Mrs Tink loves The Makers Mailer

June Parcels

I don’t know about you but I dread going to the mailbox to find yet another bill. Water rates, school fees, the dreaded credit card bill – the list goes on. Now I’m buzzing to my mailbox since coming across a new innovative company called The Makers Mailer. The Makers Mailer is a pen pal who has your back and loves to gift you with really cool things that will make you smile. It kind of feels like it’s Christmas, only once a month not just once a year. Tell me more you say?

Joanne Tighe is the Creative Director behind The Makers Mailer which has been sending out little surprises in the post since 2015. And not just any gifts – they’re beautiful handmade pieces, each unique and created by different independent Australian designers. From just $36 per month you can have a surprise package arrive to your mailbox, and let me tell you, this will have you bounding to the letterbox not moping.

I received my first package last week and was so excited to open it, I’m a very hard person to surprise with any present as I usually spoil it by guessing what it is. However it’s impossible to do so with The Makers Mail, so I actually got to sit back and be surprised for once. Even the box looks intriguing, it’s packaged in such a beautiful way you can’t help but be filled with love as you open it. Joanne wraps your Surprise Treat so beautifully that it’s almost a shame to open it, but that didn’t last too long as I quickly tore open my package to find an Ena & Albert necklace and earrings set. The gorgeous rainbow set had my name written all over it and it was love at first sight. A beautiful, unique piece that will be a ray of sunshine to my winter wardrobe and a huge favourite of Miss Two’s, who is in a fashion trance when I wear it. 

A truly lovely surprise and a big thumbs up to Joanne and The Makers Mailer team, I was beyond impressed and am now counting down until next month!

Would you like to find a surprise from The Makers Mailer waiting for you in the post? I have one box to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply share with me the best surprise you’ve ever received in the mail? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 30th of July at 10pm.

Good luck xx

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Jo is passionate about supporting independent Australian designers, artists and makers, and loves promoting them to a wider audience through The Makers Mailer monthly subscription boxes which are posted with contact information in the hope that subscribers will share these unique hand crafted businesses with friends and family.

11 thoughts on “Mrs Tink loves The Makers Mailer

  1. Lee-Anne says:

    The most amazing thing I ever received in the mail was my trade papers… They offered me the freedom to travel the world, realise the hard work & dedication I had put in the past four years were worth it when everyone else was out partying, having a good time while I was working hard at getting a manual trade behind me..!!


  2. Hannah says:

    It may not seem that exciting or surprising to everyone else but to my husband and I were so excited to receive a letter from our bank saying we only have 12 years left of our mortgage payments left!
    We bought our house 4 years ago and managed to knock of over half of our mortgage off in 4years by budgeting and paying extra by the time our son is 16 we will have no mortgage!!!!
    Only 12 years to go!!! Woooooo

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  3. Jodie Taylor says:

    The best thing I got in the mail would have to be a hand made card from one of my boys when he was 5..My husband helped with the sending..I absolutely loved receiving his card in the mail and it also made his day when it arrived in the mailbox..My son is now 20 and I still have the card and its one of my favourite memory’s of when he was little πŸ™‚


  4. Kathryn C says:

    What a great idea The Makers Mail is! I am one who hangs out for the postman only to mostly receive bills and other boring documents πŸ˜” But when a surprise parcel arrives I am the happiest neighbour around ☺️ I would have to say that the best surprise mail I have received lately is a gorgeous necklace from a lovely lady. It was truly unexpected and a piece I will treasure 😘😘😘


  5. Tanya Walsh says:

    This is a fantastic idea , The best thing l have ever received in the mail were my VCE Results as l had worked so hard to get a really good score , l remember sitting out the front for 3 hours till the postman came . l knew if l received good results l could get into my chosen career . The results were better than expected , it was a great day and we all celebrated that night


  6. yvonne ryan says:

    This really is a brilliant idea .Mrs Tink you really have introduced us to some beautiful sites .
    The best present l ever received was for my 29th birthday , l had only months before found after years of searching my birth father . He flew down from Brisbane to meet me and we connected immediately . When it was my birthday a few months later he sent me a gold 21st key and chain , with the most beautiful card saying that he wished he knew where l was when l turned 21st as he had never forgotten me (the last time he seen me l was 6 weeks of age )
    Mrs Tink l won’t enter this as l won a prize last week , The Makers Mailer really is fantastic xx


  7. Victoria Blagaich says:

    When my best friend wrote me a card to say put the kettle on I am visiting you! I cried, laughed out loud and cried some more. My best friend lives in England and to make it more exciting was coming with her hubby and baby son whom I was yet to meet.
    It was the absolute best card ever to receive from the postie 😍


  8. teena towns says:

    The best thing I’ve ever recieved in the mail was a cheque for my travel expenses paid to Melbourne(I’m in tassie)to a family reunion were family members had been trying to contact me for years.My mum died when I was born,my dad abandoned me,I’ve no brothers or sisters,I’ve had a very lonely displaced life,so this reunion means the world to me.

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