The Good Sheet Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a good sheet ? I know I do! And I’m not the only one, even Mr Tink in all his manliness loves nothing more than brand new sheets. This Christmas I stumbled across a fabulous company who love sheets as much as I do, a company called non other than – ‘The Good Sheet’.

The Good Sheet specialises in good quality sheets and bedding that offer simple, beautiful 100% long staple cotton bedding. One of the things I loved most about their website is that it’s not filled with over the top patterns and frills, their approach to bedding is perfect for men that love a great Sheet without feeling they are sleeping in Barbies Dream House.

Given the amount of time we spend in bed a fab new set of sheets are without a doubt a gift that will get used night after night. So with that thought in mind I know what Mr Tink will unwrapping this year and I also know where to find it! Check out The Good Sheet online you won’t be disappointed and nor will the hubby!

Do you fancy or new set of sheets ? This Christmas I’ve teamed up with The Good Sheet to gift one set to one lucky reader! Comment below and share with me the last time you bought new sheets ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Wednesday.

Good Luck x

28 thoughts on “The Good Sheet Giveaway

  1. Suzanne Ware says:

    Is it terrible that I don’t remember????? The kids all have beautiful sheets and quilts (as their rooms had makeovers) but mine is just dull (and a bit threadbare!!!).

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  2. JayAnne says:

    They were pretty pink, covered in stars and soft as can be. I purchased the sheets for a baby shower I went to last week. My bestie loved them and my hope is that they bring her and her future daughter the sweetest of dreams.

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  3. Rebecca Costa says:

    I did buy new sheets last year but they only cheap microfibre ones and only one set as i couldn’t afford nice lux ones or multi sets. They have pilled in the wash already,arh!

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  4. sonya291 says:

    Last time I purchased sheets was probably 2 years ago. They were really beautiful, (500 thread count) and I didn’t realise how lovely it was to sleep on really gorgeous sheets until then. My hubby who is a really sweaty guy had a better nights rest because they kept him really cool…even though he’s a cool kinda guy anyway. But they somehow have disappeared….mmmm I think my daughter has them now. She knows good sheets when she sees them!!!

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  5. Hannah Baker says:

    The last time I bought new sheets was 6 years ago for my wedding I was gifted a voucher to a bed store but we couldn’t afford to buy a mattress so I bought a very pretty silk and sequinned designed sheet as a decorative piece, it’s been on the bed once as it’s so itchy and so hot we can’t sleep with it on hehe! My son’s got all the amazing sheets with ninja turtles or Spider-Man on and I have my old sheets from when I lived at my mums house!


  6. Liz Jackson says:

    The important Manchester you always mean to buy but get left behind everything else. Before you know it years have gone by. This is the case in our home. Our sheets are in all honesty,,, geez at least 20 years old,,, OMG!! Apart from my first purchase on the good old Internet 6 years ago ahemm! haha. They arrived & I was pleasantly surprised & rather cocky & proud of my buy. Washed them & when dried happily made our bed & waited eagerly to climb in that night sprouting off constantly to hubby how clever I was to grab such amazing sheets & at a good Price. 1000 Thread Count. That night bought nightmares, they were itchy, scratch & horrid & had after 1 wash pilled so much it was a joke. I also am not an over the top abstract, overgrown floral or incredibly loud & multi coloured sheet person. I’m going to bed to relax, rejuvenate & sleep not a fantasy nightmare Disco. So I would adore trying & reviewing this Sheet Set. A few times when we have stayed in Hotels over the years I always marvel how absolutely fabulous it is when you climb into bed with such luxury, soft, comfortable & dreamy sheets. But I don’t & can’t sleep in Hotels every night, I want my Bed to be our Hotel Bed every night πŸ™‚ ❀ xxx


  7. Natasha says:

    When I was doing middle of the night feeds, I made some crazy purchases from the TV shopping network. I bought sheets amongst a bunch of other things. I’d always said I’d never be sucked in to ringing up and buying things from those commercials. Well look at me!


  8. Jo Chen says:

    We recently had to jet off overseas as my father-in-law was very unwell. I brought new bedding for when he came home from hospital from a local market. I couldn’t read the foreign packaging or really communicate with the stall holder so I just went for his favourite colour. He was so happy as he’d apparently always wanted blue sheets but my mother-in-law is a white only lady. Good sheets make such a great gift for all occasions.


  9. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    I always purchase myself new sheets every Christmas as my present to myself 1000 thread count of pure unadulterated bliss….. Always white, however I’m opening up to new colours & ideas…. Bedridden at the moment & realise I’m not going to make the shops (thank goodness) now before Feb so to have them delivered from my favourite blogger & the good sheet would be pure heaven….. Hopeful a handsome hunky man should deliver them too just to top off my dream….!! Merry Christmas Mrs Tink & lovely ladies…. XO


  10. Renee Perlic says:

    I last purchased sheets before I was pregnant. The corners of my fitted sheets are all loose and stretched out. They haven’t lasted as long as I’d hoped because through winter while it rained for 2 weeks, I visited a laundry mat. I popped them in a dryer and didn’t realise the setting was on super hot and it ruined them instantly. I would love to have sweet dreams on THE GOOD SHEET. Really love a a high thread count white set for the New Year ahead πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’€πŸ˜‡ Sounds heavenly.


  11. Melissa Zammit says:

    The last time I bought new sheets would have been 2 years ago when I bought my new bed,little luxuries are far and few in between for me as my family always come first


  12. Victoria says:

    I have actually never brought ourselves bed sheets πŸ™Š we were lucky enough to receive two lovely sets for our wedding gifts (8 years ago mind you) and they have remained under our bodies since then πŸ€” hmm that’s a lot of time when I think about it. Definitely time to give those to the girl’s to make cubby houses with and invest in some new bedtime comfort πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰


  13. Cheerie Murnane says:

    The last time I bought sheets was when I repainted the walls and wanted sheets to match, did have pin k walls and pink striped sheets, so about 10 years ago I changed to biscuit coloured walls and plain bone sheets with a little luxury of satin pillow cases.


  14. Jo Taylor says:

    I honestly dont remember 😳 so long ago .. Ive never brought really good ones even though I say all the time Id love some great quality sheets.. I need a bit of luxury and some sweet dreams .. I also need to remember when I brought my sheets its a bit of a worry this memory of mine 😊


  15. Natalie M says:

    I splurged on a $12 fitted sheet only for him to put his toes through it after only a few weeks so now our new sheet has patches as I refused to replace it yet.

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  16. Kamila (The Good Sheet) says:

    Some great answers there Mrs Tink, I’m sure it won’t be easy to pick a winner!
    I see a few mentions of thread count, I hope you don’t mind if I pop in a link to a blog post I wrote last year dispelling the thread count myths!
    Hope that helps someone and good luck to everyone entering the competition! Can’t wait to send out the sheets to the lucky winner.

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  17. Damian says:

    I’ve never brought sheets. That’s because I’ve always had some wonderful women in my life who know a thing or two about good sheets. I’d love to repay my mum for all the sheets she has brought me over the years with winning her a new set. I don’t know much about sheets but it seems that the company “The Good Sheet” do. That’s great for a sheet novice like me.


  18. Kathryn says:

    lol…I have never brought new sheets. My darling Mum and Grandma made up a glory box full of goodies for me to take when I got married. As they were purchased over 18 years ago they are very outdated and peachy in colour. Would love a new stylish and trendy set of sheets.

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  19. Sheldyn says:

    Last boxing day I saved up my Christmas money and got some good quality sheets in the sale. They were 70% off and I love them. Only problem is they are my only set so when I wash them, I have to make sure they dry by the night time so I can put them on… bit of a struggle in Melbourne in the winter time.. I’d love another gorgeous set to keep things fresh year round! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas Mrs Tink ❀

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