Mrs Tink gets a little ‘lift’ at Mia Bella

For many years now I’ve had people talking to me about my eyelashes, ladies have literally crossed the road to ask me about eyelash extensions and the process of them. The common question many ladies have asked is how do I find wearing them all the time? Easy, I say! Once you get eye lash extensions you won’t go back but there are some lassies who are curious for a less permanent solution and different techniques. I decided it was time to share something different… an eyelash lift. Now an eyelash lift is much like a breast lift it leaves you vibrant, perky and looking energised but how on earth does one lift lashes? I decided I would have a little dive into the lash lift pond with my friends at Mia Bella and see what all the buzz was about.

Lash lifting or Lash Perming has been around for yonks. It’s not a new concept but it is one many ladies have never tried before. It’s designed to be gentle on lashes a give them a kick while making your eyes pop. It is a unique treatment combining a lifting lotion & silicone rods to lift your natural lashes, making them look longer & fuller.

After 40 very relaxing minutes you are ready for your mirror mirror on the wall moment and to see your lashes pop.

The lift lasts approximately six weeks and is ideal for ladies who have a special event or have sensitive eyes as it’s very gentle. The results are not as dramatic as extensions but I felt confident to wear less make up or none at all. Eye lash lifting is perfect for ladies who are not looking to add another thing to their monthly maintenance. Your lashes will slowly change after six weeks and go back to how they were. If you’re not looking to constantly refill and would just like to try it as a one off they are the perfect treatment.

The team at Mia Bella Kawana were incredible as they are with all of their treatments and I found myself drifting off to sleep during the treatment which was unexpected as I didn’t realise it would be so relaxing. Certainly a must try treatment for anyone with a special event on the agenda. Contact the Mia Bella team to try today 07 5452 5333. You can also visit their website at

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