Why Frozen on Ice has helped Mrs Tink win Mother of the Year with Miss Two…. and how you can too! 

Are there any mums out there who still have daughters (or sons) obsessed with Frozen? Miss Two loves this Disney classic, as she was late to board the Frozen train, she is one fierce supporter. Whether she is dancing up a storm, singing ‘let it go’ at the top of her lungs or dressing up as her favourite character Anna she cannot get enough. I have to admit I am the same, it’s not your typical fairy-tale and I think it teaches women to be their own heroes; a sentiment I love.

Yes, my little Miss Two is a Frozen groupie and without doubt the biggest fan I know so let me tell you, I felt like mother of the year when I was able to tell her I got tickets to the newest Disney on Ice extravaganza, Frozen! All of her favourite characters will be there and we will get to experience them up close and personal. Miss Two was so impressed she screamed louder than a teen at a Justin Bieber concert, my Frozen Groupie was about to see the ultimate in Disney Performances. The Disney on Ice team will be touring the country this Winter and I am not only excited for Miss Two, I’m excited for you because I’m pleased to announce that we have a selection of tickets to giveaway! Now who is screaming like a teenager? We have two tickets for the June show in Brisbane and a further two tickets for the July show in Sydney. The Brisbane winner will receive a ticket for themselves and a plus one to attend the Frozen on Ice performance on Thursday 29th June at 3:00pm located in A Reserve. The Sydney winner will receive a ticket for themselves and a plus one to attend the Sydney performance on Friday 14th July at 7:00pm located in A Reserve Upper. For all terms and conditions please click here.

So Mamas, what do you have to do? To enter the draw to win this fabulous prize all you have to do is tell us why you and your child would love to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Simply comment below and after reading each of the answer I will we will pick my two favourite answers. Winners will be announced on May 31st at 9pm.

22 thoughts on “Why Frozen on Ice has helped Mrs Tink win Mother of the Year with Miss Two…. and how you can too! 

  1. Kathryn C says:

    What an amazing experience this would be! My kiddies would love to go see Disney on Ice and so does this Mumma. ⛄️⛄️⛄️ Goodluck Brisbane and Sydney fans 😊😊😊

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  2. Jade Williams says:

    My daughter is mad about frozen, we both adore Olaf and his positive attitude towards life. I would love to take her to her first live stage show and enjoy some quality mummy and daughter time after a trying few months.

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  3. craponacrackerparenting says:

    What an amazing once in a lifetime experience! When I was a little girl my mother took me to see Beauty and the Beast on ice just after it was released in cinemas. She has videos of me standing, clapping and smiling the biggest grin the entire time. I’ve been a Disney addict ever since and have passed on my love of the magical to my kids. My girls have this same connection with Elsa & Anna…and I’d love to share that experience with them just like I had as a child with my mother ❤️🌹

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  4. sarahzillmann says:

    Oh I would love to go! My daughter was given the opportunity to go last year but sadly we couldn’t attend due to my dad being diagnosed with leukaemia and life was just too full on. I think this is such an amazing experience that you are offering for two lucky families, I know mine would love it as my two children, husband and I adore disney!

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  5. Jacquie Smith says:

    My daughter is frozen mad. I saw these tickets come out for release almost a year ago. Everytime i get a ticketek email about I wished I could get my daughter tickets but we just cant afford it at the moment with building a house and paying rent. So this would be amazing to gove this to her. She would love it and remember always.

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  6. Melissa Kneipp says:

    Elsa was my daughter’s first princess love (If only I should share the beautiful video of her singing the entire “Let it go” when she was 3) With our newest princess born in January, my big princess has gone above and beyond helping me with her little brother and our new baby. Not once has she complained, been jealous and or asked for anything in return. She may only be 6 but what she has done and does do for our family daily is tremendous. I’d love to take her just to say “thank you” for being amazing and enjoy just some well deserved mummy and me time ❤

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  7. petanewsomemouse says:

    I’d love to share a magical night,
    with my Princess, love of my life.
    She loves Elsa, I love Anna,
    we’ll be loving Frozen forever!

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  8. Sarah Ludeke says:

    My 3.5yo woke up very sad on Monday morning, she always wakes happy. I asked her why she was sad when we’ve barely started the day. Her response “Daddy told me before bed that if I went to sleep without whinging I would wake up with my Elsa powers….but I don’t have any powers, nothing is freezing Mummy”

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  9. Adele maynard says:

    My three old has watched and loves Frozen (Snow movie, she calls it) so many times she acts out scenes for all our friends and family. Word for word, each and every song, every hand movement and flick of the hair she knows it off by heart.

    It would be such a special experience for her (and I 😊) We’d love to go to the brisbane show.

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  10. Rachael Witton says:

    Being a solo working mum of 3 kids is interesting enough most days, the youngest is 9 and I’ve never seen Frozen or most other classics with her. The big sister is nearly 17 and is a delight to her youngest sibling however I’d love it to “let it go” (all the after hours work!) and get her along to create some special memories together. Frozen On Ice would be off the charts!

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  11. Kaleena says:

    Wow this is so generous this would be such a beautiful experience and I would love to take my little sister to frozen.
    She is constantly dancing around the house singing “let it goo let it go” and I would love to be the one that could make her dreams come true. Xx

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  12. Nicole C says:

    This would be amazing – Miss 4 has literally worn her Disney Frozen high heels to death, that the whole heel fell off today so she wore just 1, a bit like Cinderella and the lost slipper 😂
    And she’s forever telling me she wants Anna hair or Elsa hair .. she would be just be absolutely mesmerised.

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  13. Stacey K says:

    I would love to take my daughter to this Disney on ice extravaganza for her 4th birthday. She is a big Frozen fan, singing along to all of the songs since she was 18 months old.

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  14. Kristy says:

    I need to take my little one. She can’t quite sing (she is 2) but yells ‘Gooooooo. Gooooooo’. And all ‘Mummy of the year contender’ can think of is the Parody, words of which include… ‘can’t take this sh^t no more’. 🙊

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  15. Michele Dougherty says:

    My Granddaughter Tahlia is mad about frozen – I really get to spend time with her. This would be an amazing opportunity for me to give her a muched lived gift and for me to receive the reward of time spent with her.


  16. Tianne says:

    With a house full of Girls (5) you can imagine how much of a Frozen Fan Club we are! ( my husband is a secret fan too 😂) I’m pretty sure everyone in our house has watched the movie at least 20 times & can sing every song! Frozen on Ice would be a dream come true for our youngest 2 ! Thank you for considering us for the Brisbane show! Thanks ❤️


  17. Tammy Corlis says:

    If my little sweetheart Jaze was to win this ultimate prize, you would actually hear her sing along word for word at the age of 3yrs old from Sydney to Brisbane and Maroochydore (she has good lungs, plus some!) she is just that obsessed and Mummy would so love to join in too, even when told to ssshhhush Mummy, it’s my Frozen time not you! Please help!!!! 😙😙

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  18. Julie Taylor says:

    Miss 3 & I sing ‘do you wanna build a snowman’ to each other as our wake up song. It’s such a special moment we have with each other everyday and would love to spend a special day with my little girl seeing Elsa at Disney on Ice. ❄️

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  19. Cheerie Murnane says:

    We went to see Disney on Ice a few years ago, and we loved it. but we were all the way up the back and a long way from seeing it up close, I would love the take them to Frozen and maybe be a little closer to the performance.


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