Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Nayki


With the cooler weather upon us, it’s easy to get our lizard on… Sorry, I mean it’s easy to get scaly… Still confused? Dry skin. Need I say more? As the cooler weather approaches, my skin acts as a beacon warning me that cooler times are ahead and almost in a state of panic it grows extra layers of skin, or scales as I call them.

I’m a lazy gal but I try to moisturise, and while I love the idea of doing it from head to toe, it just doesn’t ever seem to work out. My friends at Nayki heard my woes and came running just in time for Mother’s Day. Ladies, allow me to introduce you to ‘All Over You’, a clever body oil that has rocked my world and soaked up my scales, leaving me with super-duper soft skin and not a scale in sight! All Over You makes staying hydrated easy, in fact all it requires is a spray. Just spray directly on to your skin after a shower then rub like a crazy woman (or is that just me?) and watch this baby work. Such a small amount goes a long way and you can almost hear your skin thanking you.

Nayki 1

This gorgeous oil is created using the finest in natural organic ingredients that not only make your skin glow but also leave it feeling firm (ooh yes!), plus it’s packed with Omega 3’s and vitamins A, C and E making it great for pigmentation, eczema, stretch marks and wait for it… wrinkles! I’ve been applying this each night after a shower and it’s become my favourite ritual because it literally takes seconds. My skin has never felt better or less scaly. Speaking of feeling fab, you all know by now how much I love my scrubs, well the Tough Love Organic Coffee Scrub pairs perfectly with this saucy oil – and this scrub means business. It smells like heaven (hello coffee lovers!) and once rubbed into your skin you can instantly see it working to exfoliate the dead skin, leaving it soft and subtle. It’s a scrub that will leave you feeling revitalised and glowing, perfect for busy women on the go. But don’t leave it out on the bathroom bench because if your man is anything like Mr Tink, he’ll ‘sample’ it and never give it back!

Are you a lazy lizard like me and ready to descale? Well for Mother’s Day the super cool team at Nayki are giving one lucky reader the ultimate pack, a full size of both the Tough Love Scrub and the All Over You body oil! To enter, simply share with me how you will be spending Mother’s Day? 

The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 8th of May at 10pm

Good luck x

nayki logo

Nayki Skincare was developed in 2012 by two Queensland mums who had a passion to create and provide natural skincare alternatives for women experiencing every day skin problems. Since then, Nayki Skincare has continued to develop new products targeting not only skin problems in women, but also men, teens and even young children. People all over the world are now enjoying the Nayki Skincare range to treat problems such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne, Dry Skin, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Varicose Veins, Uneven Skin Tone & Age-ing.


17 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Nayki

  1. Julie says:

    Local product – check!
    Organic – check!
    Smells great – check!
    Involves coffee – check!
    Great for my sensitive, dry skin – check!
    Easy and convenient to use – check!
    What’s not to love about this giveaway. I can already feel my skin drying even though we have literally had only 2 days of Autumn so far. Would love this product and can already visualise spraying it on!!!


  2. Kathryn C says:

    Ahhh this sounds fantastic. I can be lazy too, but when that dry skin shows up I am on it straight away. This Mother’s Day I will be Spending the morning with my gorgeous kiddies. Hopefully I will get
    some kind of breaky in bed ☺️Then we are heading out for lunch with my inlaws and then off to Mums for a lovely family dinner. Nothing fancy but lovely quality time spent with my beautiful family ☺️💖🌸


  3. Jo Taylor says:

    My Mothers day starts tomorrow..My sister and I are taking our mum out for a delicious lunch at Southbank..Sunday is a picnic at Mt Tamborine with my boys, then a walk to Curtis Falls..My hubby is making his Roast pork for me Sunday night..Why not celebrate the whole weekend..Us mums are worth it 🙂


  4. Amara Campbell says:

    Ma is my carer and well frankly the funniest kick ass woman I could ever hope to have as a Mother.

    So we will eat yummy comforting food, she’s always been a lizard so hopefully I will soon smother her with Nayki spray moisturiser which I am drooling over. I haven’t had a great moisturiser that didn’t clog my pores for forever. However I am a good sharer. So I will just borrow some ;). As for that scrub what a dreamy combo, organic, supporting enterprising women and local gals. Winning all ’round.

    Plus we’ll enjoy a ☕ and 🎂 and looking forward to some chill time with our fur babies.


  5. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    Made by two Qld Women who understand the climate & conditions suggests to me it would be something worth giving a go….. I’m excited..!!


  6. Lea Anita Black says:

    My Mother has passed away
    I will think of her on her day
    Take flowers to where she lays
    Smiling and remembering old days
    She rests in the arms of Dad
    For that I am really glad..
    Might get a cuddle or two
    from my own grown crew….


  7. nikki cashion says:

    By myself , sad but true .. My kids live to far away , my partner will be away and step son will be with his mum. So just me and the kitty tribe …. Oh wait that means I don”t have to do anything at all … mmmmmmm a day in bed relaxing is looking good , just me and the kitty’s


  8. sharyn w says:

    mothers day will be me at home entertaining the kids as hubby has work to do – we will just stay home , they will give me some hand made gifts and card and we will play board games and jump on the trampoline 🙂


  9. Jaqueline Stephan says:

    This will be my first Mother’s Day so my husband, my 7 month old daughter and I will (hopefully) have a sleep in, a very leisurely breakfast before packing a picnic and heading to the park. I’m so excited!!


  10. craponacrackerparenting says:

    Mum and I are #NAYKI fans! So alongside my grandmother, younger sister and my two little girls we will be spending Mothers Day having a home spa day (Nayki love), bubbly brunch and family style lunch to celebrate. Shhhh! Will also be making a “little” announcement for Mother’s Day! 💗


  11. Angela says:

    I will be taking some time out for some rest, relaxation and pampering this Mother’s Day. Enjoying nature and my loved ones with a family picnic in the park and then pampering myself with some beautiful natural products like these lovely Nayki products ♥

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  12. Mamaliving says:

    I’d love to say that I will be at the Versace getting pampered with my mum but we will be sitting on my patio drinking champagne with my mum enjoying nature and beautiful weed free garden while my two boys play in the backyard 😍


  13. Susan Banyard says:

    My dream would be
    Breakfast in bed
    Lunch out somewhere nice with hubby and my boys
    Relaxing afternoon watching a family movie and a few glasses of wine

    Reality will be
    Hubby off to work
    Washing to do, floors to sweep and mop,
    Stop kids arguing,
    Cook dinner, bath and feed kids
    Then at the end of the day, relax with hubby, memory candles burning and few glasses of wine.


  14. Natalie M says:

    Opening presents this morning. The boys took money to school for the mothers day stall and have wrapped everything themselves. They ran in to give me their gifts with big hugs. Cake testers, body powder, soap, biscuit cutters, pink tea towels!! ALL the greatest mum stuff. My little girl gave me a Fleetwood Mac cd and my partner got me a bread maker. WOW… breakfast of coffee with scrambled eggs and toast made by the kids?? Then a wander to the river.. My partner says the crop trap has a guest in there. A 2m saltie. The kids and I will pick cherry tomatoes and watch the bees on the cucumber flowers then a bbq dinner after my finishes all the housework!! Haha he’s been at it all morning.. dishes, washing, fridge defrosting, kids food.. lucky me this is the best morning and day ever so far.


  15. Cheerie Murnane says:

    Mothers day is a sleep in for me, then I get to make the pancakes because that is what they get on a special day, we share the time together till the morning disappears, then we gradually ease into the afternoon, deciding what we all like to do, a very rare occurrence so that is what makes mothers day special for me.


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