Mrs Tink’s obsession with Diamond Kicks

Recently I stumbled across a brand that literally rocked my socks! A brand shaking up the way we think about the jogger, the trainer, sneakers, runners or as I like to call them kicks!

Diamond Kicks have captured the ever growing gym bunny market and brought something different to the table that even the likes of Jarrad Hayne, Libby Babet, Ashy Bines and Lauren Simpson are relishing in.Diamond Kicks take a 100% authentic pair of Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Asics and Puma and add a bit of bling! Gone are the days of the ugly sandshoe that you only pop on to train or walk in. Now comes a new era of sports shoe that gives ladies the opportunity to spruce up their gym look and add their own personal stamp without compromising comfort, foot care and protection. Diamond Kicks take a traditional pair of joggers and bring them to new heights by adding stunning genuine Swarovski crystals that bring the wow factor. Each shoe is embellished by hand using waterproof resin to ensure crystals don’t fall off while you run 5k’s. For ladies like me it’s given me the opportunity to add a bit of femininity to my everyday uniform of activewear.

Mandy Tramer created Diamond Kicks after she stumbled across the idea online and as a self-confessed sports shoe junkie she quickly got to work creating a pair for herself. In 2016 she launched her own business online and a thriving Instagram feed that now boasts over 89,500 followers. A simple idea that has exploded with mass orders coming in weekly. Diamond Kicks is located in Melbourne and now ships globally taking the active world by storm and filling a gap in the market place. Since launching in 2016 she has added hats, kid’s shoes and a plethora of shoes to her collection, clients can’t get enough of this stylish brand.

This week I sat down with Mandy and had a chat about the incredible success of her brand.

Hi Mandy, I’m obsessed with your shoes. Tell me what is your number one selling product ?

Mandy – My number 1 selling product is either the Nike juvenate as it is such a slender soft sock-like style you can wear it for your weight sessions at gym or just casual comfortable shoe. The other one would be the Nike Air Max 90. This is always such a popular style when I bring out new colours – it is more of a lifestyle shoe as opposed to a workout shoe.

I can see there is an enormous amount of work goes into creating a pair of Diamond Kicks. How long does it take to custom make a pair ?

Mandy – As each crystal is hand placed one by one it does take time to crystallise a pair of kicks. Depending on the size of the design, it takes anywhere from 30mins to an hour per pair.

Im guessing after seeing your incredible Instagram following, that I’m not alone with obsession. Do you have any celebrities wearing your shoes ?

Mandy – We have a range of well known personalities wearing Diamond Kicks. These range from sports players like Jarryd Hayne who we customised a pair for him last year, to popular fitness personalities like Ashy Bines and Lauren Simpson. Our shoes are also worn by some reality TV personalities such as the girls from the Bachelor, Married at First Sight and Big Brother.

Nat – What is your personal favourite shoe ?

Mandy – It is so hard to choose as I have so many favourites- every time a new style comes out I add it to my collection- which I can say is growing a little out of control but I am starting to really like the new Adidas and New Balance Range. I have always been a Nike girl but these other brands are stepping up their shoe game and once blinded up with Swarovski crystals- they are definitely a top pick!

Okay and to wrap up Mandy describe your brand in 4 words ?

Mandy – Expressive, Active, Premium, Custom!

After chatting with Mandy I myself finally got my hands on a pair of New Balance Lifestyle Mode in Miss Monogram Pink of course, and have had them on my feet since they arrived. Comfy and stylish are two words that rarely go together, but that’s the magic behind Diamond Kicks and their philosophy of bringing a bit of sparkle to the everyday sneaker. From $110.00 the price point is reasonable and the presentation flawless.

I’ve already added a few wish list items to my Christmas list this year, and can quickly feel an addiction growing legs!

But what about you ? Would you fancy a pair of Diamond Kicks for you tootsies ? Jump online now and enter TINK10 at checkout to save 10% off full priced items.

Happy Shopping x

One thought on “Mrs Tink’s obsession with Diamond Kicks

  1. Cheerie Murnane says:

    Never seen anything like these, runners are getting a little old looking, a bit dated, consigned to the fitness gym, not everyday wear anymore. Love the look, how very modern and exciting looking, wardrobe really needs a lift after looking at these shoes.

    Liked by 1 person

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