Mrs Tink loves Feltball Rugs 

I receive some pretty cool things into Mrs Tink HQ each and every day, but one thing that really took my breath away and had my heart singing was my ‘Sorbet’ rug from FeltBall Rugs Australia.

FeltBall Rugs Australia hand make these incredibly ‘me’ rugs that literally look like pieces of art, good enough to eat! Created using small balls of felt (as their name states) each piece is carefully hand sewn… Yes, by a person not a machine! And are created with love and care. The result is something so fabulous it’s impossible to take your eyes off it – and I wasn’t the only one, Miss 2 couldn’t keep her hands off it.

Pleased as punch that its home was going to be her toy room, she took every opportunity to sit on it and rub it in Master 7’s face that it was all hers and not his. But he wasn’t the only one who was jealous… I wanted one too! So I jumped online and found the most amazing range of colours and designs to suit any home or age… Even big girls like me!

FeltBall Rugs Australia is such a fabulous company and one I am so excited to share with you because of the journey that these rugs go through to get to my lounge room. FeltBall Rugs Australia empower the underprivileged community, mostly women in Nepal by creating job opportunities for them. They are vulnerable to domestic violence and other form of abuses simply because, they have no education and can’t generate income for the family. By empowering them, they give them voice and make them an important part of the community. So not only do they produce the most beautiful and unique rugs they are also giving back and you have the peace of mind you are spending money with a company that is changing women’s lives one FeltBall at a time. 

Would you like your own Monochrome Feltball Rug in your home? I have one 100cm rug to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply share with me where you would put this rug? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 30th of October at 10pm x

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36 thoughts on “Mrs Tink loves Feltball Rugs 

  1. sheldyn says:

    Ooo I love this company! I love felt balls and all the ethics behind helping the women in Nepal. Such a great thing to know when you buy a product it’s actually helping empower other women to find their voice. Girl power! I’d love to put this gorgeous rug in my office. It would keep my feet toasty warm and also help inspire me when my “girl boss” attitude is lacking! (Also my office is the one area I can put my best things and shut the door so I know they won’t be at risk of ruin by our busy, crazy family! :p )


  2. Hannah B says:

    Wow the monochrome Felt Ball rug would be great,
    our darling son’s room is a mess it’s a state!
    Having the rug in his room would be a treat,
    Playing with his toys with this gorgeous treat under his feet!


  3. Leanne Murphy says:

    This would go in my oldest daughters room she just has redone her room in silver white black and decked her walkin wardrobe out as a Victoria secret and bath and body works shop with a makeup station and a comfy stool well you would think it was a shop with the amount of products she has does look good but missing a nice rug to top it off


  4. Anj K says:

    Oh these felt ball rugs are just divine! I could really use one in the middle of the living room floor to cover the red wine stain (that I may or may not have caused) and currently it has a pile of gorgeous pillows over it to try and ‘tastefully’ disguise the stain till I can figure out how to fix it 😉


  5. Stacey Kerr says:

    I’d let my 2 girls duke it out to see which one got it. Not really, I’d put it in my bathroom to brighten it up a little. It’s in need of some colour.


  6. Tina Elvins says:

    I have been following FeltBall Rug’s Australia on instagram and facebook forever drooling over the gorgeous watermelon rug they make!! They are so gorgeous and beautifully handmade! This would surely find a wonderful home in my Miss Torah the adorable 2 year old’s bedroom! I love the range of colours. So many to choose from. Ladies pop over and take a peek at their page! Good Luck all! I know my fingers and toes and crossed.


  7. Bianca says:

    I’d put it my room because well I need something toatally awesome too not just the kids 😂🙋 the ladies that create these are amazing read the feltball rug australias blog 👏🏻 Amazing


  8. Samantha says:

    It would definitely go under my butt! It would seriously be carrried around the house and put wherever I am at the time haha.
    I’m obsessed with these felt rugs.

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  9. Rinna Winen says:

    I would put it in Miss 10s room. She’s getting to the age where she’s starting to spend more time in her room (seems to be happening younger and younger these days 😣), probably mostly to escape Miss 4 who just hangs off her bum constantly 😕, so I really want to give her room a happy vibe makeover…..brighten it up a bit.

    P.S…..I think you may have put the wrong date for the end of the competition 🙃

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  10. Sophie says:

    I would complete my little girls nursery with the perfect rug. This would be a dream come true for her as she has always wanted one. They are so bright and cute and colourful and would be a perfect addition to her freshly painted pink walls.

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  11. Heidi Milu says:

    I have been lusting after a feltball rug for some time now – And am so excited that they come in monochrome… as this is the nursery colour theme I have chosen for my second little boy due in February.

    I would love this rug for him, it will take his modern safari nursery to the next level!

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  12. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    I put this gorgeous rug in my parents retreat …
    to brighten the room and rest my feet
    And when little ones come round to play ..
    on the comfy soft rug they’ll want to stay ..
    Lay their heads while watching a movie
    While I sit close by with a cup of tea


  13. Michelle Green says:

    OMG! I have just bought my first house and settlement is on the 2nd of December. I’m so excited and have the perfect room to put this stunning Monochrome Feltball Rug in. We have a little B&B attached to the house and I would love to put it in there. Perfect fit with the furniture we have for this room.

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  14. Victoria says:

    I would love this felt ball rug as much as my daughter’s 😍 they are simply devine and I love that they are handmade with so much care.
    This would be perfect for our daughter’s newly renovated games room. They will love to sit and have high tea with their dolls, whilst sipping on tea and biccies they can feel the uniqueness of the rug underneath them. I also love the empowerment Feltball rugs use to give underprivileged women of the world and would hope that by my daughter’s sitting and enjoying the beauty of this rug that these beautiful values would rub off onto them 😍

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  15. Leanne says:

    This would absolutely go in my office. I have a mix of Mrs Tink Pink and white walls, with really uninspiring carpet. This would add such a pop of class and bright up that carpet, as well as working with the hot pink wall, my white desk, and white furniture. Ooh ah, I can feel the inspiration already. I just love it.

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  16. Jo Taylor says:

    Id love this for my mum..My mum has all hard wood floors and this would be perfect either next to her bed so she can have something so soft under her feet when she gets out of bed..Or in her lounge room so she can rest her feet while she watches TV..


  17. Natalie M says:

    I’m totally feeling monochrome tonight. I just bought the biggest book I have ever owned and intend to actually read ALL of this one. I would be tickled black and white to have a zen spot in the new reading corner I’m in the process of trying to make. I’m starting with a bookcase table kind of thing from old pallets… although I have no idea what I’m doing so I’ll cross everything for a cool zen spot to design it and inspire me to create like the awesome women of Nepal.


  18. Jo Taylor says:

    Oh these look wonderful and oh so soft..I would give this gorgeous rug too my mum..Mum is turning 70 and her unit has all wooden floors..Feltball rug would either go next too her bed so she can have something soft to stand on early in the morning or in her lounge room where she can rest her feet while watching her Bold and the Beautiful 🙂


  19. Tanya Walsh says:

    These rugs are totally awesome , I would put this in the family room , this is the room where as a family we love to spend time and just lounge around .l often lay on the floor with the kids and this beautiful rug would feel just beautiful to lay on and it would brighten up the room


  20. Glenda Smith says:

    If I’m lucky enough to win the Monochrome Feltball Rug, its going straight under my home office desk to remind me how awesome Mrs Tink and Feltball Rugs are everyday.


  21. Lea Anita Black says:

    I have a almost three Month old Granddaughter and not long and she will be rolling etc on the floors. I have wood floors and no carpets so this would be the perfect piece to lay on the floor just for her comfort. No Cats No Dogs just bubba! I would put it away and save it just for the special occasions she is mine. 😀


  22. yvonne ryan says:

    As much as l would love to put this in the lounge room to show it off , l would put this in my mum’s bedroom as she only has Lino on the floor yes Lino and its very old outdated and cold . This would not only keep mum’s feet warm but it would brighten up her bedroom tooxx


  23. Kathryn C says:

    Absolutely love these rugs. They are such a statement piece and brighten up any room. I would love to put one in my little miss 7’s room. It would totally complete it and I know it would be definitely something she would treasure 😊😊😊


  24. Cheerie Murnane says:

    I would put this beautiful soft black and white rug next to the guest bed, as I am redesigning the room to make it more inviting and cosy looking at the moment it is a bit bland, bed cupboard, chair. The room definately needs a spruce up and this rug would be a great central piece to design the room around.


  25. Shannon says:

    This gorgeous rug would go in our new designated ‘reading’ area for my 2 and 4 year old. I have purchased two of the most amazing extra large pillows to sit on and have been looking high and low for a suitable rug that will keep the kids comfy and warm on our hard wood floors, but that’s doesn’t clash with the decore of the house, as the area is in the lounge room. This stunning rug fits the bill perfectly


  26. Jean Cooper says:

    This would be perfect for my newborns nursery. Some days I must spend 20hrs in there so it would be a beautiful piece to look at for hours on end and a great reminder of how there are some wonderful people out there like Felt Ball Rug who help and empower woman to live better lives.

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  27. Adele says:

    This would without a doubt go in miss 3’s bedroom where she spends a lot of time reading books. It’s a pretty bland room at the moment and this is the perfect splash of colour that she needs. No doubt she would spend a lot of time rubbing it in master 5’s face too.

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  28. Kirsty says:

    I’d love to put the Monochrome Feltball Rug right next to my bed. The colours together are gorgeous and it would be ace to start the day off stepping onto a warm piece of luxury 🙂 The community works done by FeltBall Rugs Australia is something they should be very proud of and that we should all support.

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  29. giuseppe j says:

    Thank you for telling me about the feltball products. I would like to win this for my wife for the surprise hobby space I am creating her this Christmas. Knowing that each felt ball making the up the rug is made by a woman in the prevention of abuse and violence is something she would really appreciate. She has a passion for sewing and is great at it but life has got so busy. I’m on a mission to help her get some down time back and to follow her passions. I am purchasing her a sewing machine for Christmas which will be a big surprise as we haven’t given a present to each other for years. This rug would be a nice addition to help transform our old junk corner into an lovely hobby space.

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