LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café Giveaway

I’m a huge fan of LeapFrog Toys… huge! Educational, well priced, built to last and most importantly kids love them!

Nothing makes me happier than to see my kids using their imagination and playing the way kids should. Miss Three is currently obsessed with doing everything Mummy does, I wear heels – she wears heels, I wear accessories – she’s now a walking Colette Stand. You see what’s happening here ? She’s watching everything I do and she’s following my lead. Her latest obsession is wanting a cappuccino with me, and no not a babycino. No my red head is too smart for a babycino she wants the goods, the hard stuff … coffee. Now if you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll appreciate my red head does not need coffee she’s crazy enough we don’t need to be adding to the energy levels however LeapFrog may of just saved the day with their latest toy the LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café.

Cleverly designed by the educational gurus at LeapFrog this super cute toy does it all. 10 touch points that each perform a song or talk to your child. Numbers, colours, shapes the LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café really covers it all. Not only fun to play with but educational and terrific for growing all your little ones motor skills.

From the second I opened the box I knew Miss Three would be in her ‘big girl’ element. You see there is coffee, coffee cups and a machine that essentially is making the coffee so in Miss Three’s eyes she’s rocking a ‘fab o cino’ with her mama bear.

Do you have a little person in mind who would love to share a coffee with you ? The team at LeapFrog and I have got one to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply comment below and share with me why you would like to win ? I will pick my favourite answer and announce a winner Wednesday x

LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café,

RRP $59.95ea

Serve up learning with a double shot of fun!  Fill cups, complete customer orders and serve tasty-looking pastries while learning numbers, shapes, colours and sizes; and running your own café. With four original songs, 10 touch points and 12 pieces including magic tilting cups, your little baristas will have hours of fun and pretend play. Pick the right drink, choose the correct sized cup and set the right temperature. They’ll love learning about numbers, shapes, and colours, while developing listening and memory skills as they froth the milk, grind the beans and brew the coffee. Whether they’re hosting a tea party for their toys or role playing with friends, its espressos, hot chocolates and babycinos all round!

19 thoughts on “LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café Giveaway

  1. Vicki Clark says:

    Well Grandpa Gordon is looking after our granddaughter in the school holidays. They love to swim in the pool go to the Library play lots of games and craft. But they love to sit down and have a pa granddaughter chat over a pretend coffee and cake ❤️

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  2. JayAnne says:

    One of the highlights of our week is meeting grandpa at the coffee shop for a chat & cuppa. The favourite part for Miss 3 is comparing who can get the best milk froth moustache- her or grandpa. These really are magic moments to treasure. I know she would be absolutely thrilled to this time around to make grandpa a cuppa and continue the good times.

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  3. Jo Chen says:

    My boys would jump at the chance to play waiters. They would do anything to get behind that Leadpad coffee machine to press all it’s buttons to conjure up some fine brews and tasty treats for everyone. They love to help out in the kitchen.


  4. Natalie M says:

    If little Miss is going to make mum’s day breakfast in bed next year then she should get a heap of practice in!! She was devastated when dad said no it’s big brothers job. This would have her serving bubby chino’s like a pro!!

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  5. Jo Taylor says:

    My niece would 💕 this.. Whenever I visit she always wants to have a tea party.. This would be played with endlessly and would make one little girl very happy 😃

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  6. Natalie Sorbello says:

    My gorgeous little niece would love this. I don’t get to see her often but I know she would love to make herself and Mummy a cup of tea and cake and sit on the couch together. When Nanny comes over she’d love to do it for Nanny too because coffee shop dates is Nannys favourite thing to do.

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  7. Damian says:

    I’m a teacher and I have some great shop printables for kids including order forms, credit cards and name badges. They’re all the things my kids need to set up their own play cafe. How well they would work with the Leapfrog Sweet Treats Learning Cafe. I’d have some very chirpy little social batista’s which would be excellent skills to instill and to see develop. I’m certain I’d been there number 1 customer each and every day.

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  8. Renee Perlic says:

    My oldest one loves to pretend he’s drinking coffee ☕️ and does so from his water bottle. The youngest has to join in too so we’re always having a little tea party. We love toys that teach us counting, shapes and colours. Leapfrog is the best for learning products. 🐸


  9. Kathryn says:

    My little man loves having coffee dates with Mummy! This amazing prize would be perfect for our playmates at home. He would be the best barrista around with this set.

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  10. Natasha says:

    I’ve always wanted a coffee machine and this year I have one wrapped and waiting for me under our Christmas tree.
    How amazing would it be for my girls to be opening a leapfrog play cafe’ as I open mine. We’d be learning to batista together which would be so much fun.


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