Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Glam Affair


I’m a huge mineral make up fan as I love how clean it feels on my skin and the peace of mind knowing that it’s not filled with harmful chemicals. This year I discovered Glam Affair and fell in love with their range of products and colours. Two of my favourite finds were their eyeshadow and foundation primer.

As far back as I can remember I’ve had an addiction for eyeshadows, I’m always amazed how they can transform your eyes and make them pop. Glam Affair do the popping part exceptionally well with gorgeous rich mineral colours that last all day night, as I’ve found out someFriday evenings! Two of my new faves are Chocolate & Copper Shine, when combined both together they create a gorgeous smoky eye or can be worn alone to add a little extra fab to a day in the office. The pots appear tiny, although I must stress – a little bit goes a really long way. Two beautiful colours that every makeup bag should have, and because they’re earthy colours, they won’t go out of date as the seasons change.

FullSizeRender (3)


Another Glam Affair product I can’t get enough of is the Foundation Primer, it’s a primer that really delivers and one that your skin will love. Unlike other thick, gluggy primers, this baby is hydrating and moisturising. It’s perfect to apply before foundation and fabulous for creating a beautiful smooth base. My skin loved this primer and my foundation application was easier with the blending process halved. A huge thumbs up to Glam Affair on this beautiful product.

FullSizeRender (2)

Are you ready to update your makeup bag? Would you like to add some of Glam Affair’s gorgeous products to your world? Glam Affair is giving one lucky reader the ultimate Mother’s Day present, a makeup bag filled with the Foundation Primer and a pot of both the Chocolate and Copper Shine eyeshadows. To enter simply share with me your Mother’s Day wish? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 8th of May at 10pm.

Good luck x

glam affair

Glam Affair was founded by natural beauty campaigner and educator, Crystal Dawson. Crystal is passionate about promoting beauty product safety, as well as empowering women with a positive sense of their own unique qualities.

Glam Affair celebrates your individual beauty. Their makeup tutorials help you learn how to apply your best makeup, for any occasion. Introductory classes are perfect for teenage girls who want to know how to apply a natural makeup look, or how to look their best for special occasions. They are also great for busy mums of all ages who just want to create an easy, quick go-to look for work, event makeup, or every day.

Advanced makeup classes are also held for those wishing to broaden skills in makeup artistry. These are combined with training programs for young makeup artists which extend to running a beauty business including marketing.


13 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Giveaway – Glam Affair

  1. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    Mother day wish is not for breakfast in bed
    That idea just hurts my head
    The thought of a kitchen mess only gets me in distress
    I wish for hubby to take the kids out for the day
    I wish for a quiet and free day !


  2. Andreea Nicolescu says:

    A day spent without them arguing would be great, I dont need big gifts, the handmade ones are my favorite and love that I get to keep them for years and years and look back on them

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Julie says:

    I have three kids but the middle one and the youngest are 15 years apart. So – I have two who have left the nest and one who is still very firmly in it (7). My wish is that we are all together as my miss my big two a lot. Yes absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I am sure they would drive me nuts if they stayed more than a month but I want to feel like a mum to all three on that day πŸ™‚


  4. sheldyn says:

    My Mothers Day wish is that I get a few more with my Mum. She’s got an auto-immune disease that could have seen her gone in 5 years but its been 16! She’s my favourite person so every year for birthdays or any time its the same wish πŸ™‚


  5. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    My mothers Day wish is for all mothers out there that have children on doner register’s list get that call before it’s too late… Nothing worst then watching a child suffer from anything & you are so helpless…… xo


  6. Liz Jackson says:

    What a breathtaking Gift this is, I love copper colours πŸ™‚ I have to honest, I have never used a primer, but it looks amazing. What do they say, “your never to old to learn”. Then that’s me, regardless of the years, I learn new things each and every day. My Mother’s Day wish, well my main one can never be filled as it would be to have my Mum back with me, such a beautiful, cheeky girl she was ❀ So I will go with my other Mother's day wish which is still not an easy thing to accomplish. I wish Mother's Day, as soon as I open my eye's, I feel wonderful, happy and excited about the day. I would love to jump out of bed, make my Family breakfast and go for a picnic out in the beautiful surrounds. I want to open a bottle of Cab Sav and sip it while laughing and chatting to my darling family. I haven't been able to have any alcohol in 3 years due to Medications. I want to feel the wind blow through my hair, the sun shine on my face and I just want to feel beautiful. It's been nine years since I did something like that. Looking after my Mum 24 hours a day and then loosing her, quickly followed by a spinal injury. My Life has been one of pain, grief, sadness and four wall syndrome, apart from Medical appointments. Over all this time, like many other's I have learn't about how many small, seemingly insignificant things I always took for granted. So I truly wish for this Mother's Day, to have the energy levels and for my pain to subside even a little and have a Family day in a gorgeous park or beach, sitting on a rug, sipping wine, snacking on our Picnic Goodies and just enjoy the simple but best things in life, an outing with my loved ones in the great outdoors, laughing, enjoying and living life in the simplest of ways ❀ ❀ ❀ xxx


  7. Kathryn C says:

    What a beautiful pack. Nothing beats mineral based make up products. πŸ’• My Mother’s Day wish is to have a wonderful day with my beautiful family with loads of morning cuddles in bed! I am not after any fancy gifts, I absolutely love the handmade ones my kiddies make β˜ΊοΈπŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›


  8. Leanne Murphy says:

    My Mother’s Day wish is simple harmony I know that’s a lot to ask from my kids a day of no fighting or bickering but I will keep you informed of the outcome it’s going to be a long day for them can’t wait to watch them suffer ( does that make me a bad parent ) ow well it’s Mother’s Day ha ha


  9. Mamaliving says:

    My Mother’s Day wish is that my dearest friend who is so close she is basically my sister, to have a pain free Mother’s Day. She had a c section 2 weeks ago, got an infection and cannot enjoy her newborn baby cause she is still so sick and in so much pain. My heart goes out to her cause she has been bed ridden since 34 weeks pregnant. I’d love for her to enjoy a Mother’s Day with her 3 kids


  10. Natalie M says:

    I just want a happy day of smiles and laughs. I want to enjoy the day. I will look at my kids and smile knowing I made it here.


  11. Cheerie Murnane says:

    Mothers day is like no other, it is time to stop and just share the day, to take the time to spend with family and sit and talk or play and just have 1 day for all of us to relax and be together, no other holiday gives that simple pleasure.


  12. Ashley says:

    I have a 6 year old and 3 year old and never had a mothers day as a single mum. Its like any other day to me. My mothers day wish is I get to just spend the day with my beautiful daughters enjoying the smiles… Kisses and cuddles. To just be in the moment for that one day and not let any other stress interupt that.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Anj K says:

    My wish is for us all to be healthy, the 4 of us have suffered through the past few weeks with coughs, colds, heads split open, 2 surgeries, more trips to the doctors, hospitals and specialists then I can count and I just want a day of everyone healthy and happy – please.


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