Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Jeanswest

I love winter and I love Jeanwest, add the two together and you’ve got a super stylish season. Jeanswest never fails to deliver on making rugging up fashionable, they bring a stylish edge to winter like nobody else, all without breaking the bank. They design clothes that are versatile from office to home, and that last the season not just one wash.

This winter with Mother’s Day in mind, I chose a gorgeous sleeveless knit vest to add to my winter wardrobe. The Jenna Sleeveless Jacquard Knit Vest is a staple piece that looks amazing with denim (Jeanswest, of course) and takes a plain white tee with jeans to the next level of winter fab.

Made of a wool blend, the Knit Vest is soft to touch and beautiful to wear. Which speaking of, one lucky reader will be rocking her own Jenna Sleeveless Jacquard Knit Vest too because the amazing team at Jeanswest are giving one away for my Mother’s Day giveaway!–16860.htm/Frost%20Marle/16860-01

To enter, simply share with me your winter style? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 8th of May at 10pm.

Good luck xJeanswest LogoSince launching in Perth, Western Australia in 1972, Jeanswest has expanded east, across the Tasman and west across the Indian Ocean all the while maintaining the friendly professional culture we pride ourselves on. Walk into any Jeanswest store and you’ll always be greeted with a smile, by team members who have been trained to deliver award winning service and advice. Cultivating an award winning culture is no mean feat and we are continually delighted by feedback from customers and industry that reinforce we’re doing a good thing!




23 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Jeanswest

  1. Jo Taylor says:

    Winter is when I can indulge fully in my love of Jeans..I like to style my jeans up with some winter boots and I love wearing jackets and throwing a scarf around my neck for the really chilly days ..This look is easy to just add a bit of bling to take the outfit from day to night,,This beautiful knit vest would look fabulous with any pair of my Jeans πŸ™‚


    • Jenny says:

      My winter style is layers! Lots of layers. I love my jeans west jeans, tops, jackets, boots and scarves. Also favor the darker colors with a pop of colour as being a mum I often have sticky finger marks on me! 😁

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  2. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    My winter style is traditionally black with black, black on black, black & black and you guessed it black back by popular black demand..!!
    Well guess what……… This season, I’m thinking of adding a little something to mix it up………… Not sure yet what that is, maybe this fabulous piece might just be the start..!! Woohoo……….


  3. Hannah baker says:

    Winter style is simple, warm and comfortable! Jeans and boots are a must to make the outfit really pop I grab a bold print scarf or bright bag and voila black and white with a splash of colour!


  4. Leigh Isabeth says:

    My winter style is plain black tee, comfy jeans, lush soft cardigan or army style jacket, stylish pair of ankle boots, and a funky scarf in either a bright pop of colour, or earthy tones with ruffles!


  5. Brooke Bennett says:

    My Winter style is comfort,comfort, comfort with a side of boot of course! I love that it’s getting cold enough to wear boots and plan every Winter outfit around my array of boots.

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  6. Leanne Murphy says:

    I’m a dress kind of girl winter and summer so you can’t go past a fitted black dress thick opaque stockings sexy boots and for a pop of colour a rocking handbag and matching belt


  7. teena towns says:

    My Winter wardrobe is lovely wool pieces,from light and breezy lambswool knitwear,skirts and jackets to gorgeously cosy mohair jumpers to help me embrace Winter in fabulous style.Wool has such a transformative power against the chilly elements of Winter. My signature style in Winter is to embrace Australia`s wonderful wool!


  8. Lea Anita Black says:

    I love a good old woollen scarf to match what I am wearing, with a long length cardigan over leggings or slim line jeans. A pair of high/ankle boots to boot!


  9. Kathryn C says:

    Love this Mrs Tink! Looks so soft and comfy 😊 This is like my typical Winter style. Jeans or leggings, boots, wooly jumper or a long sleeve top with a long cardigan or throw. Love my scarfs or throws to accessorise with and layering is a must ❄⛄❄⛄


  10. Belinda says:

    my winter style is jeans with a plain long sleeve tee and a knee length wooly cardigan…. along with a pair of comfy flats. oh and maybe a scarfe! βš‘β„β›„


  11. nikki cashion says:

    my winter style is mostly my pj’s , I live in them with my leopard print dressing gown. If I have to go out it’s my black leggings , comfy jumper and my black boots .


  12. sharyn w says:

    i am a casual jeans type of girl – jeans and cardigans or long sleeve tops – either with casual boots or (dare i say, sometimes sandals as it is still warmish sometimes in winter) – if at home i also wear tights (but not game to wear them out in public unless i have a long top/cardigan to cover my butt and thighs πŸ™‚


  13. sheldyn says:

    I love to dress up a bit with a really nice mid length coat, black skinny jeans, ankle boots and a nice top underneath and then relax it with a cute beanie and a cross body bag πŸ™‚


  14. vonnie1964 says:

    I must admit l love wool in winter as I really feel the cold , l often wear a hat as it’s just a little different and a bit unique . I absolutely love my jeans ohh how l love my jeans and boots are a must have for winter not only to keep the tootsies warm but to look smart . And I will let you’s all in on a little secret l do have some long Johns for those super freezing nights that l just have to leave the house .


  15. Rachel amananatidis says:

    My winter style is in the BAG
    It’s under my HAT
    I have this one all WRAPPED up in my fav TRENCH COATS
    my leather BOOTS are made for walking or SINGING in the RAIN !
    Love Winter fashion

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  16. Tanya walsh says:

    l love to wear long cardigans or jackets with skinny jeans and black boots , as winter progresses l swap the jeans for leggings because l tend to over eat sightly over winter . No winter outfit is complete without handbag hat and l love to wear a scarf as it not only keeps me warm but l love to add it for a nice colourful addition to my outfit
    l absolutely love this gorgeous Cardigan from Jeans West so very stylish and so me


  17. samantha minshull says:

    my fav winter style is Glam chic! – Black wet look skinny jeans, with my black leather ankle boots, a printed Grey Tee teamed with my leather jacket and a grey scarf, some bling in my ears and slouch handbag! It can be glammed up by changing my T with a fitted black top with rouge edging on the bottom, its simply perfect never fail winter look! This cardy would fit in so well with this look, as a fitted white bottoned shirt with the same wet look jeans, and boots will totally nail the jacket and a felt winter hat and its simply perfect! Bling around the neck and your look is complete! I simply adore this cardi and I promise If I was to win id do you and jeanswest proud! ❀


  18. Mamaliving says:

    Jeans, a beanie or a beret, scarf and a cute top! If super cold a leather jacket or a knitted throw over with boots. Colder the better more layers more snuggles 😊


  19. Susan Banyard says:

    I love everyday comfort and style with boots, ponte pants and chunky oversized jumpers and cardigans, chuck in some chunky fashion jewellery and a colour coordinated scarf and your dressed to impress πŸ‘’


  20. Natalie M says:

    I’m all Boho this season. I’m stylin in long boho style skirts and some cute country boots. On top I’m going for a light white 3/4 sleve top. My fave has some cross stitch and was sent all the way from California. This would be ace!! I love that it’s sleeveless, I just get too hot with my arms wrapped.


  21. Cheerie Murnane says:

    I live in jeans, summer and winter, sandles for summer and boots for winter, sneakers for the long walks while shopping the malls, a wardrobe of shirts, short sleeve for summer and long sleeve for winter, then topped with an array of different jackets and scarves, this seems to get me where ever I need to go.


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