Mrs Tink is Lusting over Lust Minerals Foundation 

I’m what some people may call a makeup-addict, I have a big obsession and I’m easily wooed in by the little tubs of colours and pigments, each one calling my name and begging to be added to my bulging makeup bags. Yes, I said bags. I have bags upon bags of makeup and I love to try anything new as soon as it hits the streets. One particular brand of makeup that has sent me gaga this year is Lust Minerals.

Loose copy

Lust Minerals have created products that skin LOVES, it’s so clean you can actually sleep in it, and on many a big night I may have in fact put this theory to the test. Now I’m not suggesting you stop washing your mug and start sleeping in your makeup,no that would be crazy but their products are so clean you could!

Not only Lust Minerals Foundations created using only the finest in minerals but the staying power is like no other and doesn’t fill your pores with yucky chemicals, it glides on like silk and stays put all day while making your skin glow. The Loose Mineral powders are created using vitamins and minerals designed to keep your skin looking and feeling its best without suffocating it in horrible chemicals and fillers.

Recently I tried a beautiful mineral foundation that literally left my skin singing, its lightweight formula feels like you’re wearing nothing at all but has the coverage of a heavy foundation, plus its easily removed. Easily applied with a Kabuki or Handi Brush, it glides on and still looks fresh 12 hours after from when you first applied it.

Picture 1. Foundation applied at 8am Picture 2. 10pm all my make up has worn except my foundation

It’s perfect to wear even to the gym as it won’t clog your pores like liquid foundations. At 34 you could say I’m a connoisseur of foundations, I’ve tried them all and I can honestly give this baby a huge thumbs up for coverage, price point and colour – plus it will last you forever because a little bit goes a long way. Perfect for day to day wear and versatile for night time. One of my fave makeup reviews yet!


Photo 1 Bare Face Photo 2 Just Lust Minerals Foundation Photo 3 Lust Minerals Foundation, bronzer and mascara

Would you like to try Lust Minerals Mineral Foundation? I have one to giveaway to one lucky reader valued at $60. Simply share with me your day to day makeup style? 

Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Friday the 12th of August at 10pm.

 Good luck x

Lust Logo

The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That’s why everything in our Lust mineral  range is a true extension of skin care. Lust Mineral makeup is not just a refinement of conventional makeup; it’s a new technology. The purity ofLust Minerals products enables the skincare professional to incorporate makeup into their treatment menu.  Our mineral makeup gives excellent coverage and covers skin conditions such as Rosacea, Acne and Scarring.

12 thoughts on “Mrs Tink is Lusting over Lust Minerals Foundation 

  1. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    What you see is what you get
    No time to wait for foundation to set
    It’s a little mascara and of I go
    Hoping all my blemishes will not show
    I know I’m kidding myself big time
    Always Telling my self il be fine
    Oh blemish free skin is what I “Lust”
    Please mrs Tink let me try it .. You must!


  2. Kathryn C says:

    Absolutely love Lust Minerals foundation! I will not enter this one but can certainly recommend it! Full coverage and feels like your wearing nothing. Good luck everyone ☺️☺️☺️


  3. Cheerie Murnane says:

    I find foundation needs powder over the top to set it as it looks shiny without it. If I wear less, then I feel like I need to check it all the time to see it still has coverage. It would be nice to have something I wouldn’t have to look in the mirror all the time to see if it was still alright.


  4. Leanne Murphy says:

    My day starts with cleaning my face moisturise touch of foundation and off I go what can I say I’m a natural beauty ( ha ha ) my husband always says he married me because I’m low maintance


  5. Liz Jackson says:

    Well you might say, I’m truly #Lust- ing over this Mineral Foundation. To have the coverage of a true foundation but not clogging or making my pores look worse is exciting. I do on a particular part of my face break out with Rosacea & the comfort of knowing this won’t irritate, but calm & cover is a star maker for me. I too have tried so many, but just don’t give me the base I want. If your photo’s are anything to go by Mrs Tink, which in my book, a picture speaks a thousand words, then I just discussed why this #Lust is a must & I really can’t wait for the Glow from this dust.


  6. twocheekymonkeys says:

    I’m usually terrible and only do the basics of a cleanse, toner and moisturiser. If I’m having a good day I might add a touch of tinted lip gloss and eyeliner.
    I blame it all on my kids and how being a mum doesn’t give me time to fuss over myself in the mornings but, let’s be honest, I’m just lazy. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Amara Campbell says:

    Honestly I haven’t worn makeup in years but I have literally just started lusting after quality, pure products with a light natural glow as I look to my future with hope. In fact I had planned for a makeover by my niece this August for my birthday as I have no photos of myself for years due to illness. Lust minerals would be the perfect base to buils a natural ‘no makeup’ look on x

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Natalie M says:

    I run out of time with 3 to run around everywhere. My makeup style is more of a forgetful art.. I forget some bits as I get called to a mess then get out the door and forget I never finished end up with a ghostly appearance. I need to simplify.


  9. Kirsty J says:

    Make up? What make up haha! My routine is bare minimum with lip gloss and mascara. Foundation has always been my nemesis – perhaps Lust will make me love foundation and be easy to apply, hopefully leaving me looking less like a burnt pancake and more like Beyonce’? Here’s hoping x

    Liked by 1 person

  10. meedee1 says:

    No matter what I always do my eyes as if they are not done I feel naked.
    When I venture out I use either a BB cream or a foundation. I suffer with rosacea and after coming out of the bank one day and having a teenage girl who was sitting with her boyfriend say very loudly “Oh my god…too much blush”…I felt so embarrassed. part of me wanted to inform her that I was not wearing any blush at all and the other part of me just wanted to cry. It still makes me feel a mixture of emotions when i think of it. Since then I very much feel that I need to cover my skin when out in public.

    Liked by 1 person

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