Mrs Tink and the Magic Foundation Brush


It’s no secret that I’m a gal who loves her makeup. I think there is an inner makeup artist in me just busting to get out, and I’m always on the lookout for tips and tricks that will give me that professional makeup finish. A few months ago I stumbled across one of the best makeup tools I’ve seen in a long time, a makeup brush designed by Celebrity Makeup Artist Jacqueline Kalab to give you that professional finish at home. Ladies, allow me to introduce you to the Magic Foundation Brush, a makeup brush that will rock your world and take your makeup application to new heights. 


Ideal for liquid, powder or mineral foundation this fab little brush might be small but it handles the job like a boss. It’s easy to hold which makes blending a breeze and from the second it touches your skin you know it’s not mucking around, this baby handles foundation like a pro. Created using high-quality nylon, it’s lightweight and easy to add to your everyday makeup bag. It’s a cinch to clean and keeps its shape. This brush is perfect for germophobes like me who hate using sponges, it’s hygienic and is easy to look after.

A big thumbs up to Jacqueline Kalab for creating a must-have brush that all women need to add to their makeup bag to give your foundation a professional finish.

Would you like to win your own Magic Foundation Brush for your makeup bag? Simply share with me what is one make up product you cannot live without? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner 20th of October at 10 pm.

Good luck x


Jacqueline Kalab is a makeup artist for stars/ VIP’s/ fashion/ television/ high-end advertising.  She has worked with thousands of celebrities – both locally and internationally known – from musicians to sports stars, models, actors and politicians and many more;  over a hundred television programs spanning all the top networks; international fashion shows and fashion shoots; billboards, publicity and large scale marketing campaigns.  Jacqueline has launched her own makeup/ brush range that is gaining a cult following worldwide, and is regularly featured on television and in the press.

To find out more you can visit the website:

Magic Foundation Brush Instagram

Jacqueline Kalab Instagram


13 thoughts on “Mrs Tink and the Magic Foundation Brush

  1. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    My night cream, it calms my skin after a hectic day
    It’s softens my skin in the smoothest way
    It’s what always ends my cleansing routine
    Smells Devine, and ready for sweet dreams


  2. Leanne Murphy says:

    My daughter would tell me it’s her blended foundation helps smooth out any blemishes caused from being a teenager I tell her she’s perfect without makeup but what would I no I’m just OLD


  3. Stacey Kerr says:

    I can’t live without my BB Cream. It’s perfect for the days you don’t feel like wearing a full face of make up. It’s light and gives me good coverage. Just add blush and of course some lovely lashes and your good to go.


  4. Liz Jackson says:

    Oh Mrs Tink, my Makeup product I can’t live with out is sadly not one, in all honesty it’s two. My Foundation & My Mascara. I have such pale & sensitive skin & never leave the house without them on. I have always suffered with little blotches of redness or acne & very uneven skin tone, so it’s never naked face for me. But I also need Mascara as I have said many times, my lashes are so pale, they cannot be seen. I have worn foundation since I was 15 right up until now at 54. I hunger for an even, smooth & beautiful Foundation application. After all, if you can’t get that part right, no matter what you do, it’s not going to help ❤ ❤ xxx


  5. Tina Elvins says:

    I can’t live without my Evening primrose oil or Moroccan Argan oil! Love how they make your skin feel so smooth and not at all oily after it soaks into your skin.


  6. Kathryn C says:

    What a fabulous little brush! I would have to say the one make up product that I cannot live without is my mascara. Without it my eyes look so small and just don’t pop out and say hello! Definitely a product I always use 😊😊😊


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