Miss Two and her Beautiful Soles

Miss Two is the shoe queen, she’s obsessed! I guess I’m partly to blame for her addiction as I’m a bit of a ‘shoe pony’ myself. I have a collection that would make most men cringe. Now, at the ripe old age of two, a new queen has entered the building and this one has an eye not only for style but also comfort. So you can imagine her Cheshire Cat grin when she received her first pair of Beautiful Soles® shoes.

Bs 1

Miss Two is a fussy gal, she’s picky, she knows what she likes, and she refuses to wear anything that doesn’t feel right. In fact we often have 3 shoe changes before we leave for daycare EVERY morning. But as soon as her eyes met ‘Black and White’ she was in love and let out a big loud “WOW”, scrambling to get them on her tootsies. Once on, she paraded around the house like madam tiara, dancing and stomping proud that she was wearing ‘big girl’ shoes. These cute little shoes have not left her feet since they arrived and look so beautiful with her winter wardrobe plus the support on her little feet is great.

Beautiful Soles® are unlike any other shoe company I have ever seen before, the styles are fashionable, affordable and comfy for little feet. Each pair is easy to wear, fabulous quality and extremely durable, which means that even a tough little monkey like Miss Two will outgrow them before they need to be replaced. Each pair of Beautiful Soles® shoes are created using the finest leathers and materials, which is evident in the impeccable craftsmanship. I wish I’d discovered this amazing company when Master 7 was little as he gave his shoes a really good run for their money. He cost me an arm and a leg replacing them constantly! I’m so excited to share Beautiful Soles® with all you Mummas because I know you’re going to love their shoes as much as I do!


The very generous team at Beautiful Soles® have given me one pair of size 11 Black and White to giveaway, just like Miss Two’s. To enter simply share with me why your little princess would like a pair of Beautiful Soles® shoes? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 29th of July at 10pm.

Good luck x

Beautiful Soles logo

Beautiful Soles® are designed to protect and nurture young feet and are crafted from 100% quality leather or canvas with an age appropriate flexible sole – First Steps for pre-walkers, Inbetweenies and Next Steps for once they are ‘up & about’! At Beautiful Soles foot health comes first, with fashion a close second.




13 thoughts on “Miss Two and her Beautiful Soles

  1. Polly says:

    Oh how I love the Beautiful Soles® shoes in black and white. There are totally made to party in and as we are Collingwood footy fans the shoes must have been made with us in mind – they’re our team colours! Wearing them may just bring us some luck!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kathryn C says:

    I absolutely adore these shoes. They are simply gorgeous. My daughters feet are a little too big for these beauties 😔 Good luck everyone 😘


  3. Tanya Walsh says:

    These are the cutest shoes , l looked on the website the range in unreal . My little princess is a llittle like your little princess she just loves shoes and yes she squeels with excitement , l know she would love these adorable shoes and as a mum l know they would be perfect for her feet . l love Beautiful Soles motto Reccommended by experts -tested by toddlers . These would be a perfect addition to a little princess’s wardrobe


  4. yvonne ryan says:

    Well these are the cutest shoes. Mrs Tink l wont enter this competition as these wouldn’t fit my granddaughter for at least a year but l wanted to comment . I read you story about little miss two and l really did laugh out loud , my daughter was so much like little miss two as l was obsessed by shoes and she just literally followed my footsteps . l must admit even my boys had several pairs of shoes as l felt the outfit wasn’t complete without shoes These Beautiful Soles shoes are just so adorable , l think l need to spend some serious time on their website for little miss nearly one xx


  5. mickey says:

    There are so many pretty and cool things on the Beautiful Soles website. I know I look for quality shoes for my own feet and settle for nothing less for my children and their growing feet. I love the look of the black and white Beautiful Soles and the quality and comfort from all the reviews is tops. I have one daughter who would fit into size 11 right now and another daughter who is about a year away. We would love to win the pair of Beautiful Soles shoes. I’m sure that once my daughters would put them on, they wouldn’t want to take them off.


  6. Lea Anita Black says:

    My Granddaughter is due on the 29th and I am sure she would love these as her birthday present. They are as gorgeous as she will be, I know it. ❤


  7. Tina Elvins says:

    My little Miss 2 is also a lover of shoes, I think when Mummy is a shoe~aholic, it’s hard for her not to admire and mimic mum’s passion, my eldest is 11 and I only just posted on my own wall today, how happy I am that we are the same size! Yes Mum is a tiny size 7 and my daughter is going to outgrow her’s and Mum will soon be getting the hand~me~downs!


  8. Victoria Blagaich says:

    Wow these are absolutely gorgeous 😍 I have two little shoe lovers also who would adore these and look adorable too.
    My youngest daughter has been advised by her physio to wear comfortable supportive shoes as when she was born her left foot turned in. It will continue to correct itself with the aid of good quality supportive shoes. Would love these trendy ones for her so she can feel like a big girl prancing around in them.
    The added bonus is both my daughter’s will get to wear these as they are just like Mummy and have little feet.


  9. Becbryant says:

    Ooo my miss 2 loves shoes, she tries to wear them to bed! These are absolutely beautiful, I just showed miss 2 and she said “are they my new shoes?”

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  10. Natalie M says:

    I had to carry my daughter into the supermarket as she thought her shoes did NOT match her outfit… She is becoming a very stubborn little lady. Her feet need the best of shoes like her brother they are taking after her fathers mother who has terrible rolled in feet. She says they didn’t correct them when she was young and after seeing how she struggles to get around and hobbles I will do anything to make sure my kids feet are in the best care and the best shoes. These sure do tick all the boxes when it comes to looking after young growing feet.


  11. Cheerie Murnane says:

    Love the look of these shoes, they are so different from anything else around, leather shoes that fit well are a must for young feet, and good quality will last until they grow out of them, no need to keep replacing poorly made and smelly shoes that make smelly feet.


  12. Katie says:

    My neice hates shoes, she refuses to wear them to day care, to the shop or even in the park, we live in a small town with only two shoe shops that don’t have much in stock and the one’s they have are quite hard and boring.
    She complains they hurt her feet or they don’t match her outfit even silly things like they have a mark on them.
    THAT was until she discovered a pair that aunty katie was wearing. (Simple black slip on’s) and she put them on her tiny feet and didn’t want them to ever be removed. Unfortunately i had to go home with my shoe’s and still to this day they were the only pair she has ever put on her feet herself without chucking a fit.
    If these shoe’s are as comfortable as they sound along with how gorgeous they are they have to be the pair she accepts and doesn’t take off. 👠❤


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