elderly neighbour. She was always wearing pearls, her hair was always perfect and she dressed so elegant. I loved going over for a visit where we would give us tea and biscuits. I just loved the way that she always looked after herself even at her older age. ☺️


  13. Susan Banyard says:

    I remember as a small child growing up in the UK I idolised my nana, I thought she was the Queen of England as she sounded like her and looked very similar, she even had a royal wave 👋


  14. Natalie M says:

    MacGyver.. sad maybe but I was always the fix it with tape and glue.. sometimes so nobody would know I broke it kid. I still see things as what can I turn that into and have a whole yard and house full of things that are being used but not for their intended purpose.


  15. meedee1 says:

    I know it sounds cheesy but I honestly Idolised my Mum. I always thought she was the most amazing person as to me she could everything. She sewed dresses for me, knitted me jumpers, darned socks, embroidered little flowers on t-shirts to make them more fancy, baked amazing cakes and desserts, created the best fancy dress outfits for school fancy dress day and she still had time to shower me with love. She gave birth to me in a home for unwed mothers and she said it was heartbreaking watching the girls that didnt even get to see their babies. Mum was so thankful that she got to walk out the door with me and take me home. She thought I was just like gold and i thought the same of her.


  16. Amara Campbell says:

    I always admired the grace and beauty of eccentrics, outsiders and although the Princess of Hearts, Lady Di was that too. people with hidden struggles who were imbued with compassion and empathy. A beauty exotic or unusual not perfect but perfectly imperfect. Flawed women striving to be and do better.


  17. Anj K says:

    I idolised the same women as a little girl as I do today – Audrey Hepburn. The opening scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where she is draped in pearls with a coffee and pastry outside Tiffany’s was a life long dream of mine to live and I still haven’t done it to this day 😦 These Senka freshwater pearls may be just the thing I need to make it happen?!?


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