Bop Along Buddies Giveaway

When I was a kid I loved to bounce, I had a great big ball that I used to do laps around the backyard on. For hours I’d be entertained bouncing around like a bunny, challenging myself on how long I could last without falling off. Toys have come along a long way since the 80’s but kids still love the same things and I’m now I’m the mother of two kids who love to bounce too! So you imagine my excitement when I was introduced to a super cool company called Bop Along Buddies.

Bop Along Buddies specialise in children’s soft, inflatable animal shaped bouncers. A modern day device to help teach children balance, co-ordination and core strength ability at each stage of development. Bop along Buddies have been heralded as a therapeutic and sensory toy for special needs children with autism, cerebral palsy and clinical obesity, the Bop Along Buddy is a developmental aid to help children explore movement, improve coordination, muscle tone core stability, imaginative play, balance and posture.

So not only do these Buddies love to bop and bounce they are terrific for childhood development not to mention lots of fun to play with. These colourful little Buddies will keep your kids entertained for hours, and best of all encourage them to get out and be active.

Do you think your child would love their own Bop Along Buddy for Christmas ? The good news is I have 1 to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply comment below and share with me why you would love to win ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Wednesday at 9pm

18 thoughts on “Bop Along Buddies Giveaway

  1. Victoria says:

    Bopping Along, singing a song
    Having fun all day looong!
    Miss 4 & 5 would have so much fun
    Bopping along on their bum
    Miss Unicorn is a real special one šŸ¦„
    I can see them riding her round under the sun.
    Hopefully Santa might suprise
    It would really light up their eyes šŸ˜
    You might even catch Mummy having a cheeky go
    Bopping along isn’t that how I go šŸ˜‚


  2. Damian says:

    We’d enjoy welcoming another animal to nurture and love onto our farm. I can imagine our little farmer having a go at milking it, shearing it and having a wow of a time riding it. What a great start it would be to developing the skills to someday join me in the paddocks.


  3. Kelda says:

    Wow how cool. I would love to win as so excited . We are becoming grandparents for the first time in may 2018 to a beauitful baby boy . This would be awesome for a gift because next Christmas he will be 8mths . And this cute boop along buggy. Would be perfect . Did I mention we are sooooo excited. šŸ’–šŸŒ»


  4. JayAnne says:

    A buddy who can bop with a three year old who rocks!
    Must be a great listener,
    A motivating excercise pal,
    One that flexes muscles and help them get Hulk strong!
    A buddy that commutes to and from home to grandma’s house and adores a little thing called love.
    Better than $$$$
    Payment to Mrs T would be in oodles of virtual hugs and kisses xoxox
    We would adore one of these bopping cuties this Christmas.


  5. Natalie M says:

    Miss 4 bounces?? sort of on a 10yr old ball with handle that will not keep air anymore but I can’t throw it out as disgusting as it looks because she is always out there. She also tried riding atop her brothers like they were horses?? which they didn’t find amusing for very long when she kicked them. This would be perfect for my wants to be a vet when she grows up Miss 4.


  6. petanmouse says:

    My daughter asked Santa for a unicorn this year, he looked a little nervous but replied “Of course, my dear”.
    A bopping Unicorn will ensure no Christmas tears!


  7. Kathryn says:

    These are just super cute! I would love one for my little man. He is full of energy and loves hopping around all day! Just like a jumping jellybean .This would be perfect!


  8. Mickey says:

    My girls would see a Bop Along Buddy as FUN but I see so much more.
    The therapeutic and sensory benefits of this amazing product for all abilities is just terrific. We would love to adopt one.

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  9. sapna says:

    My son would be over the moon if he gets his own Bop Along Buddy for Christmas. He has seen a Bop Along Buddy at his friend’s home and since then it is coming in his dreams and he has written a letter to SANTA for it.


  10. Arabella Edwards says:

    A Bop Along Buddy would be perfect for my two-year old niece Ivy – she has no sense of fear. This would keep her occupied instead of tightrope walking along the back of the couch like an acrobat!

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  11. Jo Chen says:

    Inflatable toys are so much fun. I’d love to surprise my boys with a colourful creature sporting a big red bow around its neck on Christmas morning. At the same age something so special and entertaining would have definitely been my childhood toy dream.

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  12. Jo Taylor says:

    Oh these are adorable my grandson is at the age where hes too young for a bike and this would be fantastic for him .. He would be jumping and bouncing and would be a extremely happy little boy .


  13. Sharon w says:

    My Grandkids would love these! Honestly having less energy than when I was when I had their Dad, this Nan can use all the help she can get. Anything that looks like it will use up all their energy looks like a dream come true to me lol.

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