‘The Valentine’s Day Guy’

Since I opened our retail store ( Miss Monogram …shameless little plug!) I’ve experienced many things, I mean I could almost write a book on my experiences from the Christmas trade alone. This month however I’ve had a fun time observing “The Valentines Guy.”

February has had the guys acting very strangly. Usually our shop is all about the ladies, however this month the flood gates have opened for the men who are either ambassodors for the day of love or would rather it not exist. With all of this madness Valentines week has officially become my most interesting week of all and I’ve been enjoying my favourite sport – people watching. I’ve had fun soaking up all the different reactions and the way men in general respond to the 14th of February. One little date that is a big deal, deal breaker or for some no big deal at all.

So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I’d break down all the different types of guys we have met this month and you can decided which one is for you.

There is ‘pretend it’s not happening guy’ this guy could not give a monkeys. He’s aware and doesn’t care. Valentine’s Day is too Girley, too red, too pink, too mush and too much. He cringes and is angered by the entire day and all it represents….. he is also very careful with money.

Then we have the ‘Valentines day is every day guy’ now this guy never fails to make me smirk. He’s the guy that boasts it’s about the little things he does all year round’. He can be found loudly saying ‘it’s an American thing’ or ‘ I do nice things all year round’. Now ladies I could almost stake my life on it that this guy has never stepped foot in a florist, or popped into Woolies for a bunch of flowers not even the discounted ones. I’m also guessing the last box of chocolates he bought was for his Mum in the 80’s on Mothers Day at age 10. This guy is also still clueless that bloody Roses Chocolates Boxes have changed their assortment. ( epic fail Roses Chocolates, you’ve ruined my eternal faith in chocolate)

And just before I get all negative nelly on the guys there are some good ones, here is ‘romance guy’ this guy melts my heart. He comes in to the shop wearing a grin, he has romance on the brain and he knows exactly what he wants. He comes with a plan, he knows how he expects it to look, feel and the vibe he is going for. Romance guy loves writing in the card, loves the mush and doesn’t mind the odd bath bomb or rose petal. You may find romance guy is also not opposed to writing the odd poem or planning a romantic picnic with matching napkins and plates.

And lastly there is ‘Mr I wanna do the right thing’ this guy is actually my personal fave. He’s not interested in the gift wrapping, poetry or anything pink and fluffy (unless they are handcuffs but mate you are sadly in the wrong shop). This dude just wants to see his girl smile, he has no clue how to make this happen but he is easily woo’ed when he see’s any sign that say’s Valentines Day or a red balloon. This guy knows that if he wants any chance of any type of love making this century at the very least he is coming home with a card.

‘Last minute guy’ ahhh the retail sales person’s dream. Poor last minute guy arrives in store with a face of terror. He’s forgotten to buy a gift, he’s in a world of trouble and he needs your help to dig his way out of the current unhappiness in his home. This guy needs a gift, any gift he’s not fussy his only agenda is leaving with a present that looks thoughtful and that it’s been planned for months

And just before I wrap it up I can’t forget the ‘I’m her bestie and she doesn’t have a guy.. girl’ this is one chick you want in your life, she’s got your back. She buys you a little trinket, a card or comes round to your house packing wine ready to watch Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2 and will make you giggle all night long. This girl is your bestie for life.

So lovelies no matter what guy or girl is in your life remember Valentine’s Day is about love. No matter who you l ove, tell them and show them on Valentine’s Day it’s not about the money it’s about the effort and a little bit goes a long way.

PS if you are single it’s perfectly acceptable to buy yourself a gift that you love and have a night in with a supersized glass of Vino and the latest episode of MAFS #SingleLifeGoals

PPS I’m married and I may also be doing the above #MarriedLife #SuperSizeMe


Nat x


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