Adulting is not fun x 

When I was a little girl I dreamt of meeting my Prince Charming, living in a beautiful home and filling it with kids, all while juggling a successful career and being fit and healthy. Now depending on what perspective I’m looking from on that day, generally I’ve reached that goal. I say perspective because it’s all in the details – on paper my dreams have come true, on paper I’ve done it, but then there is this little thing called reality (actual reality, not the real housewives reality) and you realise that there are ebbs and flows while even living your dreams.

Prince Charming will eventually drive you round the bend with his snoring, farting and sometimes even chewing. Prince Charming may at times grind your gears and you might find yourself screaming at him like Cruella de Vil on any given day, or better yet giving him the silent treatment.

Then we move onto the fairytale of filling said beautiful home (aka mortgage pit) with lots of kids while juggling a successful career – ha! What a fantasy this one is! The filling part is lots of fun, eating all the naughty foods you want while pregnant is fab, and having Prince Charming as your 24-hour slave is certainly a huge plus. Then comes the stretchmarks, leftover baby weight (thank you Krispy Kremes) cracked nipples, sleepless nights and explosive nappies – all while trying to juggle a successful career and keeping the house in a liveable state. It’s amazing how quickly your plan to have a houseful of children quickly changes to just the two and Prince Charming is booked in with Dr Snip!

Next, the successful career. Very quickly you realise three things: you can wear the same thing three times in a row and no one will know, coffee is a must-have – do not leave the house without it, and that being a juggler in the circus is a breeze when compared with juggling a career and motherhood. Even after 13 years of being ‘successful’, sometimes the most successful part of my day is that I survived it.

And what a subject to finish on, fitness. Being fit and healthy has always been an important point for me, however on some days it’s easier said than done. Dashing out of the house to get a houseful of children to school and daycare, followed by arriving at your successful career doesn’t always allow time for a healthy and fit life. In order to attain this goal you need to grab whatever half window gap you can find in a day to work your butt off and sweat up a storm. Goodbye to the luxurious long strolls and the hikes, and hello to taking what you can, when you can, while your baby is asleep – hoping she’ll stay asleep long enough for a decent workout.

So I guess on paper I have it all, in fact sometimes on Facebook I appear to have it all. Reality… It’s a funny thing. I guess it’s all about the perspective, the truth is 90% of the time Prince Charming is pretty wonderful – he is a wonderful father and despite the farts and snoring he is a great husband, who washes my car weekly, cooks, washes, mows lawns and spoils me often. The beautiful home doesn’t stay beautiful for long with little kids, the furniture is stained but it’s filled with lots of love, laughter and memories. I’d take messy and happy over clean and sterile any day. The successful career allows me to be creative and gives me the freedom to be me. It allows me the opportunity to stay focused and goal driven while staying healthy and fit, despite the struggle of making it happen. It keeps me centred, balanced and makes me a stronger, better person.

Adulting, it’s not always fun but no matter what perspective you look at it from it’s an adventure.
Mrs Tink x

5 thoughts on “Adulting is not fun x 

  1. Kathryn C says:

    Wow Mrs Tink! What a beautiful Blog! You truly are an amazing person. Even though we have never met, I can truly see you are just a gem 💖 I can totally relate to most of this post and you are absolutely right. Adulting does suck at times but it is an adventure. It has it’s ups and downs but we get through them. Big hugs to you Xx 😘

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  2. Samantha says:

    So freaking true!!!
    Oh the days i wish i was still 17 or 18… when i had no bills or responsibility and a job wasn’t exactly a requirement!
    I now work more hours then i have free time (or at least that’s the way it feels!)… i can’t go to the gym anymore due to a back injury so trying my best to do some cardio at home (this weather doesn’t help getting outdoors) … and of course mortgages suck!
    I’m yet to have children and at the sight of some of the little critters running around… i see the end of my world as i know it! hahaha!

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  3. Liz Jackson says:

    Well I understand & agree with most you have said Mrs Tink and Adulting is hard, exhausting, stressful & so much more. But the end part was the Golden True Result of Adulting. It is such an Adventure, an amazing Adventure, the best Adventure of Life. I think if Adulting did not have the Ebbs & Flows, the bad & good, the easy & hard etc, then the Real Rewards of it would be taken for Granted. I know that regardless of how hard it is, I for one have had the most precious, gorgeous Adventure of a lifetime & I love it. I know if I put mine on paper it would scare everyone away, haha, maybe even me lol. The truth is anyone who say’s any part of is easy, then they obviously are not living the real life yet. I know in my opinion the biggest part of Adulting that is the worst & hardest is how quickly the years go by the older you get & that your Children are basically only little Children before they are all grown up for what seems like a blink of your eyes ❤ ❤ ❤ Great Blog Mrs Tink 🙂 🙂 ❤ xxx

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  4. sheldyn says:

    I loved this. Rang so true with me today, just what I needed to hear. Sometimes everyone but me seems to have it all together! Its a nice reminder that everyone has their days. Thanks for another great read Mrs Tink xx

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  5. Polly says:

    You made me laugh. I love that dress you are wearing in the mag photo shoot. It reminds me of the late nights I spent folding magazines to make Christmas trees to beautify my works office one Christmas. Go Mrs Tink!

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