Mrs Tink gets winter cosy with Jeanswest

My name is Natalie and I have an addiction to denim. Yes it’s true! I love my denim and in winter I am notorious for wearing my winter uniform which consists of sweater, denim jeans and my converse. My winter uniform is not only comfy but it’s practical for the office, kid activities and when teamed up with a pair of heels and some ‘Beyonce earrings’ I’m off for a dinner date. One of my favourite denim haunts is Jeanswest, because if you haven’t already heard ‘Jeanswest fits best’. As much as I sound like a TV campaign it’s true, not only does their denim fit best it also has a lifetime warranty. Yes my friends just like Tupperware; denim with a lifetime warranty. If your jeans tear, your zipper breaks or your button pops they will replace them for you. Just like that! Now that I know you’re listening and like me your mind is no doubt boggling about the amount of denim you’ve thrown out of over the years, but I can guarantee not one of those pairs has come from Jeanswest because they design those suckers to last. The pair I’m wearing today as I type away I’ve owned for 10 years, almost as long as some marriages and these babies show no sign of dying anytime soon. For quality like that you would normally need to re-mortgage your house but alas not today my friends because not only are these denim threads bullet proof they are also kind on the hip pocket and will only set you back… $109 for two pairs! That’s $54.50 per pair! So I’m sure by this point it will not surprise you that any opportunity I get to head into Jeanswest I jump on like a seagull on fish and chip day and when the team from the Sunshine Plaza Store called to share with me their latest trends I was in faster than the speed of light. 

Jeanswest is known for their denim but equally as fab are their unique pieces that are always on trend but designed to last longer than one season. They use high quality materials that keep colour wash after wash, keep their shape and look as good as the day you bought them. This season I was tickled to pink to find their walls lined with feminine colours, blush pinks, baby blues and soft colours suited to all ages, shapes and sizes. Stunning wools, super soft denims and my new fave, ‘water resistant fabrics’. Each adding a new edge to your wardrobe basics and updating all your current pieces.

Feeling like a kid in a candy store I took to the change room to try a few pieces on and quizzed the team on the trends they are seeing most in their stores. Still on trend for 2017 is the skinny jean and huge phew for me as I own approximately thirty pairs and live in them in winter. Skinny jeans with a long trench coat is one winter look you will start to see everywhere soon. Good bye flairs and capris! A big hello to high waisted jeans! These are flying off the shelves with the team selling hundreds of these a week. Good news for mamas, stretchy waists are in! If you are like me this was like the heavens opening. Stretchy waists are making a huge comeback. Woo Woo!
Ripped jeans and patchwork are very on trend for 2017 and the ladies suggest not judging a book by its cover and try them on because this style is one that looks better on your bod than on a hanger and suits all ages. Lots of layers work for winter, boyfriend jeans, a white tee and a scarf. This look can easily be dressed up with a strappy pair of heels for night or flats for day. Bomber jackets are in and for gals like me that love big jackets you will love this look that is comfy yet also on point.

So what is the girls number one tip for keeping your denim looking its best? This one may surprise you… pop your jeans in the freezer! Wash them only when you have to and bag them and freeze them. Never one to not follow up on an unusual tip, I decided to give it a try and aside from my legs feeling a little invigorated in the morning the result was vibrant jeans that really held their shape and felt fresh and not stiff after over washing.

Gianna Long Sleeve Stripe Pullover and Gypsy High Waisted Skinny 7/8 Jeans

Pop in a meet the team at Jeanswest Maroochydore they are available for free fittings to ensure you are wearing the right size and style for your body shape.

Would you like to see what all the hype is about and try your own pair of Jeanswest Jeans ? YES! I thought you might. I have 5 pairs to giveaway simply share with me why your desperate to get your hands on a pair ? I will choose my 5 fave answers and announce a winner on Friday the 14th of July at 9pm x 

57 thoughts on “Mrs Tink gets winter cosy with Jeanswest

  1. Rachel amanatidis says:

    Just cause I’m 40 something I still like to look on trend….
    but uncomfortable unflattering jeans drive me round the bend…
    jeanwest jeans are in-JEAN-ious In comfort and in style…
    I really do hope I’m one of the lucky 5 that get to trial


  2. Rebecca Jane says:

    Jeanswest makes Australian woman feel and look Incredible, I’d love to be apart of 5 lucky ladies for a fitting. Now thats trendy, comfortable and stylish on my shopping list this winter.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kirsty P says:

    Today I have been down to the Jeanswest factory outlet in West Perth and I have brought myself some beauties! All tops that are interchangeable for both work and play, with my boho bargain topping my fave of the day list. So now I am desperate to get my hand on a pair of Jeanswest jeans. I can’t troll the streets with tops but no pants on! I’m also really looking forward to our work fund-raiser for Jeans for Genes Day. It’s just around the corner, in August. It’s always a great event. I’m keen to savour the boho top I purchased today to wear then. I might even sport my denim jacket that has been with me since my teens (yep, that was along time ago). I’d love to pair it with jeans and perhaps dare to bring double denim back! I’d love your help in pulling it off.


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