Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Paula Brennan

Family Portraits are really my idea of hell. I love the idea and the resulting photos, but ultimately the ordeal of keeping Mr Tink in check and smiling, Master 6 looking at the camera, and keeping Miss 1 entertained is enough to drive me to the wine cabinet!

I had erased all thoughts from my mind of ever having a family photo shoot, until I had the opportunity to shoot with the fabulous and incredibly talented Paula Brennan. Paula is the queen of photography and making people feel at ease. But as talented as she is, I knew she would have her work cut out for her photographing the crazy Tink family. Before I knew it, I was standing with my family on the gorgeous beach at Point Cartwright about to have a photoshoot!

Now before I go any further, let me paint you a picture of how the shoot began. I had just finished a life changing photoshoot with Paula and was filled with beans, so excited and ready to keep shooting. Mr Tink was home with two screaming horrors, as we like to call them, our children. It was a tense Friday afternoon, Mr Tink arrived to the photoshoot unable to find a park and fighting through peak hour traffic with the two horrors in the back seat, sorry, children. By the time he was face to face with carefree and happy me (aka wifey), he was strung out, cranky and in no mood for a shoot.

Paula must have sensed this in advance, or she’s dealt with cranky non-smiley hubbies before, because like some sort of superwoman she reached into her bag and presented Mr Tink with some gold bullion… A beer. Yes, like champagne, beer solves it all and instantly my cranky husband became a lovely, smiley, let’s-take-my-picture husband.

Now one very important detail I’ve left out is that in a bid to perk up Master 6, Mr Tink bought him a red Slurpee on the drive in. Yes, a red Slurpee. I can feel your eyebrows rising. Just as Mr Tink’s beer kicked in so did Master 6’s Slurpee, and like a crazed kid on spring break he went mental. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, Miss 1 decided she was a one-man band and only mummy would do – not daddy, just mummy. Complete with tears adding to the effect should anyone try to change her mind.

So here I was, standing on a beach with Cheery Beer Man, Mental Master 6 and I-Want-My-Mummy Miss one. Life was good. As I sweated from the commotion I suddenly felt a calm energy come over me… Paula. Paula gently grabbed the reins and did the impossible, she turned the circus into a photoshoot. Paula captured all of our moments – that’s right, moments not poses.

She caught the moment Master 6 put his superhero mask on upside down in a sugar induced state of crazy. She captured Mr Tink throwing Master 6 up in the air trying to shake out the Slurpee. She captured all of Miss 1’s tears and her ripping off her nappy.

Paula captured us all just as we are, complete with our flaws, and she made it beautiful. Paula made it an experience that is cemented in my memories forever and gave me a gift I will never forget, our first ever family photoshoot – one that we all survived. She is a true professional in every sense of the word and she’s amazing with kids, she even managed to turn around Miss 1. Paula has an incredible way of making you feel completely at ease and comfortable in front of the camera, even on a beach in the afternoon we were so entranced we actually forgot where we were.

The photos were so amazing I cried like a baby when I saw them, she captured us beautifully and the photos are ones I will treasure forever. Truly a magical gift.

For Mother’s Day, Paula Brennan is giving one lucky reader the ultimate gift: a special goodie bag filled with champagne, lipstick, gift voucher, and fine art print valued at over $400.
PB 1

This is a gift you will cherish forever. To enter, simply share with me why you would like to win and I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 9th of May at 10pm.

Good luck xunnamedTogether we can create beautiful images of you and your family that you will treasure for all time. I help women to become more self confident by providing a makeover and professional photography session both in my boutique studio in Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast and on location both locally and interstate.


14 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Paula Brennan

  1. Kathryn C says:

    Loved reading this Mrs Tink 💕 I can relate to it so much. To get a good photo of my family is really rare! Paula’s work is just amazing. Wishing everyone good luck with this fabulous prize ☺️☺️☺️


  2. Amara Campbell says:

    Mum hates having her photo taken. It is like dragging a pet into a photo. But the truth is unguarded and laughing she takes a beautiful photo. I would love to have her true essence captured so that we can show her just how gorgeous she is. A mum of 6 and a carer who has been working since she was 14. Ros deserves to see herself how we add ll see her. And I believe Paula can do that.

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunities you give us. So much gratitude.


  3. Liz Jackson says:

    Hello Mrs Tink, well must admit was not going to even enter for this. But kept looking at your amazing, fabulous and lovely Family and what you wrote on here and it did more than pull at my Heart strings. I started thinking and looking at photo’s and knew what I suspected was right. I do not have Family Photo’s. I have photo’s of us when our Daughter was little, but only two photo’s of myself, my husband and our Daughter all together and I must admit we never show those two. The problem is me, I not only don’t photograph well, I’m absolutely horrible in photo’s. It’s true!! At my Stepdaughter’s Wedding, the photographer kept us standing and moving for 40 minutes, just to take one photo, which is one of the two I am talking about. As We went past him after he finished, he actually was highly agitated with me and made no secret. But I didn’t do anything wrong, he just kept telling me to move and as soon as I started he would order me the other way 😦 When we were given the photo some weeks later, not only was my Family upset and confused, I was as well. It was the worst photo of me ever, I was actually heart broken, because that day, I knew how beautiful I looked. You know when your at some function and you go to the ladies and look in those mirrors and thing OMy ekkk? Not that day and all night, every time my Daughter and I went, whoever was in there would tell me how stunning I was, but Mrs Tink ,,,,, so did the mirrors!!! I am so self conscience even more since that, I sort of clam up or my smile looks very fake a mile away, haha. I am no good at make up, have pure blonde eyebrows, that you basically can’t see, blonde eyelashes, etc, etc. I don’t do selfies arghh no and my poor Husband will take some while i am doing something, puts it on the Computer Screen and says “see, your beautiful”. Love is clearly blind. I stand & look, say ahh nooo, our Daughter walks in and says ahhh nooo. But my dashing husband who is now 67, myself 53 and our gorgeous Daughter is 29, all I truly want is the miracle of a beautiful family Photo to hang on our wall we pride. After reading what Paula has said, I am for the first time in, I don’t know how long excited and thinking is this my dream, is Paula my miracle worker. This is my Precious, stunning, beautiful Family as always but wait ,,,,,, I am in it and still it’s gorgeous ❤ ❤ ❤


  4. YVONNE RYAN says:

    Mrs Tink ,
    The photo shoot that Paula Brennan has done of you family really is very special!!
    l think it’s just gorgeous that you have shared your gorgeous family will us all. Mrs Tink looking at your photos l was waiting for your cheeky little London to do something super naughty as even know we have never met your children I’m sure all of your girls would agree it’s as though we know them . Thanks for sharing your the most important thing in your life your family . And l must say your dress was just perfect for the locationxx


  5. Jaqueline Stephan says:

    I had a laugh reading your post and the fact that you all “survived” the photo shoot. 🙂 I also had a bit of a cry when you wrote that “Paula captured us all just as we are, complete with our flaws, and she made it beautiful”. What a perfect and beautiful memory to keep forever.

    As a newish mum to a scrumptious 7 month old, time just flies by. Some days I’m not even sure what day of the week it is and my little girl is growing up so much!! I would love the opportunity to capture our own beautiful memories with my husband, my daughter and I at this special time in our lives because I know that I’ll blink and she’ll be a toddler…a teenager…an adult…perhaps even a mum herself, one wanting to keep her memories as fresh as ever with a beautiful photo shoot. x


  6. Orlantha says:

    Oh this shoot looks absolutely amazing! I not so fondly remember the only photo shoot we’ve had on Mother’s Day eve 8 years ago…my hubby was in a foul mood this particular day and we’d argued the whole way to the shoot..still all these years later when I look at any of the pics that is what comes to mind..sadly..the argument on the way to the shoot completely overtook the beauty of the moment and the final product 😢 I would dearly love to have a positive experience and capture the moment with, our now complete family of 6…4 gorgeous boys..and no, I’ve no intention of trying for a girl lol..can you imagine? 5 boys! 4 is more than enough!!


  7. Bianca says:

    I would love to win this as i do not have one photo with all of my kids and myself as im usually the one taking the pics it would be a very precious memory to have


  8. Mamaliving says:

    I’d love to win to get an updated family photo. The last family photo is when I was 15 (now 25) and I was wearing a white fury shirt from fashion fair (now that’s saying something) I’d LOVE to get a family photo with my 3 generations in it.


  9. Susan Banyard says:

    Wow how awesome, wish I lived in the right state for this one as we still don’t have a family photo of hubby, my 2 boys and myself, I’m the one who takes the photos and am not a fan of having my own photo taken.


  10. Cheerie Murnane says:

    My family is so spread out, in Brisbane, Darwin, and Adelaide, a family photo is just too hard to come by, we are are hardly ever in the same state at the same time, this would be amazing as a photo like like would be one to cherish.


  11. Lea Anita Black says:

    Mothers Day to me means each one of us remembering our Mother or Mother figure and appreciating the things they have done for us. A time to show love and caring, even if it is just a thankyou and a hug it doesnt have to be an expensive gift….just letting them know and feel they are awesome and loved dearly.


  12. sharyn w says:

    loved this article, me and hubby dont even have a wedding photo on our wall nor a family photo as we rarely get a photo with all of us – would be lovely for once to have a photo (i hate photos and try to avoid them) that we could put on our wall for once 🙂


  13. Leigh Isabeth says:

    I would love to have this moment in time captured with my mr 2.5, To never forget our bond, for him to look at our portrait in Many years to come and see the love I have always had for him :-))


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