Getting my brows on fleek with Lust Minerals 

2016 is all about the brows. Yes, you heard right ladies, brows… how is your brow game? Are your brows on fleek? Am I making any sense? Unsure on what I am babbling about? Type ‘brows’ into Instagram and you will be filled with brow-isims. You will have more brow hashtags than the eye can see.

You see ladies, once upon a time we were taught to pluck and pluck some more, back then it was all about the Pammy Anderson arch but now in 2016 it’s all about the bush… Well not quite. Brows are fiercer than ever. They’re bigger, thicker and darker, the gateway to shaping your face, and wait for it… making you look years younger! I myself have recently jumped on the brow train because my monkey brows have a life of their own, and to be frank, really did nothing for my mug. So as soon as I learnt a few tricks of the trade, I was off and joining the brow brigade.

The few tricks I’ve learnt are:

  1. More is more. Yes, no more tweezers, no more plucking. Professional brow styling has literally changed my life.
  2. Grow out the little annoying hairs. Once upon I time, I used to yank them out but now I preen them and pray they tell their mates to grow more. Strays are your friends because eventually the rest will form and whammo, you will thicken up your face locks.
  3. A good brow powder is your best friend. I admit that up until this year I was a brow makeup virgin, I’d never touched a brown pencil and thought they were for women who had shaved their brows in the 80’s – but now brow colour is your friend, it’s a total brow must-have.

Speaking of must-haves, one brand that never fails to impress is Lust Minerals. They produce gorgeous products that make your skin sing. Each product is filled with only the best of minerals and the Lust Team spend their money on quality ingredients not over-the-top fancy packaging. So when I heard they had added a brow powder to their line, I had both hands in the air… Pick me, pick me! 

The biggest downfall with many of the brow powders on the market are the fillers and chemicals used to create them – so even though they look good, they’re ultimately filled with rubbish. Lust Minerals on the other hand, create products using only the highest quality Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients which means you’re only using the best on your skin so you can have the peace of mind that you’re not polluting your body with anything harmful. Plus the biggest bonus of all… It’s a damn fantastic brow powder! It’s long wearing, easy to apply and the colour pigment is beautiful. A little bit goes a long way and this small container will last you a lifetime, even for a brow addict like myself.

Would you like to up your brow game?  Are you ready to add some boom boom pow to your normal makeup routine? The beautiful team at Lust Minerals have given me one Brow Dust to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply tell me which celebrity you think is rocking the best brows? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 17th of October at 10pm.

Good Luck x

Lust Logo

The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That’s why everything in our Lust mineral  range is a true extension of skin care. Lust Mineral makeup is not just a refinement of conventional makeup; it’s a new technology. The purity ofLust Minerals products enables the skincare professional to incorporate makeup into their treatment menu.  Our mineral makeup gives excellent coverage and covers skin conditions such as Rosacea, Acne and Scarring.

To find out more about Lust minerals you can visit their website:


7 thoughts on “Getting my brows on fleek with Lust Minerals 

  1. Hannah B says:

    I absolutely love cara delevingne who has the best #StrongBrowGame ever her eyebrows are full and sexy and the shape is to aim for! They are perfection! Mine are bare and slightly patchy after way too many plucking attempts but I’m growing them back to be sleek and on point!


  2. Rebecca bryant says:

    As much as I think she’s a dull lump of silicone – Kim kardashian has #browsonfleek
    Ps I desperately need this for my deformed caterpillars 🐛 I mean eyebrows


  3. Liz Jackson says:

    Wow Mrs Tink, you already know I don’t mind coming out of the cupboard ,,,,, Yes, I was a brow makeup virgin too. But I only learn’t about pencils, brushes etc about 2 months ago. Yes very sad I know. I always wondered why I was the only person who actually had bushy eyebrows, but they were so pale, people actually walk right up to me & say “OMGoodness, you don’t ,,, oh you do have eyebrows, I always thought you didn’t wow”. I had no idea until this year that people actually do things like dye, have them dyed!! Or use products on them. My Daughter bought me a little compact thing, with white lanolin sort of stuff & 2 colours & a tiny, tiny brush. But no instructions, so am winging it still. I do watch your video quite a lot of times when they were doing your eyebrows & Lashes. So after reading this incredible review & yes i did type in what you said haha ,,,,, I want this Mrs Tink! I need this Mrs Tink! I am so over looking bald ,,, seriously, they are so fair as are my lashes, I do look bald!! 2 of the people who walked up to me & said what I commented above were my 2 Brother-In-Laws!! Are you kidding me ,,,, in 30 years, that’s at least 100 times they have said it, pfttt!!! So that’s my Plea in an Essay as always. Now I know their is a line of bevy beauties who also want this ,,,,, but I’m not beavy, I’m just bald!!!


  4. Kathryn C says:

    Another amazing product from Lust Minerals 💖💖💖 I would have to say that I absolutely love Megan Fox’s eyebrows ! That are perfectly shaped and not overdone like a lot of celebrities that you see. They suit her face shape and are on fleek👌👌👌


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