Mrs Tink’s Spring Fling with Embellished Kaftans

Photo By Jason Hay Photography

Spring fashion is my favourite, bright colours, bold prints and the perfect temperature for resort wear minus the stickiness that summer brings. Each Spring I look to brighten up my wardrobe, and never one to shy away from bright colours I love to amp it up and liven up my everyday look.

For years now I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect kaftan, one that is bold and bright without looking Jersey Shore, light and comfortable without the moo moo factor and within a price point that I can afford to actually wear rather than house in a safe. My husband cringes when I mention kaftans, he can’t understand why I would want to wear a ‘tent’ as he calls them. Now Mr Tink god love him is no fashion mogul and while most of his threads are not what you would call on trend he is not totally wrong in his thinking. If you choose the wrong kaftan with no shape essentially you are wearing a very pretty tent. So for years now I’ve been trying to find my ‘Kardashian in Miami’ look without spending a mortgage repayment in the process and without the tent factor. Recently the kaftan gods shone upon me and brought with them a local business called Embellished Kaftans.

Embellished Kaftans have captured the art of creating comfortable and stylish pieces suitable for all shapes and sizes. Each kaftan features bold prints that are perfect for the Sunshine Coast or a trip to Miami should the Kardashians come calling. A piece I fell in love with that ticked my wishlist was the Carnival Salsa Dress. This kaftan hugged in all the right places and screamed ‘I’m on holidays, let’s have cocktails!’.

Light and floaty and a dream to wear, it’s perfect for an outing on the esplanade in Mooloolaba or cocktails at Bistro C in Noosa. Embellished in stunning crystals I felt a million bucks and like Spring was oozing out of me. Given the quality and in comparison to others on the market I was very surprised at the price $195 far cheaper than another brand I’ve been eyeing off. Stylish & affordable fashion that will last longer than the season and the best part is they are right here in our own backyard, which means you can go into their showroom and find the one perfect for you. Embellished Kaftans 5/23 Premier Circuit Warana.

Photo By Jason Hay Photography

So what was the verdict from the husband? A date in my new kaftan! Mr Tink is officially a converted kaftan man.

Photo By Jason Hay Photography

Special thanks you to Jason Hay Photography for photos and Ebz Beauty Boutique for Makeup.

12 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Spring Fling with Embellished Kaftans

  1. Kelda says:

    Omg this is the most prettiest Kaftan I have seen. Love the colours and v at the front . Stylish and sexy screams sex in the city 3(lol) oh and what a great price and to think we can just get in the car and drive to there show room.


  2. samantha minshull says:

    I love how sexy this kaftan is… I Love how it flows but captivates a womans figure – not hides it! The colours are eye popping IN EVERYWAY! its simply beautiful. Love how you can dress simply while looking oh so sexy! I think my hubby may want me to win this as much as I do lol


  3. Kagan says:

    Oh my word Mrs Tink, that’s the most gorgeous kaftan I’ve laid eyes on! The v neck is on point, the hi low, the color…. The adorned pretties! Very very deserving choice for a hubby date

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lynnette Bull says:

    I’m loving the V-neck. I do not look good with scoop or round necks so finding a kaftan that has a V-neck is just amazing. The bright and funky print is just perfect for summer days or nights


  5. Katie says:

    Oh wow! What a stunning piece! It totally screams take me to an island far away, dance the night away and fun all round! From day to night it looks so much better than the boxy kaftans that give no shape.
    I could actually feel amazing chucking it on over bikinis and going out rather than feeling like like a washed up crustacean doing the dash to the car to go home and quickly change.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Courtney says:

    You’ve converted me too!! This kaftan is amazing, I’m going to have to check out the showroom, thanks for the tip off, just in time for summer. Stunning!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Jo Taylor says:

    I have always been a Kaftan fan..The colors are always devine and you can sit around the house,out by the pool,at the beach or out to lunch they are for so many occasions and so comfortable..This Kaftan is Gorgeous and would be perfect for my first cruise πŸ™‚


  8. Liz Jackson says:

    The Colours & Creativity of these gorgeous Kaftan’s are Stunning & amazing. They look so incredibly comfortable but sexy & sassy at the same time. I love the fact that you could virtually wear these day or night for any occasion. Embellished Kaftans& you Mrs Tink have changed my views on what Kaftans used to be like. Regardless of age, you’d be rocking in one of these Exquisite design’s. I know I would so love one or more in my wardrobe & I know it would be a major hit & talking point whenever I wore it. Not to mention be able to simply accessorise from a pair of strappy Sandals to High Heels or a simple pendant or chain to a piece of bling or even no Jewellery at all. The Kaftan is a statement all of it’s own. i adore Embellished Kaftans ❀


  9. Renee Perlic says:

    I’m going on holidays with a lot of beach time planned. Lunch , dinner and cocktails 🍹 near the sand. I’d love to be the hottest in all the land in one of those sexy Kaftans πŸ’•πŸ‘™πŸ‰πŸπŸ’¦

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Anj K says:

    I have never actually tried a kaftan on but this one from Embellished is stunning and your right Mrs Tink, it screams cocktails and summer! Would love to own one πŸ™‚


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