Mrs Tink talks Winter Hair Trends with Evalyn Parsons Hair 

We all know the Sunshine Coast is a haven for sun kissed hair. Gorgeous blondes, brunettes and luscious locks that scream ‘I woke up like this’. Our relaxed style in comparison to Melbourne or Sydney is our own stamp on the beautiful chilled lifestyle we enjoy. We Sunny coasters rock a messy bun like no other with minimal French rolls in sight. Now don’t get me wrong, while we love the carefree life, but I know that we also take great pride in our manes. For hairdressers like Evalyn Parsons, their salons are rarely known for quiet days especially when a new season is upon us. Winter brings us out of our comfort zone and suddenly we feel like a change. Out with the old and in with the new. So what’s on trend this winter you ask? I spent the afternoon with the team from Evalyn Parsons to find out what is on the menu for winter.

As I arrived in salon and settled in with a pot of green tea and a brownie I quickly discovered that even in winter, ashy blondes are still the most requested colour. Although not a new trend, balayage is also the number one service provided, with clients opting for low maintenance colours that give great tones and require less maintenance and trips to the hairdresser. 

A big trend that is making a comeback is the pony tail. Yes, you heard right, the messy bun is out and the ponytail is in. Sleek and textured, the pony is one look you will be seeing on runways everywhere.

 So what celebrity look are most clients requesting? Goodbye, celebs! Pinterest and Instagram have replaced requests for the ‘Rachel’, with women arriving to their appointment armed with images saved from social media. Interesting, I thought pondering about my Jennifer Aniston days or my most fab look the ‘pob’.

So are our must haves? Oodles of moisture. Time to change your routine and start hydrating. Just as we do with our skin care routine we need to hydrate our locks and keep them in tip top shape during winter.

While I was in the salon, I thought it was only fitting I stayed for a winter makeover myself and took the opportunity to explore my darker side with a fresh new brunette look. 

If you are searching for a new hairdresser, do yourself and your locks a favour and call the lovely stylists at Evalyn Parsons Hair Salon not only fab hair but did I mention they give you brownies? 

Visit Evalyn Parsons at


Would you like to come into the salon and enjoy a fab styling session with the Evalyn Parsons Team ? I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to WIN my fave thing on the menu ‘The Mrs Tink Signature Blow dry’! Simple comment below and describe your current Winter hair and why you would like to win ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner Saturday the 1st of July at 9pm

 Nat x

Kevin.Murphy DOO.OVER

This product is perfect for those days when you need a hairspray without wanting that sticky feel. Amazing volume and hold with no residue.


This product is the absolute go to for natural volume and hold. It can also be used as a setting spray when curling your hair for the textured pony tail.

Kerstase – The Resistance Collection

Winter dry hair needs this range. Full protection and intense repair for both fine and thick hair. A range of shampoo, conditioner and treatments.

8 thoughts on “Mrs Tink talks Winter Hair Trends with Evalyn Parsons Hair 

  1. Sarah L says:

    My current winter hair is “oh Sarah is that balayage?”
    Nope, that’s just the ‘my foils are 5 months over due’ hair colour. But yes, I did wash it so thankyou for noticing 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kelly says:

    I would love to win for some much needed ‘me’ time! My last hair appointment was November last year!! Thanks what having a baby does to your free time!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gabbie says:

    My winter hair is messy waves because it’s the only thing I know how to do. Or the classic I washed my hair and let it air dry, haven’t even brushed it. I’d love to win because I never get my hair done professionally, ever!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Christine says:

    My current winter hair – fail 😦 breastfeeding has stripped my hair of all its moisture and nutrients (plus my lack of products). Leaving me with a “messy bun” look 7 days a week. This mumma needs some hair love ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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