Mrs Tink is Swooning over Tesoro


Tesoro Jewellery has been one of my best finds on the blog, their stunning handcrafted pieces are unique and have become part of my everyday wardrobe. Being a gold girl means I love unique pieces, and given the price of gold at the moment, most statement pieces require a remortgage on the house for you to be able to afford jewellers’ prices – this is certainly not the case with Tesoro. Tesoro’s range is affordable without skimping on quality and design, each piece looks priceless without the price tag. Designed in Italy and created using the finest materials it’s hard to believe their pieces are made with 925 Tesoro certified Italian Yellow coated & White rhodium coated Silver.

A favourite of all my Tesoro pieces are my oval two toned earrings. These earrings have become favourites that I reach for day in and day out because they complement every outfit no matter the occasion. The perfect mix of gold and silver, they are eye catching and lovely to wear, and priced at $199.95 they are an affordable luxury.

My earrings never fail to draw the same compliment time and time again, ‘I love your earrings, where did you find them?’ Because as ladies, like me, who love their earrings will know finding a unique versatile pair in the jewellers can be impossible or overpriced and out of the budget. So ladies, I’m sharing my secret with you too… Tesoro! Head on over to their website with a glass of wine in hand and you will be quiet for ages! They have a huge range and so many beautiful pieces to look at.

My lovely friends at Tesoro have given me one gorgeous pair of the Oval Two Tonned earrings to giveaway to one lucky reader. 

To enter simply share with me why your ears are crying out to be dressed in some Tesoro earrings? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 20th of September at 10pm x

Tesoro Logo

With a unique approach to contemporary designer jewellery, Tesoro provides cutting edge style with high quality Italian made artisanship. Each Tesoro piece is crafted using only precious metals providing long lasting quality. Tesoro is synonymous with modern luxury creating unique pieces for the eloquent woman that must stand out from the crowd.




17 thoughts on “Mrs Tink is Swooning over Tesoro

  1. samantha minshull says:

    I know my ears are crying for these gorgeous Tesoro earrings because… I always used to never feel I was worthy of anything that was gold, gorgeous, timeless – not me, Im noone special, beautiful or amazing to warrent something so exquiste. I have been with my hubby for 13 yrs and besides my wedding ring (which is not white gold – family & friends) I have NEVER allowed him to spend anything extravagant on me…Until now…I have grown and changed these past few years.. I have lost 30kg and I feel the best I ever have. better wife, mum, daughter, sister and friend.. so yes I believe my ears are ready to showcase such a beautiful piece of jewellery and I know my smile, my eyes and heart will glisten while I do xx (Thank you for this amazing chance Mrs Tink & Tesoro)


  2. Jodie Taylor says:

    My mums ears are crying out for these beautiful Tesoro earrings..Id love to win them for her ..Shes a special mum whos had a not so great year and Id love to surprise her with something beautiful..These would lift her spirits and I know she would wear them everywhere.

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  3. Fran @ TravelGenee says:

    Why do I want to win? I’m selfish. I’m not better than any of the other wannabe winners. I just want to win. I just love jewelry that has that artisan look. These earrings don’t have that mass produced, machine made look. They look like someone cared that designed and made them. I love that they look like they are a one off. These Tesoro earrings would mean I can wear a classy piece and add them to my #anotheraccessory collection.

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  4. Mickey says:

    My ears are crying out to be dressed in some Tesoro earrings… Every woman deserves to feels beautiful and special. These precious babies would help me look and feel like a princess.


  5. twocheekymonkeys says:

    My ears are crying out for some Tesoro earrings because I’m a jewellery designer who’s too busy creating pieces for customers and stockists and my ears feel oh so neglected! 🙂


  6. maria kinigalakis says:

    I do not Wear Earrings because my Earring Holes in my ear have closed but If I win these an appointment with a Hairdresser is my next call . These Tesoro Earings are Modern and Classically Beautiful.

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  7. Shannon says:

    For 31 years I have worn nothing but plain studs (had my ears peirced at 3). I attempted wearing hoops for a week, but my then 8 month old got his finger in and tried to pull it out of my ear, and broke it. That was the beginning and end of fancy earnings for me, until now. My kids are a little older, and I would love to have something in my ears that doesn’t always scream ‘I’m a practical mum’. Would be lovely to dress my ears up to match the rest of my new look for my 10 year anniversary this year.


  8. Tanya Walsh says:

    These Tereso earrings are just so me , I absolute adore my jewellery and appreciate the craftsmanship in these absolutely stunning earrings . I have my brothers wedding Coming up in November and these would look outstanding with my dress . My ears are screaming for earrings as classy as these . Tereso the design really is beautiful.


  9. Nicole C says:

    I would absolutely love to win these, they are stunning! I have only recently decided to wear bigger earrings and have 1 pair other than my usual ‘go to’ pair that hug my ears 🙂 I find the bigger ones really do dress up my outfit, they fill me with confidence and they take my mind off ‘the goings on in my world’ .. I would absolutely love the chance to win these .. I would give them a beautiful, loving home where their job would be to fill my day with happiness 🙂


  10. Tina Elvins says:

    I think women are like Bower Birds but rather than being attracted to blue things we adore all that twinkles and sparkles. I’m swooning over these two toned Tesoro earrings too Mrs Tink !! They are absolutely stunning and my ears would look fabulous! Can you hear them crying?! Thanks for the opportunity and I’m willing to try my luck to win these exquisitely Italian made marvels!


  11. teena towns says:

    My whole being is crying,yearning and aching to lovingly embrace these exquisite earrings! With sophisticated charm and elegance, these Tesoro earrings would transform and uplift my spirits with joyful inspiration.


  12. Bianca says:

    I would love to win these beautiful Tesoro earring because they are absolutely stunning
    Even on your most unorganised makeup free days theses beauties are face framers


  13. Tonia Gould says:

    I would love to sport the Tesoro earrings . I’m mid forties and always too scared to have ears pierced until Valentine’s Day 2016 I decided to surprise my husband at dinner . He loves that I wear earrings now . My collection is small with 3 pairs . I where them proudly with new confidence . I conquered a fear I had for 43 yrs and so happy I made the change .


  14. Liz Jackson says:

    Oh my Exquisite Tesoro & Mrs Tink, do I even dare prepare for these as a second attempt! My thoughts still have not dimmed, my heart as always is filled to the brim. The hand crafted metals entwined like grapes into fine wines. Each piece carries so many signs, showing just how divine. The spirit of love & care if you wear them & sit in a chair will transport sweet stories into your Ears. To me they are more than beautiful Earrings to be adored. They tell a truly moving Story if you look at them with not just your Eyes but also your heart. They started has a flash in a creative mind. Then an idea came in time. Pen to paper sketching so fine, they were carefully designed. Handed to faithful and caring hands, a master of artisanship then began. Carefully chosen precious metals twisted and turned, cleaned and buffed all finished and returned. The eyeglass the designer then used, carefully studying each and every curve. A round of applause so richly deserved. A new duo now sat proudly displayed, quality Italian made. A mix of silver & gold, suitable for young & the old. So this is the story that would be told by looking past the glittery gold of the unique pair of Earrings that Mrs Tink holds. Now all that’s left is whose Ears will behold these Exquisite, gorgeous Tesoro Earrings of silver & gold. All of us desire to hopefully add these to our attire. So I have looked deep & written how overwhelming I dream that the Tesoro Earrings that I lovingly admire; my Ears might be lucky enough to acquire ❤ ❤ ❤ xxxx


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