Mrs Tink gets Nayki with her Deodorant


Deodorant is like using toothpaste or brushing your hair, we apply it without even thinking as part of our ‘human-ing’ routine. For many years you’ve had a few options of sprays, which I was mighty fond of as a teen as I used to SOAK myself in with the hope that one of my crushes would smell me and fall head over heels in love with me. (Side note: this does not work, no matter how many cans you spray). There’s also the roll-on kind, these usually have interesting scents that smell similar to your Nana’s house. Then there is the gel variety, not sure if these are for women, but hey – sleep deprived I used Mr Tink’s on many occasions and they did the trick despite me smelling like a used car sales man.

So just when you think you know it all when it comes to deodorant, a clever company like Nayki comes along and shakes things up with a new kind of deodorant that will literally have you talking non-stop about it wherever you go. Even the McDonald’s queue, but that’s a whole other story. Nayki has developed a sophisticated little pot of deodorant that you apply using your hands… Yes, that’s right – hands. You simply swirl your fingers around the product and then apply under your arms. Now never fear, I found the initial concept down right off. I felt like I’d some how read the instructions wrong and was secretly being giggled at, but alas I stuck with it and it actually works!


Just like all of Nayki‘s products, the paste is made with natural organic ingredients and before you starting worrying that the scent will be bland, I can ease your mind as the smell is clean, crisp and fresh – just as you want your deodorant to be. And the best part is it actually works! Applied the deodorant at the start of the day and after running from A to B like a maniac there was no BO or sweat in sight. Such a clever concept that once you try you won’t go back, plus you have the peace of mind knowing you’re not filling your body with chemicals and fillers. It’s great for people with eczema and skin allergies. A big thumbs up to Nayki on an incredible product.

Would you like to try the Organic Deodorant Paste? One lucky reader is going to win their own full size to try at home. To enter, simply share with me why you would like to win? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 20th of May at 10pm.

Good luck x

nayki logo

Nayki Skincare was developed in 2012 by two Queensland mums who had a passion to create and provide natural skincare alternatives for women experiencing every day skin problems. Since then, Nayki Skincare has continued to develop new products targeting not only skin problems in women, but also men, teens and even young children. People all over the world are now enjoying the Nayki Skincare range to treat problems such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Acne, Dry Skin, Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Varicose Veins, Uneven Skin Tone & Age-ing.


9 thoughts on “Mrs Tink gets Nayki with her Deodorant

  1. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    You had me at Clean & Crisp..!! I currently purchase at least 3 deodorants a week for my niece to try because she is so fussy & can not find “The One!!” That is Clean & Crisp in her words too…..!! She is a mini (yet tall, nudging nearing 6ft & not 12 til the 26th of this month..) athlete..!! Imagine what it would do for her self confidence if she didn’t have to keep coming off court to continuing spray herself etc..


  2. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    Deodarant leaves me itchy , irritates my skin , I’ve tried a lot of sensitive skin types and nothing works.. Would love to this a try … Sounds amazing !


  3. teena towns says:

    Would be lovely to try, how unique and inventive to create such an appealing deodorant product with essential oils too.Its very important for me to be smelling sweet and fresh!


  4. Kathryn C says:

    Wow, this is a first! Never seen deodorant applied with your fingers. Sounds very interesting. I am always on the look out for new deodorants, especially ones that are natural and aluminium free as I have sensitive skin under my arms. Sounds wonderful ☺️


  5. Natalie M says:

    I hate looking like a gorilla scratching all day but heat and most deodorants cause a rash that can get really annoying. There is no denying I would beg for something that left me with no rash.


  6. Leanne Murphy says:

    My friend at work suffers from exma so this sounds like the solution to her problem she can not only smell great but itch less I’m sure she with appreciate this fantastic product maybe even convert her to a new product


  7. Susan Banyard says:

    Having dermatitis mean their are many deodorants I am unable to use also having a asthmatic household cuts out all spray deodorants leaving me with a choice of roll on’s that alway leave your underarms wet and sticking to your clothes. A clean, crisp, fresh scent mixed with natural organic ingredients paste deodorant sound amazing and something I would defiantly love to try and possibly keep buying if it works for me.


  8. Sharyn W says:

    I only use natural deodorants and have not found one that works well that I love, I am loving the sound that this is a paste and it works (I told hubby and he said he would love to try it also )

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  9. cheerie murnane says:

    Need to find a deodorant that will last all day, with no topping up, and still smell fresh at the end of the day, this is different to what I have used before, the sprays don’t work, the roll on is better, a paste might do the trick.


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