Mrs Tink sits down with Melanie J Designs to talk about Spring Racing Trends

Photo By Jason Hay Photography

The Spring Race season is here and if you are like me, you care more about the fashion than the Fillies. I could attend every race day and simply be content soaking up the fashion. Ladies really know how to ‘bring it’ when it comes to spring racing events. The line for Fashions on the Field could rival a groupie line at a Rolling Stones concert, with women queuing in high heels ready to show the fashion spectators exactly what they came for – full fledge fashion at its best! Stunning frocks, bright colours and handcrafted fascinators that would even make Lady Gaga weak at the knees. Ladies go up and beyond for race season and literally plan their outfits months in advance. This year I’ve opted for something totally unique, unlike anything I’ve seen before at the track. One name I’ve been hearing all year is Melanie J Designs. Each piece I’ve loved on Instagram has been from Melanie J Designs. So, I took the time to sit down with the master milliner herself, Melanie Jeffers to find out what’s hot this racing season.


Natalie: Melanie you create the most amazing pieces, what is inspiring you this Spring?

Melanie: Spring, the season of colour. Fresh and fruity colour palettes, rich greens with pinks, fiery red and deep purple. The colours of nature.

Natalie: I must agree with your love of pinks, I myself have never found a shade of pink I don’t like. What do you expect to see this season?

Melanie: Spring racing season 2017 will be filled with bright colours, black and gold/rose gold is still in high demand. The style of millinery for FOTF will be big halos, whimsical, colourful, coordinated head to toe. The birdcage or champagne gardens will see bejewelled crowns, lace and flowers.

Natalie: Fantastic! I’m a woman obsessed with jewels, crowns and flowers!

Natalie: How long does it take to create a custom headpiece?

Melanie: Editorial and couture runway pieces up to 2 weeks. Race and bridal millinery up to 7 days.

Natalie: Wow that is impressive, especially as you make them all by hand. Your work is very stylish and so are you. Describe your own personal style in 4 words.

Melanie: Feminine with a rebellious streak. Love red lipstick and a good pair of heels {and a crown of course}

Natalie: Of course! I am crown obsessed… I have be known to wear one around the house!

Natalie: You obviously love what you do as it shows in your work. Why do you love what you do?

Melanie: My passion is designing, pushing my creative boundaries to produce a product that I am proud of. Plus, I adore the look on ladies faces when they have their very own millinery piece, it really is couture you can afford.

Natalie: We all want to look a million bucks but we don’t want to spend that, your couture pieces are at a great price point that gives ladies that edge without spending a small fortune. What are your tips for women entering FOTF this Spring?

Melanie: Take inspiration from 1950s ladies…. cover knees, shoulders, no cleavage or midriff. Work with your milliner to co-ordinate your look from head to toe. Appear confident and stand up straight.

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me today, Melanie. I am very excited to wear my couture piece with its gorgeous gold filigree metal, cardinal red roses and Swarovski crystals.  


Check out Melanie J Designs at

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily

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