Mrs Tink finds her inner Pink Punk 

This year my goal was to get fit and find my fab again, but despite my best efforts I’ve been met with a few hurdles – a never ending work schedule, injuries, and the biscuit tin! I’ve tried my best to keep at it despite the hurdles and the delicious choc chip cookies that have been screaming my name, and I’m pleased to say I’m still training at least 4 days a week, not quite the 6 I’ve aimed for, but 4 is better than nothing I remind myself daily.

Recently my workout mojo got a huge boost when a special pressie from Pink Punk Active arrived at Mrs Tink HQ. Before I had even opened the package I knew it would be lovely – I mean Pink Punk, what’s not to love? And just as I thought, I was squealing like a kid on Christmas Day as I unwrapped the goodies!

Inside was a crop top and capri tights that both screamed “put me on girlfriend and let’s show them off in the gym!” So with a hop and a skip I put them to work with a 30 minute run and leg workout. An hour later I may have been a sweaty mess but I sure looked fab! I put Pink Punk to the test and not only did I look good, but the Active Wear was lightweight and beautiful to train in, plus it hugged my body in all the right areas – because let’s face it ladies, if we look good and feel good, we train like champions – and that’s just what I did!

The Musk Strappy Crop was great for my D size bust, I felt supported even while running. Unlike other Active Wear, the bright colours stayed crisp wash after wash and looked just as lovely as they did the day they arrived. The quality of the materials used in creating these beautiful pieces is outstanding and they have quickly become my training faves.
One of things I love most about Pink Punk is that they’re a local company based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Owned and operated by like minded gals who love active wear as much as their clients, so you can always be assured to stand out from the crowd in their beautiful garments. You won’t find anything similar anywhere else and the price point is affordable.
Musk CropOne lucky reader is going to win a pair of Capri Tights and Crop top in your choice of print from our friends at Pink Punk Active. Simply share with me why you would like to win and I will announce a winner on 3rd of July at 10pm.

pink punk logo

Pink Punk design and hand make bold swim and activewear with a focus on flattering fit, exciting prints and versatile design. Fusing a lifelong love of dance, swim and fitness with a creative side, Tarah began designing and sewing her own garments exactly to her liking. Vibrant colours, edgy prints, a better fit and with more wardrobe versatility were important factors and what started as a home hobby in 2015 has quickly grown into a bustling little brand with a loyal following and lots of repeat customers.


24 thoughts on “Mrs Tink finds her inner Pink Punk 

  1. Kathryn C says:

    Rocking this active wear Mrs Tink! Such beautiful pieces. I would love to win this so It can motivate me so I can get my active on again. This Winter I have pretty much given up 😁😳😞

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  2. Rebecca says:

    I just love that happy, tropical print! So bright and cheery. I live in NSW and it is freezing at the moment. I usually exercise in the evening in my old trackies….in the dark so no one can see me. A new Pink Punk outfit would give me such a lift 🙂

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  3. Liz Martin says:

    I would love to win & train in Pink Punk Active! After years of wearing a lot of the same thing(mostly black), it’d be awesome to brighten up the workout wardrobe, look as good as I feel & show off what hard work achieves 🙂

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  4. Jodie Taylor says:

    Oh I love..This year I have thrown myself into getting fit..Fun runs,walks through the rainforests climbing the mountains…. ..Pink Punk (love the name) The colours are bright and happy, would make me feel fantastic while exercising, plus they would go with my very bright Pink shoes 🙂


  5. Mamaliving says:

    I would LOVE to wear these styling active wear as motivation to get my ass BACK into gear after 6 days in Fiji honeymoon/family holiday! New activewear and newly married WIN WIN!


  6. samantha minshull says:

    I went on a cruise at the start of the month and I piled on over 4kg – I did so much hard work 5 years ago and lost 30kg. So I have started to get my little bod in shape to realise I have NO WORKOUT WEAR at all that fits me. So im stuck working out on my WII. This would help me get out and really hit the pavement and get those kg’s off… I wanna feel fabulous again not flabulous! thank you! this would be the motivating push to get moving..


  7. Bianca Stockwell says:

    Love the vibrant colors & designs.
    Having only just rekindled my mojo after decent break… getting started again is often difficult & so much about what’s going on in my mind… this gorgeous workout gear would certainly put me in the mood to train!!!!

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  8. bianca says:

    I would love to win these as Im starting boot camp next week and would love some awsome active wear love the bright colilours very motivating


  9. Tanya Walsh says:

    l would absolutely love to win this, I would feel super proud showing this awesome outfit off at the Gym . l am a total fitness freak and l eat all the right foods to help me stay in shape . l used to be over weight by about 10kg but about 3 years ago l decided to go on a lifestyle change and not a silly diet that l would never stick too . I look at your breakfasts Mrs Tink and they are just like mine and l am just so healthy and so much happier than l have ever been in my life . This gorgeous outfit represents how l feel everyday!!


  10. Natalie M says:

    Once upon a time I was all about being fit… then life threw in a few curve balls and now I think with a bright pink kick in the not so perky butt my enthusiasm and desire to live the best life I can for myself would be rekindled. My brain is filling with use it or loose it slogans and Pink Punk would certainly have me moving in leaps and bounds toward a great goal.


  11. sapshu says:

    I am currently working towards 12km city to surf in August & a new pair of Capri Tights and Crop top from Pink Punk Active will keep me motivated to get out when it’s freezing cold outside..


  12. Anna Malcolm says:

    My youngest is 2 yo and eldest is 4yo, and although i used to do lots of running before kids, I’ve barely jogged since then. These fantabulous awesome printed sports gear would totally get me hitting the pavement again to help lose those few kgs that keep creeping up on me

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  13. Glenda Smith says:

    With such beautiful, vibrant colours, I can’t help to be as motivated as Mrs Tink in these awesome Pink Punk Active wear. I’ve already lost 8kg this year with only 2.6kg to go. Yeah go me!


  14. Kirsty Johnstone says:

    I would love to win to give to my best friend, she is going so well with her weight loss journey and needs some spunky outfits to wear now instead of her baggy ones. Flaunt her new rockin’ body!


  15. Kaitlin Scott says:

    I would LOVE some Pink Punk as they make clothes for bodies that are above a size 14!!! I have really struggled finding any activewear to fit following my kids and nothing is more demotivating than going into a store to buy clothes to start a health journey only to be told you need to lose weight before you can fit them!!!!


  16. Lynnette bull says:

    I would love to win for an excellent self esteem boost. The funky pattern on the crop pants you are wearing would hide many problem areas for me. I have decided to start working on an active lifestyle to not only get in shape but show my girls a life lesson in looking after our bodies in a healthy way with fun walks and bike rides


  17. Leanne murphy says:

    Love the fantastic colours with bali fast approaching I need to whip my booty into shape don’t won’t to be mistaken for a beached whale near the beach bring back my six pack


  18. Lea Anita Black says:

    I would love to win this for my Daughter who is having her baby in three weeks time. It would be a great encouragement for her to work off the baby fat!


  19. mary kynis says:

    I wear active wear to the shops because they are so comfortable but love the bright colours because it would motivate to exercise because my behind would look big in them.


  20. Katie says:

    I’d love to win as I’ve never really been a very confident person working out in public and without the resources that a gym has it will be very difficult to achieve my goal. after i have my baby i really want to get fit again and a new outfit would definitely help boost my self-esteem which would make me feel more confident in going to the gym.

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  21. Hannah B says:

    Being in a health kick I’ve lost 8kilos and hubby lost 10! I never go to the gym but I do run at the park in my daggy trackie dacks that are completely shameful! I look like I should be painting not panting to get fit and fabulous to be a happier and healthier me! I want to be here for my son to show him that being active and eating well can help you with everyday life! Having a heart condition exercise is very important to help me live a better life, my son is my referee and helps me succeed and can tell when I need to rest and helps me warm down and reduce the chance of passing out 🙂

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  22. Hannah B says:

    Having just lost 8kilos and hubby losing 10 I’d love some gorgeous fit wear so I don’t have to wear my trackydacks at the park when I work out! I don’t go to the gym as I look like I should be painting not panting and work out my body to be a healthier and happier mum for my son! Having a heart condition I have to exercise so that I can be a good role model and be here for my son! He’s my referee and helps me warm down after working out 🙂

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  23. Michele Dougherty says:

    You look great as usual – a new set of active wear would be great – I am nearly qualified as a yoga teacher and my gear is drab to say the least.

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