Opening Fairy Doors the ultimate present this year

Recently I stumbled across one of the most beautiful toys I have ever seen, a super cute Fairy Door from Opening Fairy Doors. From the second I saw it I was drawn in and could feel the excitement building at the thought of seeing Miss Three’s face as she opened it on Christmas Day. These beautiful doors open up your child’s imagination as they dream of all the little fairies coming in and out of their room ready to sprinkle their fairy dust. As a mum it’s really important for me to see my little ones play, imagine and dream. Believing in magic is one of the most beautiful things about being a child and I want my two babies to believe in magic for as long as they can.

Opening Fairy Doors help fairies find their way into homes, by handcrafting beautiful timber fairy doors that OPEN. But more than that they are about providing children with beautiful, safe, unique and magical products that encourage hands-on play and inspire their imaginations. In an age when children can spend hours in front of electronic devices, computers & TVs, Opening Fairy Doors instead offer “good old-fashioned quality products” that inspire hands-on, interactive play and encourage story-telling and creative make-believe.

This Christmas I’ve teamed up with Opening Fairy Doors to gift one lucky reader their own Fairy Door. For a chance to win simply comment below and tell me what you loved to believe in when you were little ? I will pick my favourite answer and announce a winner Wednesday 6th December at 9pm x

14 thoughts on “Opening Fairy Doors the ultimate present this year

  1. Xzavia green says:

    I believed Care bears were real! If ever i was scared at night I’d imagine the Care bears on their fluffy white clouds, beaming the magic of love, sunshine, caring ect down to me and all the kids in the world.
    This always helped me sleep.

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  2. Jo Taylor says:

    I believed in Angels and that Humphrey B Bear 🐻 was real and lived up the street from me ( a tall tale my nana told me ) 😀 I now know Humphrey didnt live up the street but I still believe in Angels 😇

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  3. vee says:

    Shineing star the one that stood out the most brightest, star bright, star bright, and they say make a wish and it would come true, that is was I use to believe in, I use to block out the worries and problems in life when your a child

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  4. Mickey says:

    I believed the Big Bad Wolf was going to come along and Huff and Puff and blow our house down. Every time it was a windy day I would think that the wolf was coming!!

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  5. Bianca bonakey says:

    I believed in the tooth fairy .. everytime I lost a tooth – money appeared now that was some kind of magic .. and 20 cents was a lot of money back then 😂

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  6. Cheerie Murnane says:

    I believe in Father Christmas, did when I was a child, still do, he does so much good around the world, he is someone to believe in, magic does happen, and when the kids faces light up, and they get so much excitement, what is not believe.


  7. Anj K says:

    I had the most wonderful Aunty who made us believe that fairies lived at the bottom of our garden. She would go to amazing lengths for year keeping this magic alive. She would plant little toadstools and foot prints in the night for us to find in the morning… along with so many other wonderful ideas. I now do the same for my children and they love to talk about the fairies in our garden. This set from Opening Fairy Doors would just be so magical to us all.


  8. Natasha says:

    I’d see them on TV,
    Read about them in story books,
    I had a plush one which sat on my bed my whole childhood,
    I remember sitting on Santas knee asking for a pet one,
    I believed until my 20’s that unicorns were out there roaming free and who knows they just might be.


  9. Kathryn says:

    As a youngster I believed in sweet little fairies . Every night I would make a wish hoping that the next day it would come true! Sometimes they did and most of the time they didn’t. But I never gave up and just thought that the fairies were way too busy to grant my wishes of owning every single Barbie and turning my Mums car pink 😂😂😂

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  10. Kate Ison says:

    When I was little I believed that if I stayed awake all night on Christmas Eve then I would be able to see Santa putting presents under the tree, I remember one Christmas eve I caught my mum wrapping up a couple presents in front of the tree but didn’t connect the two together! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

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