Wife – Mother-Publisher-Business Woman-Blogger-Sing Star Champion!

Hi name is Natalie Tink or as many call me Mrs Tink, I’m new to the world of writing and blogging as my background is Media, Marketing and Publishing. I own a national Magazine and a number of websites. In 2012 I was crowned Sunshine Coast Young Business Woman Of The Year (although I’m still waiting on the crown!)

I’m a wife married to Brad (Babe) AKA Mr Tink, a mother to (Super) Kooper AKA Master 6 and London (Lundy Undies) AKA Miss 1. My little family are my everything and we have a lot of fun together despite our crazy lives of juggling home life and business.

A few things you should know about me is I suffer from having no filter, crying during TV adverts and laughing as people fall or trip.

I’m a career woman who is also extremely passionate about family but let’s also be clear I’m no Betty Crocker despite my efforts.

I’m the first one drunk, the first to swear and always the first to call you by your dogs name instead of your own.

I love anything pink, and diamonds, I love to celebrate everything and anything and call my 3 dogs ridiculous names all ending their names with bakery items while singing them songs made especially for them. I also have songs for each of the kids and like to end their names with cat.

I’m convinced Victoria Beckham and I could be BBF’s if she just gave it a go, then I could also fulfil my other dream of having Elton John sing me to sleep every night.

I still believe in magic and Santa, especially the North Pole and feel I was the forgotten elf despite my Amazonian height.

I’ve love fitness and being healthy but I also love my chocolate & champagne! I’m happiest having high tea, eating tiny sandwiches and drinking out of tiny cups.

I love to overdress for every occasion but also feel track pants and uggs are perfectly acceptable to do the shopping in.

I love a good story and have been known to enhance the details to get a laugh and I once provoked with that laugh will chat your ear off!

I love nothing more than a good jig despite me dancing like Mr Bean and I have a serious addiction Singstar.

So welcome aboard this ride where you will either love or hate me but either way I’m sure you will have a good giggle whether it be with or at me.

Mrs Tink x