And the Olympic Gold Medal for online shopping goes to….


Online shopping has quickly become the equivalent to a large tub of ice cream for me. Happy or Sad online shopping hits the spot. I’m not sure if it’s the thrill of hitting ‘add to cart’ or my lovely delivery driver who makes every delivery feel like Christmas day but the high of online shopping is in my veins and its one addictive drug.

I first started my online shopping adventures many years ago before it was a ‘thing’ I used to order all sorts of crazy crap from eBay and while eBay doesn’t have the same pizazz as a good old 75% off Forever New click frenzy it was exciting. While surfing eBay for hours I would place bid’s. Yes kids I would bid on items instead of ‘clicking and adding to cart’ I placed bids.  I’m not sure if this is still something people actually do but for those viewers at home who have no clue what ‘bidding on eBay is’ it’s the simple action of some loon (aka me)  at home pressing the bid crazily in small 10 cents increments whilst hoping they will score a pair of Prada shoes valued at $2000 for low price of $22.34. Now this never actually happens that you win and the harsh truth is if you were lucky enough to win they would no doubt arrive and you would find they were in fact more Prade than Prada and in a size that only a goat could fit. But in my days of ebaying under the name ‘shoppingaddict2002’ I won many things including wool like hair extensions, skirts that would only fit a barbie and jumpers that were made using prison wool but the mere fact that I had ‘won’ them was happiness in itself. Clever little old me had one against all odds had won these items against hundreds no doubt thousands of other hopefuls worldwide. Who needs Amercian idol when you can be ‘chosen’ as the lucky one on eBay ?

Once I graduated from eBay I moved on to the Wish app. Now the Wish app has a similar concept to eBay but just like a pokie machine on pension day you seem to get ‘luckier’ and it’s cheap, cheap cheap. You can buy a rose gold watch for $4.22! Yes a whole $4.22, and true you’ll wait months to get it and each day you’ll wait for it to arrive until finally when you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’ve thrown your $4.22 down the drain BOOM like magic your bargain basement rose gold watch will arrive and it’s an absolute pearler. Still to this day the postie delivers something to me from Wish that I order 6 months ago and had forgotten about. It’s like a very unpredictable advent calendar.

From Wish I graduated to the big guys. The Iconic, Forever New, Mimco, Witchery, Myer and with each new find came with it a new membership or rewards program. The more you spend the more points you get, and what do you do with those points? You shop some more! It didn’t take long before I became a gold member at Witchery and Myer not to mention a Rose Gold member of Mimco. My inbox quickly started filling with sales, sales and more sales they were like love letters all waiting to be opened, I’d never felt so adored and wanted.

Once I started shopping online with the bigger retailers that meant one thing more post, more deliveries! More deliveries meant I  became fast friends with my new BFF the Auspost delivery man. He loves to joke that he has more parcels to deliver to me and I smile shyly and bat my eye lids waiting for him to ‘gift’ me my presents, it’s a beautiful relationship.

Last week it hit me that I night be starting to develop a problem with my shopping addiction when I recently had to fill out some paperwork and one of the questions was – what are your hobbies? My answer online shopping. What are you passionate about – ahh online shopping? And how do you juggle motherhood and work… ahh online shopping. Even for my groceries I online shop, the kids school books, Christmas presents, birthday presents I do it all sitting on my couch in my ‘online shopping uniform’ aka – Braless, Mum Bun, PJ”s and a glass of champagne. Yes no shoes, no makeup, no queues and no cares just me and my laptop ruling the world.  So after careful consideration I admitted to myself I did have a problem and promptly jumped online and bought the ‘Barefoot Investor’ a book that is sure to keep me in check and back on the straight and narrow…. but what to do while I wait for it to arrive ? Ooooh Myer has 60% of dresses! Sign me up!


Nat x

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