Tink & Tesoro a true love story


Tesoro is one brand I work with that sends you guys wild! Whenever I post a picture I am flooded with emails, messages and comments from you guys so I know I’m going to be super-duper popular with my latest review.

Ladies, allow me to introduce you to a bangle that will literally send you weak at the knees and begging to try it on. It is Italian designed and created by the Tesoro team, and just like all of their pieces, this bangle is unique and unlike anything you’ll find at the shops. Made from yellow coated silver, the gold is beautiful and has a lovely shine as it encircles your wrist. With its unique filigree pattern, it’s a showstopper that looks beautiful for day or night, or both, if you’re like me can’t take it off!

Tesoro have mastered the art of creating beautiful pieces of jewellery that won’t break the bank without cutting corners on their products. Each piece is made with high quality metals that are enduring and will last for years and years. The bangle is lightweight despite its solid appearance, and with an elegant clasp it sits elegantly on the wrist. It’s a fabulous piece that’s completely timeless.

Would you like to win this Uber gorg bangle? The very generous team at Tesoro are giving one away to a very lucky reader! For a chance to win, simply share with me why you must win this gorgeous piece? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner at 10pm on the 30th of June.

Valued at $389.95

Good luck x

Tesoro Logo

With a unique approach to contemporary designer jewellery, Tesoro provides cutting edge style with high quality Italian made artisanship. Each Tesoro piece is crafted using only precious metals providing long lasting quality. Tesoro is synonymous with modern luxury creating unique pieces for the eloquent woman that must stand out from the crowd.






30 thoughts on “Tink & Tesoro a true love story

  1. samantha minshull says:

    Oh this is my lovestory! this bangle is simply gorgeous! However I would simply love to win this for my sister inlaw Alicia Minshull – Why? Because I wasnt lucky enough to have a sister growing up. wasnt until I met my husband. Alicia has always opened her arms and her heart to me and treated me like a sister. Its something that has changed my life in so many ways. She is the most amazing and such a beautiful person and I know she would love this more than I can ever explain why I believe she deserves this! Liss – you make being a sister inlaw not a name by proxy but a privaliage! Love you – To win this for her would be a way I could express how lucky I am to have her in my life and as a sister!


  2. Liz Jackson says:

    Well Mrs Tink, you already know my passion & Love for Tesoro’s impeccable pieces. But while I have Jewellery of many kinds, I actually do not own even 1 Bangle or Bracelet. I only ever had one, which was sadly stolen many years ago. This Unique, stunning #Tesoro Bangle would not only look gorgeous with my #Tesoro Earrings but with anything else or even on it’s own. The rich Italian craftsmanship, creativity & love eternally surrounds this Exquisite Beauty. Even the clasp as been created with, style, security, comfort & beauty to perfectly finish this Bangle that has me in raptures. I adore the never ending Filigree design of this which I am have no doubt, every tiny piece will capture the light & radiate it’s Classic, timeless Elegance. This is one of those must have pieces that will set any Outfit or Occasion into every person’s Memories for a lifetime each & every time it is worn. It is one of those very special, personal & endearing pieces that I know I would wear always & hold close to my Heart to leave to my Daughter & hopefully one day, her Daughter to wear. Mrs Tink, you where right to say you would send us all week to the knees & begging to try it on. I know for a fact, that I am more than willing to go down on bended knee’s & declare my Love, admiration & pure Enchantment at the sight of this Romantic, Inspiring and Radiant #Tesoro Bangle


  3. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    Tesoro bangle is Devine ….would definetly make me shine .. Feeling like gold …it gorgeous patterns are bold ,…. It would dress things up to complete me ,….. eye catching for everyone to see …..Italy’s secret , how I want you so .. So much Style and grace With TESORO


  4. Jodie Taylor says:

    Oh how beautiful..It is love at first sight..Everyone deserves a beautiful piece of Jewellery..I dont have any other reason other than I love Tesoro Jewellery pieces and this piece is stunning and it would make my day,month,year 🙂


  5. Sharryn Ellis says:

    I must win this gorgeous piece for my granddaughter. I could never afford anything like this on a disability pension & she so deserves it. This poor girl has been bullied at school for nearly 3 years, then last year it got worse,. Bad enough that kids bullied her, then her teacher started on her. This girl went from and A student to a D. It all came to a head when we got a phone call from her principle to say she had told him she wanted to kill herself. We even got a call from the police who were worried about her because she had emailed her estranged uncle to ask why his side of the family didn’t want to know her & told him she really wanted to end it. Finally the school came to her rescue & her teacher was put on notice & so we’re the kids. And she’s seeing a Councillor. She started this year so scared it was going to happen again, but thank god it didn’t. All but one girl stopped bullying her & already her grades have come back up & her confidence is getting there as well. I don’t mean to tell you a sob story but I really do think she deserves something special after what she’s been through.


  6. Tina Elvins says:

    This is stunning! My miss 11 just said #ILoveHowItSparkles She is forever playing with my jewelry and I am sure it would be something I’d cherish and hand down to one of my daughters. But I truly have to say my girls are the perfect adornment and treasure to me, nothing even comes close to the joy they bring to my heart. It was a love story the moment I laid eyes on each of them. My nickname is Twinkle, I get “Tink” for short…This Tink would certainly have a love affair with this Tesoro! But it would have to share the love affair I have with my gorgeous girls!

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  7. Jasmine says:

    I must win because it will help me do more arm exercises.
    I’ll move my arm more often, as I look down at this beautiful piece.
    Tesoro bangle = arm candy


  8. Leanne Murphy says:

    This is fantastic has the same design as my husbands wedding ring this would really look fantastic as its our anniversary coming up and we could have matching accessories to remind us of our commitment and love we have for each other And the best thing is we can celebrate the occasion with the kids


  9. Lea Anita Black says:

    Oh to have a bangle like this that’s good quality, beautiful!! I have cheapies, all my life cheap jewellery! This would become a statement piece for me, a treasured one at that!


  10. mary kynis says:

    To give to Mum whom has Dementia and I now care for. It so beautiful and special like my mum and to make up for the crappy and non exist gifts from me. My reward in winning this prize is that it will make Mum smile and feel like a Queen or Lady that she is.


  11. Melissa Zammit says:

    I must have this bangle as it would compliment and be the star piece of my stunning ball gown that I will be wearing to an upcoming masquerade ball in August…this is my must have accessory,compliments of Tesoro…


  12. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    Wow, didn’t think Tesoro could impress me with any more pieces more so then the ear-rings earlier in the year, then BAM….!! They outdo themselves with this creative luxurious stylish chic bangle… The love story of Tesoro & Mrs Tink should now include a new ambassador — Lee-Anne C. Clancy I would promise to Love, Cherise, Clean, Polish, Respect, Wear & Spread the Tesoro Love to one & All…!! Would be my pleasure…!!


  13. Peta King says:

    OMG! That is one of the most stunning pieces of jewelry that I have ever seen. I would love this to be my anniversary present. Words cannot describe it’s beauty in design. Well done Tesoro

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  14. sheldyn says:

    I’d actually love to win this for my Nan! She is all business when it comes to clothes (don’t ever try to buy her them or even a voucher!) but when it comes to jewellery she’s pretty flashy. She’ll happily pair one of her trusty millers shirts with gorgeous broaches and let her style shine! Every day she wears a gold heart necklace that was puffy but is now crushed. She took a fall and a broom stick crushed it and she says its her lucky charm. I just know that this gorgeous necklace would look wonderful with her gold necklace and she would love showing it off to her friends! 🙂


  15. Tanya Walsh says:

    Wow this is the most amazing bracelet ever, just looking at the quality and design any lady would absolutely love to own this . I would love to have this beautiful Tesoro Bracelet just for me and l would wear it everyday as it’s to beautiful to put away for special occasions . I would feel so proud wearing such a gorgeous piece of jewellery I would be the envy of all my family and friends 🙂


  16. Pamela Singleton says:

    Have you ever been so proud of someone that you could just bust, I have and I am, of both our beautiful daughters. They were both born with Arthritis which left them bent over and limping at times, this led to bullying from their peers in primary school, of cause a good kick in a leg full of pain was ok, well according to one child it was, well not to us it wasn’t and that day was the start of our journey into home schooling. It lasted 5years and with the help of Arthritis Australia, they never gave up hope of a bright future. Now fifteen years later the youngest has an adorable little girl who turns 3 tomorrow, she is a store manager and a qualified personal trainer, The eldest has two beautiful boys, is an interior designer and in the last few months of her Law degree. Yep I am as proud as a mother can be, they didn’t let anything stand in the way of their dreams, not even pain, they became who they wanted to be, and they have achieved their goals. The day of our eldest’s Graduation we would like to gift them each something precious, So far we have one beautiful bracelet put away for that day, so to add this beautiful Tesoro bracelet would be perfect. Both Bracelets would be a symbol of such determination and strength, that is within them both, it would also be our way of saying we love you beyond words, we are so very proud of you both, ❤


  17. Kathryn C 😊 says:

    This piece is truly a show stopper! Simply gorgeous in every way 💛💛💛💛💛 I would L💖ve this for my Birthday. Every year I promise myself that I will spoil ‘Me’ in some kind of way. A new bag, a new daily edited clutch, a bangle or even a massage or manicure. This simply never ever happens. My Mum gives me money to buy something nice and it ends up going towards groceries, bills or something for my kiddies. I must win this to spoil myself without the guilt 😊😊😊

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  18. Victoria Blagaich says:

    The minute my eyes met this Tesoro bangle it was love at first sight!
    I felt an immediate connection within and was left speechless.
    Such a breathtaking bangle that I fell head over heels in love with.
    If I could take you home we would have an everlasting relationship.
    This Tesoro bangle is simply devine and I wish it could be mine 💜💜💜

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  19. Cheerie Murnane says:

    Tesoro, how do they do it, this bracelet looks so from Roman times, of gold and opulence
    I can imagine bronzed skin, lite flowing gowns, long hair braided, and gold jewelery, a spectacular sight to behold, a show stopper commanding attention, a real centrepiece
    of luxury, it would make anyone feel more beautiful than they already are.


  20. Victoria Blagaich says:

    When I saw the Tesoro bangle it was love at first sight,
    I felt an immediate connection within and was left speechless.
    Such a breathtaking bangle that I fell head over heels in love with.
    If I could take you home we would have an everlasting relationship.
    This Tesoro bangle is simply devine and I wish it could be mine 💜 💜 💜

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  21. vonnie1964 says:

    Wow how special is this stunning Tesoro bangle , I must win this as this would be the most beautiful bangle that I’ve ever had . I would treasure it always and feel very special wearing such a beautiful piece of highly crafted jewellery .


  22. Annie B says:

    So I can adorn my wrist while holding a glass of my favourite expensive champagne of course! Two of my favourite luxurious items side by side – a match made in heaven. What more could a girl want. My own piece of treasure. It’s as unique as my personality. Bellissimo!!

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  23. Hannah Baker says:

    Wouldn’t this be the best way to treat yourself although in my case Tesoro is perfect for my mum. She’s my best friend and a total one In a million, unfortunately she’s been unwell and in and out of the hospital for most of my adult life I know this would bring a smile to her face and that’s all I have ever wanted is for her to be truly happy. Tesoro and Mrs Tink you are amazing and generous with your gifts and whoever is lucky I hope they treasure it forever and ever.


  24. Leanne M says:

    My own little piece of Italy. I am truly a jewellery lover. It is part of my personality, part of who I am. I wear different pieces each day, as well as a couple of items that stay with me always. People know me for my ‘look’, my jewellery of the day, and I often receive compliments on what I’m wearing, and am asked where I got it from. I dream of Italy. It is my go to place with my hubby once our son is grown and independent. This would start the process of fulfilling my dream. The start of my trip to Italy. A constant reminder of where I need to go.


  25. Kirsty Johnstone says:

    Wow! One word that describes a bracelet so serene!
    Looks like it could be fit for an Egyptian Queen.
    I like to think of myself as a queen who needs spoiling – but I’m thrift,
    Yet something so beautiful – would make an amazing anniversary gift!


  26. Shannon says:

    It’s just stunning and would really make this mumma stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons (in stead of the normal reasons I stand out; ie I’m wearing black and didn’t notice my two babies had kindly wiped their noses on me before I left, I’m wearing odd shoes because I average 3 hours sleep a night thanks to me trying to juggle full time work, a little study, hubby and two under 4, because I have some sort of food stuck in my hair, or because I was distracted whilst putting on makeup and only did one eye). Wearing this gorgeous bangle, maybe people’s eyes would be so distracted by the stunning piece of gold art on my wrist that they don’t notice anything else, that bangle would help conceal the actual mess that I am lol (ps all of those things have ACTUALLY happened at one point over the last few years lol)

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  27. Natalie M says:

    I would love and adore something so special… however there is a person in our life that does so much for us.. and not just us she has taken on the role of Grandmother and friend to so many others that lost their own. If I’m lucky enough to win movie tickets or a dvd they would like I send them to her. She never asks for anything, she always smiles and she works so hard to make everyone else happy. I would love to give this to her for everything she has done for us. I don’t ever remember her being gifted anything just for her. She is a jewel in so many lives it would be nice to give her a Tesoro to help her shine and give her that extra glow she deserves.


  28. JoeyJ says:

    I would like to win this beautiful Tesoro bangle for my wonderful wife. We have been married for nearly 40 years and we may not be able to travel overseas together due to our health so I would like to bring a bit of Italy to her at home. I could even cook a pasta and we might even have a lady in tramp moment sharing it. My grandchildren would be in hysterics if they were to see that. It would be a thank you for all the memories we have shared over the years. I hope there is another 40 years of good things to come.

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