Miss 2 The Mad Hatter reviews Beautiful Soles

Hat 1

Miss Two is somewhat of a fashionista and the kid knows what she likes and what she doesn’t, and one thing she loves is hats. She’s actually ‘that kid’ who insists on wearing her hat everywhere… and I do mean everywhere. She’s taken the whole No Hat No Play thing way too far, she wore her hat in the bath last night and then to bed. She’s got Slip, Slop, Slap memorised, so when I heard that the fab team at Beautiful Soles® did hats as well I had to get my mitts on one for my little hat monkey.

When her gorgeous Fedora Hat arrived I was delighted, this hat was going to a very good home, it would be cherished and worn nonstop. I knew Miss Two would love it, and just like I thought, she did not disappoint. I popped it on her head and she immediately said, “Mirror see, Mummy.” On inspection she squealed with delight and let out a big, “Oh wow!” The Fedora Hat had been given the tick of approval and promptly became firmly stuck to Miss Two’s head all through breakfast, lunch and tea, she even slept beside it like some sort of 1940’s gangster. The Fedora hat has a lace patterned side with a straw brim and not only looks cute but provides great protection from the sun. And like all of Beautiful Soles® range, it’s created using the finest craftsmanship and materials at a great price point. A big thumbs up, Beautiful Soles, this is why I love you as you never fail to impress.


Would you like to win a Fedora Hat for your little person? One lucky reader will win this super cute hat for their little mate. Simply share with me what is your child’s favourite obsession? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 26th of September at 10pm.

Good Luck x

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Recommended by experts, tested by toddlers.

Beautiful Soles® are designed to protect and nurture young feet and are crafted from 100% quality leather or canvas with an age appropriate flexible sole – First Steps for pre-walkers, Inbetweenies and Next Steps for once they are ‘up & about’! At Beautiful Soles foot health comes first, with fashion a close second.

Email: info@beautifulsoles.com.au

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beautiful_soles/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeautifulSoles/?fref=ts

Website: http://www.beautifulsoles.com.au/

12 thoughts on “Miss 2 The Mad Hatter reviews Beautiful Soles

  1. Tanya Walsh says:

    My daughters obsession is shoes , we can’t walk past a shoe shop without her wanting to go in ( well I don’t mind going in for a look either) She will not wears thongs only shoes , some days it can be very trying . I showed her your closet Mrs Tink with your beautiful shoe collection she asked if we could go to that shop 😂😂😂


  2. Rebecca bryant says:

    My miss 2 is an accessory girl – shoes, hats, bags and jewellery she loves it’s all. She will have all these things on and be butt naked 😂


  3. Tina Elvins says:

    My Miss 11 loves hats, Miss 2 loves shoes, she associates shoes with going outside, her absolute most favourite place to be! I have been trying to get her to wear more hats over choosing her Emma Wiggle bow that we are a bit obsessed with at the moment. I’m sure it’s just a phase! I really love the lace detail on this cute Beautiful Soles hat! Very shabby chic and just adorable! Thanks for the chance. Good Luck everyone!


  4. Cheerie Murnane says:

    Favourite obsession at the moment is fairies, all thing fairy and sparkly, we now have a good collection, also little things that go with the fairies, toadstools, little seats for the fairies, a little house with doors that open, a bridge and flowers for the make believe garden and of course the fake lawn cut to fit the fairy garden container, everyone contributes, I didn’t know there was so many fairy objects until she started the collection, now it has turned from a collection to an obsession.


  5. vonnie1964 says:

    this is absolutely gorgeous Beautiful Soles .Mrs Tink your little miss 2 does have very good taste . My little granddaughter loves hats every where l go l am on the look out for hats . My own daughter wouldn’t keep a hat on her head. I won’t enter this as Charlie has so many hats but l just wanted to say how adorable this is and the quality looks so good too . Good Luck everyone xx


  6. Victoria says:

    My daughter’s Miss 3 & 4
    Have a few obsessions that they adore
    Shoes, hats and anything bling
    They love love love my diamond ring
    Looking fab and looking sweet
    A girls life with acessories is complete 😘


  7. Anj K says:

    My little Miss 3’s current favourite obsession is lip glosses…. like when we were teenagers we all loved Lip Smackers well she is not a teenager, only 3 and she wants more and more of them! She smothers half her face in them and i’m sure she must be eating them at the rate she goes through them!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. jazza says:

    My little girl has a obsession with going to my cupboard getting my high heels and wearing my different seasonal hats, this would be great she could have her very own hat that will be hers and dress up.

    Liked by 1 person

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