Miss Two reviews the Vtech – Stack and Learn

Miss Two is obsessed with colours, she cannot walk past any object these days without reciting the colour. She’s like a walking, talking traffic light, singing out the colours as she passes. Mr Tink and I are eager to encourage her, as so far she is showing that she’s not taking after either of us by proving to be quite academic. She thrives on learning, and at the rate she’s going, will be in university before she’s 3 (although it would have to be colour related…) anyway I’m getting off track here, back to the colours. As a parent, Mr Tink and I are constantly looking out for different objects to point out to Miss Two to test her, and recently we were tickled pink (another colour) to receive a surprise from our friends at VTech.


Inside the special brown (another colour) box was the new Stack & Learn Block set and wait for it… Each block was a different colour! We opened it green with envy (I’m getting out of control now) knowing we would soon be replaced with these magical blocks of colour by Miss Two. She would retire us both once she set her baby blues (sorry, just one more) on these babies. In true Miss Two fashion, she squealed with delight and bossily motioned for me to open her surprise box of wonder. As I peeled back the lid she let out a shrill “oooooh rainbow” – well actually it was more like “limebow” but you get the picture.

Miss Two immediately got to work counting blocks (yes, our baby genius can also count) and singing out the colours: “lue” blue, “greem” green (I’m hoping she never learns to say this one properly, I mean who doesn’t love greem?), “red”, “ellow” yellow, orange – and the skittles announcement kept on going. Once she had counted and sung out all the colours she would knock the blocks down and start again. This kept her occupied for quite some time until she noticed something she hadn’t seen… A cat! Miss Two loves cats almost as much as colours, and this cat not only sat proudly at the top of her colour tower, but it also teaches each block colour and number as well as sings 4 happy sing-along songs. Miss Two was in a world of joy – colours and a cat, what more could she want? Not much, as it turns out, because even weeks after arriving into our home the Stack, Store and Sort Tree is still Miss Two’s pride and joy. With the numbers printed on the outside, she’s slowly but surely starting to recognise her numbers also.

Yet another fab product from VTech that combines fun with learning. A big thumbs up to VTech, your toys never disappoint.

Would you like to win a Stack & Learn for your little person? The generous team at VTech are giving one lucky reader their Stack & Learn to play with. Simply tell me what your little person’s favourite thing to play with is? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 7th of October at 10 pm.

Good luck xvtech logoStack, sort and store with the cute cat! Stack the 10 different coloured pieces, create building blocks or nest them inside each other. Place the cat on each piece to learn colours, numbers and animals and to also help develop gross motor skills. The stackable pieces also encourage hand-eye coordination, helping your little one to gain more identification skills. Press the big light-up button on the cat to hear fun sounds and music! Also features 4 happy sing- along songs, age-appropriate vocabulary with encouraging fun phrases and jolly melodies! The clear English speaking voice helps develop recognition and accelerates learning.

To learn more about this toy you can visit the website: Stack, Store and Sort Tree

To learn more about Vtech you can visit this website: www.vtech.com

Vtech Instagram

Vtech Facebook




11 thoughts on “Miss Two reviews the Vtech – Stack and Learn

  1. Jodie Taylor says:

    My Miss 1 Niece is obsessed with music she has a toy guitar that she is always trying her hardest to play she also she sings along too..We don’t know what she sings but I’m sure she does..I can see her on stage oneday playing her guitar .. 🙂


  2. Mickey says:

    Anything toy that lights up, flashes or sparkles gets my daughters eyes opening wide and her hands grabbing for it! I’m also sure that her big sister would take delight in using it to help teach her colours and numbers. It seems I have an explorer and a teacher on my hands at present and I’m enjoying seeing the loving interaction.


  3. jan says:

    My little one loves to play the game operation she dresses up as a nurse and every time she hits the part of the body and buzzes she laughs so hard she giggles herself to the ground, she tells me she wants to be a doctor when she grows up,

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Bob says:

    My daughter likes to play with the rings you stack. It’s great for the mind to get the biggest ring at the bottom up to the smallest. It keeps her amused for hours

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hannah says:

    What would I do with out playdoh! Hours of entertainment and hours of peace! From learning with fine motor skills and then creating imagination play they are fabulous for kids


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