Mrs Tink & Tinky Winky aka Miss 3 review the Teletubbies My 1st Tablet from Vtech 

Miss Three is my little tech chick, she loves her technology, iPad, iPhone,laptops, the kid is wired with the technology gene. Her Daddy hasn’t mastered Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat and Miss Three could no doubt take a photo, filter it and hashtag it like a pro. Now before I create anymore pictures of my baby Bill Gates I should also point out that as clever as she is she is also a techno menace. She’s broken not one but two iPhones, smashed the screen on the iPad and broken the keyboard on Mr Tink’s laptop, so her eagerness has not only put us on edge it also has cost us a pretty penny! Now all these devices are clearly not designed for infants even if they do have the techno gene so imagine my grin when vtech introduced me to their latest product ‘My 1st Tablet’. Yes friends, it’s a tablet for your little person, one they can confidently hold that has been created just for them. Now this tablet is not just any tablet it’s a Teletubbies tablet, one that has Miss Three on pleasure overload. It is a special edition tablet in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Teletubbies. It’s colourful, it’s durable and just like all of vtech’s products, its intention is to teach while making it educational and fun for kids. With over 150 songs, sounds, and phrases it’s captivating and very hard to put down. Filled with 10 apps and activities it keeps little ones busy and teaches them everything from numbers to phonics and words. My little chatterbox was in her element chatting away and copying all her new words and numbers. My 1st tablet is great for car trips, Miss three is not a wonderful traveller in the mornings but my mornings have become quite relaxed and breezy as she now has her tech needs filled and my iPhone is in one piece! The tablet is far more suitable for little people and the Teletubbies characters make it fun and exciting and they even have a camera built in which my little selfie queen enjoyed immensely. Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po make learning fun and the light up buttons keep little minds active and engaged.

Such a fabulous product from vtech and one I am so excited to share with you mama’s especially those that dread car trips as I did.
Would you like to win a 20th anniversary Teletubbies My 1st Tablet for your little person? Simply write below and share with me why you would like to win? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 6th July at 9pm 
Nat x 

VTech Teletubbies My 1st Tablet, RRP $34.95

The VTech Teletubbies My 1st Tablet features eight app buttons that introduce your little one to music, nature sounds, numbers, letters and more. Just swipe and tap to light-up the touch screen for fun animations, interesting light patterns, sounds and music.

11 thoughts on “Mrs Tink & Tinky Winky aka Miss 3 review the Teletubbies My 1st Tablet from Vtech 

  1. Melissa says:

    Having two children who have ipads for school and a one year old just wants to get in on the ipad action with a swipe but is consistently told “No” is heart breaking for Miss One. I’d love to win her first tablet so she feels included. The VTech range is so age appropriate for my daughter who is learning all about the world and how things work. She loves anything that plays music and has lights. It sets her off happy dancing! And off course she loves the Teletubbies because like them she loves giving ‘big hugs’ too ❤

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  2. Veraneeka Gibbs says:

    As we are going to move to the country the drives are going to be long to see grandpopie, my little one can not sit still always like to explore and press buttons, this would be a great toy traveler so she doesn’t give mummy a headache lol, this would help her develop and learn at the same time, as we catch the country train to she would be able to share it with her little cousins to.

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  3. J&J says:

    This would be a great present for my grand child . As technology is part of our day to day life this would be a first step for her to improve on her development skills. Get a head early in life, You want nothing but the best for your kids. I’d be the coolest grandparent knowing that this would benefit her. she’s always teaching me with new things especially toys with buttons. Also loves the teletubbies. Great gift for her to sit and spend time and show me how to use it.

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  4. Victoria says:

    Travelling with our daughter’s is much the same
    All they want is to play an i-pad game
    Some cheeky v-tech learning is always fun
    When we are traveling, at home or on the run
    To have their very own teletubbies tablet
    We’ll be ready for those trips, on our marks get set
    No more wanting our phones or i-pad
    Having their own V-tech tablet now that’s rad!

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  5. Natasha says:

    I am really looking forward to hearing little miss say her first words. Hearing her cheerful and lively babble already gets me excited and chokes me up. With the sounds, loads of music and fun Teletubbies animations that she can touch on the VTech Teletubbies My 1st Tablet, lots of wonderful words and sayings in the cutest little voice are sure to come bubbling out. How exciting!!

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  6. Kirsty P says:

    I live a 5 hour plane trip from my nieces and nephew. Good news they are jumping on a plane and are coming to visit, Yay, I’m counting down the days! I’d love to gift the Vtech Teletubbies tablet to my 17 month old niece who I miss so much. What excellent plane entertainment especially as my sister will be travelling alone with 3 little ones. Best of all, it has a camera so we’d be able to capture some memorable selfies of good times shared together.

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  7. Rebecca bryant says:

    Please!!!i need this as leverage, my 3 year old is holding my phone hostage and this looks to be them bargaining chip I need to get it back!


  8. R.G says:

    This would be a great step for learning for my 1 year old daughter. This would be her very own tablet so she can’t take mine. As she loves the Teletubbies and with all the different functions this would help her learn. As daddy works away so she’ll be able to take photos and look at them when daddy is away. Instead of taking instruments, books with us we would only need to take this 1 Vtech tablet to do the job, this brand is very child safe to.

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  9. Damian says:

    With the Vtech tablet I’d be pleased to spend some time bonding with the kids over one of my childhood favourites – Teletubbies with their current favourite – Teletubbies! Looks like something everyone would love and get years of fun out of.

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  10. Kathryn c says:

    Love V-tech toys such a great way for our kiddies to learn new things. I would love to win this for my niece as she is always pinching my brothers phone 😊😊


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