Mrs Tink the crazy dog woman 

My name is Natalie and I love dogs. I’m that woman who you pass on the street who’s having a conversation with her dogs, calling them darling and letting them kiss her on the face… the lips even! Yes, I’m a crazy dog lady and I’m proud of it. My beautiful babies give me so much and ask little in return, and unlike my two human children, they go to bed when they’re told and eat all their dinner. My fur babies make my world whole and I would do anything for them, so when I was recommended Bravecto, I was excited to learn more about them because Bravecto loves dogs as much as I do.


Bravecto is a name you have no doubt seen before, whether it be on TV or at your local vet, it’s everywhere and is quickly becoming one of the leading choices for pet owners to ensure their furry friends are protected from fleas and paralysis ticks. Bravecto is the first and only oral chew to deliver extended protection for three months against fleas and four months against paralysis ticks – all in a single chew!

Now I should explain, although I was excited for my dogs to try Bravecto, I was also cautious as I’m not one of those pet owners who just dives in and gives my dogs anything. When it’s raining I hold an umbrella for my dogs to pee under, so I’m going to do my research until I know all the ins and outs of the product!

Before I started my pups on Bravecto, I called not 1 but 5 vet clinics… yes 5! I told you I was a crazy dog lady. I asked each veterinarian three questions: 1. What do you recommended for fleas and paralysis ticks? 2. Have you had any issues reported with any of your preventative treatments? And 3. What are your thoughts on Bravecto? I interviewed each of my poor, unsuspecting vet clinics over the phone, although I’m sure I wasn’t the first because each one answered my questions without hesitation. The answers were all different but the one thing each vet clinic said was that Bravecto was a superior product they recommend to dog owners, and one they’ve never had any issues with. One vet even went as far as to say it’s all they recommend and that ladies and gents had me sold! If it was good enough for 5/5 vets, it was good enough for my pups. So I jumped aboard the Bravecto train because my babies are my world, and it’s my job to ensure they’re not only fed but are also protected from paralysis ticks and fleas.

I have now been using Bravecto on my pooches for four months and there’s not been a single flea or a paralysis tick in sight, which means they get to sleep in bed with me!

Would your furry friend like to be paralysis tick and flea free this summer? Simply share with me a little bit about your furry friend. I will choose my favourite 10 answers and announce the winners on Friday the 28th at 10pm.”




Bravecto is the only chewable treatment to extend protection for dogs for up to 12 weeks with a single dose. With Bravecto, now you can make sure you’re both ready to continue creating extraordinary moments together.

Find out more about Bravecto at

24 thoughts on “Mrs Tink the crazy dog woman 

  1. Liz Davis says:

    My furry friend is Cleo. She is a 1.5yr old Whippet and only 12kg but has a big personality. She loves to get out and about to play with other dogs. If she doesn’t get her daily trips she gets up to mischief, digging holes in the garden, chewing the fly screen off the security door, eating the carpet and anything else she can get her teeth on. Regardless I love her and she is my best mate, worth every new carpet or pair of shoes!

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  2. Elissa Bartholomew says:

    Our fur baby is Minty and she’s a shitzu x lapso and we love her dearly.
    My now 17 year old got her when he turned 10. He picked her out of the litter the day she was born and they are still inseparable now. Even when it came to picking a uni for mr 17, he factored in his beautiful pup and chose to stay here on the coast and at home so that he didn’t take Minty away from his little miss 2 year old sister. He knew that it would break both miss 2’s and Minty’s hearts. 💞🐶

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  3. Jo Taylor says:

    My Poppy is a Maltese x Chihuahua But she thinks she’s a Great Dane. She came into my life after I lost my little. Chihuahua Pippy which,devastated me..Dogs really do become like family..Poppy helped mend my broken heart..She hilarious with her antics and is very protective of us all.. Really she owns us not the other way around..I spoil her but she deserves it..Crazy dog women here as well

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  4. Louisa Frail says:

    Miss Chloe likes to sleep in between hubby and myself. Side wise. In a double bed. Sometimes, we wake to her backside in our face. If we ever get in the mood, you know, wink wink, she puts herself in between us. Other times, she puts herself between my legs. She is a weird little doggy but we wouldn’t change a thing about her.


  5. Kelda thompson says:

    So the story starts how we became Zarnies forever family .. One saturdzy morning 16 years ago I said to David as I was getting ready for work you need to take our 3 children to sippy downs animals rescue as the children need to learn the responsibility of owning a pet and how to love a pet unconditionally .So off f he trots with three excited children and though they wanted ti bring every pup home they choose Zarnie.. She hates hoses and water still to this day as she was badky treated with a hose thats why she was a shellter .. She has been l hugged patted to many times to count .She is so loved.Shes very old now with arthritis in her legs and struggles to get up .. But everyday when she sees you her tail just wags an wags and you know shes had a happy life an she loves us to .🐕🐶🐩


  6. Zoe mosley says:

    I’ve been waiting for a dog for 10 years,. yep you heard right, 10 whole years lol
    We finally welcomed Tilly to our tribe this year as a rescue puppy and couldn’t be more in love. She smiles constantly (cute bulldog smile), her ears are constantly at 3 o’clock and her patience with our 4 kids is amazing!


  7. Alison Carr says:

    Our newest family member ‘Tilly’ is a 13 week old Maltese Shihtzu and she is about to graduate from puppy preschool. I got Tilly for myself and my 2 daughters as our first family pet but also as a companion for my 8yr old daughter who was recently diagnosed with ASD and struggles socially and emotionally. Tilly makes not only our family so very happy but also everyone she meets. School pick up is her favourite time of day because of all the attention she gets. It’s a princess palace around here and a sea of pink. We wouldn’t have it any other way X

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  8. Cassey says:

    We didnt choose our dog Chief, he chose us. When we went to look at the litter, we parked and no sooner we opened up the car doors he was trying to get in the car, so we said ‘yep he is the one’. He is like having a third kid. He gets spoilt by everyone. He may have chewed a few things up like the cord off the treadmill and the cord off my GHD hair straightener, but we still love him. He also goes to sleep sitting up while watching you eat dinner waiting for us to share with him.

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  9. Bianca says:

    My 3 puppy furbabies have come into our mine and my children’s lives due to circumstances in their previous owners lives 2 have been adopted and one is our new foster baby being loved until he finds his forever home
    I wouldn’t swap them for anything they learn lessons from us but we learn so much more from them in the form of unconditional love, resilience and trust


  10. Leanne Murphy says:

    I have 3 little fur babies my daughter begged me for a chihuahua so we had one sent from over east her name is Charlotte she is so loving and soft well as you no one is never enough so we got ollie and Ruby they are all so different in personality but one things for sure they give unconditional lifetime of love and I couldn’t imagine my life without her


  11. Kirsty Jeffrey says:

    I have two boys.. 1 Eng staffy and 1 Amstaff cross kelpie.. they are my everything!
    I’m always buying them “new” stuff just so I can donate their “not very old stuff” to the many animal rescues I help out.. I’ve been sneaking pet food to donate into our weekly shopping trip ( so my partner doesn’t notice) for the last 4 years and have successfully gotten away with it so far 😉
    Why I would really L❤️VE to win this prize is so I can donate it to one of my beautiful and dearest friends Bianca Grice ( who I met through a local Sunshine Coast rescue group called Soquilichi Rescue Ranch) and now consider Bianca one of my dearest friends 💕
    Bianca is currently fostering three dogs along with owning two cats and on top of this raising 5 kids alone! This woman is simply amazing to open up her home and her heart to these fur babies and she never complains about it.. she is simply so deserving of this prize!

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  12. Lauren says:

    Teddy is a 7 yr old mini schnouzer cross cavalier. So we have our very own schnalier. He is one of five fur babies and the dog I was told I never get. But it was love at first sight and he is now my husbands best mate (and converted him from a cat person to a self confessed dog lover 👏🎉👏). Teddy is however, allergic to fleas so one bite and it’s off to the vet for an injection before he scratches himself raw (despite having used other products). So this product sounds AMAZING and seeing I’ve tried every other product with no real success (as like you I’ve researched the pants off them and not many can be taken long term without any harmful side effects). I would love try this product and get Teddy on the bravecto band wagon (and flee and tick free). And the fact they have an app to reminded me when to give it to him next (yes I went and researched it a little 😜)- they’ve thought of it all!! 🙏🐶🙏

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  13. Kaitlyn Akers says:

    Earlier this year a beautiful little Imp called Ika came into our world on the 22nd Feb. – She is super smart , fluffy as and has crimps on her ears 80s pop star style which are just made for scruffing. Our Squeaka who is a Goldie who’s paws must be wet at every opportunity – she loves standing in her dog bowl, exploring creeks and outdoors.

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  14. vonnie1964 says:

    We Have 2 Staffies one is called ‘STAFF and the other one ‘SAM’ . They are the most loyal dogs ever .Staff is 12 and Sam is 8 , these dogs are so loved and pampered , l must admit l am always having a go at my husband as he over feeds them and then he says they are on a cut back just like what us women say when we put on a few kg’s lol .
    Our dogs are a big part of our family so l can relate to you Mrs Tink wanting to check out Bravecto on your precious fur babies as l done the same. We have been using Bravecto on our 2 for about a year now and its so easy to use and very affective .
    l don’t wish to enter as l know this is excellent and l would like others to have the opportunity to try this xx


  15. Liz says:

    I have 2 cocker spaniels Otis Dog (black and tan) and Paddington Puppy (gold). They are currently doing their morning zoomies (running madly about the yard really fast for about 20 minutes until they collapse). Otis has an obsession with carrying shoes in his mouth (without damaging them) and giving them to unsuspecting visitors who don’t know how to react with a dog which keeps shoving a shoe into their hand! Paddington loves water and will get into the pool at every opportunity – on a hot day you will see him doing laps! They are my world.

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  16. Tina Elvins says:

    I’m a crazy dog lady too haha I have 3 dogs ranging from a red doberman name Koko Monah, cavalier king charles spaniel name Maximus and a mini foxy cross jack russell name Minnie-Mouse, and yes my dogs have middle names! We also use Bravecto and having the 3 different sizes can mean it get’s a little costly at times but they are utterly worth it because then I do not have to fear that my dog’s will get struck down by a tick or be covered in fleas and then yes they can sleep inside! They are my fur-children!


  17. Pennie McDonald says:

    My Molly is my shadow 🙂 when we first brought her home we had to put a cat collar on her with a bell, she was so tiny we didn’t want to step on her. While she is now 6 she still follows me where ever I go and she is not that much bigger.
    She loves creature comforts of home but like me and her daddy she loves to camp and be in the great out doors

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  18. Lea Anita Black says:

    I have been babysitting, er dogsitting, my Daughters Tibetan Spaniel Phoebe, for 10 months now! She is a gorgeous girl that’s very Cat friendly and never minds sharing unlike my partners Shitzu who is rather selfish and guards every crumb. Phoebe is adorable and if she were a human she would be a great friend.


  19. Kirsty Johnstone says:

    I’m a crazy dog lady so it makes sense that my partner is a crazy dog man 😛
    We have three dogs – Lucy and Basil the mini dashies and Shadow a doberman cross. Basil is definitely the comedian of the group and always makes us laugh. I’ve never met a dog with more facial expressions than he has and he can fall asleep almost anywhere and in whatever position – wish I could sleep as well as he does! Lucy is the sweet old lady of the dog gang – she has been through a lot with spinal surgery, liver disease and a few other issues but she is an absolute trooper and doesn’t let anything hold her back. Even though she walks funny she keeps up with the best of them and she’s always smiling and wanting to play with the others. Shadow lives up to her name and is our shadow, in particular her daddy’s shadow. She is also our mischief maker, eating whatever she can get her paws on. She had a tough start going through two homes before being adopted by us but she is one lucky doggy now and gets spoilt rotten. Despite her larger size she loves to lie in bed and sit on the lounge with us and has perfected the “puss in boots” eyes. They are a great group of dogs and have become the best of friends. They all love Bravecto and so do I as it’s so easy and works so well!


  20. Leanne says:

    We are now crazy dog lovers to a 4 year old schnoodle Maxi, or Mad Max as we call him. We got him at 6 weeks and he’s so cute and adorable it’s hard to stay mad when he runs off with the socks and jocks that the males in my house leave on the floor, or when he strips down a lovely tree in the backyard to nothing with his teeth and claws, or when he rips open the BBQ litter bag that ends up scattered all over the pergola whilst he walks around with the bag on his head. He’s so naughty, but so lovable and cute and adorable, I can’t stay mad at him. It probably doesn’t help when I laugh (in shock) at whatever he’s done. I lift the blinds each morning to see what damage (or fun, as he sees it) he may have done overnight. But I love him to bits, he’s a member of our family, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything.


  21. Jodie Hackett says:

    We have one beautiful 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Marlee Maple Syrup. She is the most gorgeous natured dog I have ever met, so gentle and loving. Marlee has been deaf since she was 3, we have our own way of communicating with hand signals or stamping on the floor, we also just chatter away to her like she can hear. Marlee has some problems with her spine and recognising what her limbs are doing so she has regular accupunture which is making a difference. We have been using Bravecto for about a year now and think it is the best product on the market to give us peace of mind that she is flea and tick free.

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  22. Deborah Bolam says:

    Jessy is our little adopted rescue dog we have had her for 13 years now she is a foxie x chihuahua a cute little thing, you sound as crazy as me when Jessy was diagnosed with pancreatitis two years ago we insisted she be referred to sash in Sydney for another opinion (lucky she has pet insurance) we would do anything for this little dog which we do she has monthly blood tests and vitamin B shots plus very expensive medication if she gets sick on the weekend off to the after hours vet no hesitation from us , have heard good reviews about Bravecto and would love to start her on this tablet especially now with tick season starting
    Thanks for the chance

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