Mrs Tink in #PinkTink heaven with Pink Poppy

Since finding out I was pregnant with Miss Two I’ve embraced everything girly. Miss Two rocked a bigger shoe collection than me at 3 months (and you’ve seen my shoe collection!), she wears so many shades of pink that she has her own hashtag #50shadesofpink. With all her glitter, pink and frills she requires her own seperate wash so the rest of our whites don’t also become pink hostages. Nothing makes me coo more than hanging up all of her little outfits while secretly wishing they would fit me! My little Pink Tink has given me so many girly squeals since she arrived and has taken me back to being a little girl again. I feel so blessed to have had a little girl despite the tantrums that come along with her.

I’m always on the look out for unique and girly things so imagine my sheer delight when I discovered Pink Poppy. If you’ve not yet heard of Pink Poppy, you’re about to see a whole lot more of them because I’m obsessed! Pink Poppy tick every box: quality products, great price point, fantastic range and lots of pink!

Whether you’re searching for a unique present or something to brighten your little princess’s day, you’ll find everything all in one spot but be warned – once you start shopping you won’t stop! 

They have everything from overnight bags to hair clips, they even have costumes and sunglasses. Their range is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and one I’m so excited to start sharing it with you all.

Each month I’m going to start sharing my favourite Pink Poppy product and the good news is you’ll get the chance to WIN it! Sound fab? I thought so. My first giveaway is this super cute Daisy Tutu Dress, one that Miss Two loves beyond words. She won’t take it off… Not even for bed!

Do you know someone special that would squeal with delight to wear this little suit? The gorgeous team at Pink Poppy are giving one lucky reader the chance to win one, simply share with me why you would like to win? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 1st of July at 10pm.

Good luck x

P.S. Keep an eye out for my favourite product of the month and go and check out Pink Poppy online at


Pink Poppy is where dreams come true! Australian owned and designed, our generous collections of gifts, dress ups costumes, jewellery, hair accessories, handbags, cosmetics, school & travel essentials and more…are magically are created for children who dream “big”, creatively accompanied by princesses, fairies, mermaids, dancers and ballerinas. Created and made with quality, unique designs, stunning colours, dazzling embellishments and most importantly LOVE, Pink Poppy is an iconic children’s brand, perfect for children from the age of three. Come and explore the magical world of Pink Poppy!

14 thoughts on “Mrs Tink in #PinkTink heaven with Pink Poppy

  1. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    My niece bella is the pinky princess , loves wearing pink , twirling and dancing around singing Angelina ballerina .. I’d love to see the look on her face if she were to have this pink poppy collection .. Just like a flower she brightens up my day 💕


  2. Kathryn C says:

    I L💖ve Pink Poppy. They are simply gorgeous and have so many wonderful products. My little Miss would absolutely adore this beautiful daisy tutu dress. I can imagine her dressing up and pretending to be a ballerina Princess. Swirling around the house and humming some kind of tune. 💖🌟✨


  3. vonnie1964 says:

    l absolutely love Pink Poppy too , l love the range and it’s well priced too . l wont enter this because l have purchased my granddaughter a TUTU already but Pink Poppy is the best


  4. Cherona Lowe says:

    Ahhhhh! What’s more girly than a tutu?? I love it! And I would love to win it because it’s just going to look TU-TU adorable on my 3yr old niece. That’s if my 16yr old daughter doesn’t fight for it!! My niece loves all things pink and sparkly. It’s perfect!


  5. Jodie Taylor says:

    My niece Sophia she would squeal with delight and I would also ..I have 4 boys so never got to buy the pink and the girly things..So I get to live out my Pink and tutus and all those gorgeous things girls love to have with my adorable niece..Sophia would adore this Tutu ..She loves to dress up and dance..Her mum may never get her out of it 🙂


  6. Lea Anita Black says:

    My daughter is expecting a little Girl towards end of July! This would be a beautiful gift added to her little fashion wardrobe from Nanna! She will be a Pretty in Pink Princess if I have an influential hand!!


  7. Natalie M says:

    Miss 3 stands in the shop at the beautiful dresses and pats them.. She can NOT leave the room without a spin or a leg back flick. She’s a master at trampoline twirls, takes the house in leaps and bounds and has a one leg balancing act while watching playschool… I love that she wants to walk and twirl while wearing something dazzling!! We look much prettier without mum gasping for air trying to carry her. She would more than squeal in delight for this Pink Poppy stunning Daisy tutu dress.


  8. Victoria Blagaich says:

    My little Miss 3 & 4 would adore this gorgeous Pink Poppy Tutu!
    in a matter of minutes in this Daisy Tutu Dress!


  9. Sharryn Ellis says:

    My granddaughter turned 4 last week, and she has always been a bit of a tomboy, wearing a dress occasionally, but she has realised now that being a girl is pretty cool. She said that she is going to be a big sister in late September/October to a baby boy so she needs to dress like a girl. She wore a peppa pig skirt with a shirt with a 4 on it at her birthday dinner and She asked us all if she was pretty, which we all said yes you are gorgeous. This little girl is forever telling other people how pretty they are, but never asks about herself. In the shop today, a young lady served us, and my granddaughter said you are really pretty. The lady thought she said the dress was pretty, I said no she said you are pretty. She was stunned and said what a beautiful granddaughter you have. Every shop we go into knows her now as she runs up when she sees them and gives them a hug, but if they are busy she yells out “My friend” and the ladies always turn and wave to her with a huge smile. They tell us she makes their day. I’m one very proud nanny and would dearly love to win this for her. Her name is Rydah..


  10. Tina Elvins says:

    My little Miss (not quite) 2 ~ Torah Lee is such a little fairy, she’s always dancing and prancing! I could imagine her spending many hours playing in this gorgeous Pink Poppy Tutu. She has her birthday at the end of July and was such a little blessing, we fought very hard for our little IVF miracle, she utterly completes our world! I am so proud to be chosen as her Mummy! Children really do complete you in so many ways and it’s amazing the lengths you go to for them, just to see them laugh and smile. Thanks again Mrs Tink, for another lovely prize!


  11. Lynnette bull says:

    I would love this for Miss 4. Born with a shade of red hair and a temper to match, family seemed to pass over the fact that she is just as girly as her big sister. Infact she is way more into girly things than anybody in the family and will choose a dress over pants any day. To win this and see the look on her face when she opened the package would be priceless.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Mickey says:

    I have two girls and costumes are certainly their day wear and the layers of necklaces, bracelets, hair clips, fairy wands, along with my high heeled shoes. They have been known to put some lippy on their grandfather and style their guinea pigs long coats. It’s all about having fun when you are young and I can’t help but want to encourage it. I love dancing around with them like like nobody is watching even if they are watching and probably laughing. I’m sure like your children Mrs Tink, my children would fall in love with a Pink Poppy Daisy Tutu Dress and yep they too would want to take it to bed. Maybe in fear that I might squeeze into it for a little spin of my own.


  13. lauren says:

    My little miss loves dress ups and she would be over the moon if she won this gorgeous tutu!! It would also make a nice change from her Elsa dress which is her preferred choice of dress up outfit at the moment!!!!

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