Blink! The Eyelash Expert Giveaway

This year I was introduced to an incredible company that is really shaking up the way we think about our lashes – Blink! The Eyelash Expert. Blink! not only creates eyelashes that will make your heart flutter and your face smile like crazy but they actually care about the condition of your lashes. Janice Mastin owner of Blink! has worked globally with ladies to educate and open their eyes ( pardon the pun) to the power of an amazing set of lashes. Stunning eyelashes that can change your whole look and frame your face.

No make up for this mama

Janice’s technique is softly softly catch a monkey, she is passionate about keeping your lashes in a healthy condition while wearing lash extensions. It is of upmost importance to her that your lashes are not damaged while wearing extensions. Her passion for perfection is without a doubt her signature, and the importance of the clients experience is consistently always first class.

For an energiser bunny like myself I find it hard to sit still. The idea of zipping off my eyes and just dropping them in for an appointment while I run errands is very appealing to me. Since meeting Janice though I’ve found my off switch, she plays a playlist of your choice and creates a place of calm. For someone like myself who talks non stop I found it tricky to stop and just relax but now after 6 months of seeing Janice I’m putty in her hands…. I even found myself snoring last week!

Fancy finding your off switch too ? With Christmas just around the corner I would like to gift one of you incredible women your own set of incredible Blink! Lash extensions.

For a chance to win simply comment below and share with me why you would like to win ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner Wednesday x

*winner must be Sunshine Coast based

The Good Sheet Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a good sheet ? I know I do! And I’m not the only one, even Mr Tink in all his manliness loves nothing more than brand new sheets. This Christmas I stumbled across a fabulous company who love sheets as much as I do, a company called non other than – ‘The Good Sheet’.

The Good Sheet specialises in good quality sheets and bedding that offer simple, beautiful 100% long staple cotton bedding. One of the things I loved most about their website is that it’s not filled with over the top patterns and frills, their approach to bedding is perfect for men that love a great Sheet without feeling they are sleeping in Barbies Dream House.

Given the amount of time we spend in bed a fab new set of sheets are without a doubt a gift that will get used night after night. So with that thought in mind I know what Mr Tink will unwrapping this year and I also know where to find it! Check out The Good Sheet online you won’t be disappointed and nor will the hubby!

Do you fancy or new set of sheets ? This Christmas I’ve teamed up with The Good Sheet to gift one set to one lucky reader! Comment below and share with me the last time you bought new sheets ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Wednesday.

Good Luck x

Mrs Tink gets funky with Funkita

A few years ago I stumbled across Funkita. Funkita is a brand that is putting the fun back into getting outside, enjoying the pool, the beach or just being active.

Although many athletes wear Funkita you don’t have to be Ian Thorpe to rock a swimsuit from Funkita. The colourful label has something for everyone, with a collection boasting a range unlike anything you will see elsewhere. Good quality fabrics, funky patterns, beautiful cuts and garments that are designed to last.

Now not only do Funkita create fabulous swimwear they also have a great range of accessories that will be on many a Wishlist this Christmas. Beautiful Luxe Towels, Goggles even really cute Swimming Caps… yes even their swimming caps are cool!

With Christmas just around the corner I’ve Team up with the Funkita team to gift one lucky reader their own Funkita Still Purple Towel. Soft and Light weight, the new Funkita towel comes in a wide range of bright colours and is made with 100% cotton. This Luxe towel is a decent size at 80 x 160cm

And retailing at $34.95 it’s a must have for Christmas.

For a chance to win simply comment below and share with me how you will be using your Funkita Towel ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Wednesday at 9pm


Bop Along Buddies Giveaway

When I was a kid I loved to bounce, I had a great big ball that I used to do laps around the backyard on. For hours I’d be entertained bouncing around like a bunny, challenging myself on how long I could last without falling off. Toys have come along a long way since the 80’s but kids still love the same things and I’m now I’m the mother of two kids who love to bounce too! So you imagine my excitement when I was introduced to a super cool company called Bop Along Buddies.

Bop Along Buddies specialise in children’s soft, inflatable animal shaped bouncers. A modern day device to help teach children balance, co-ordination and core strength ability at each stage of development. Bop along Buddies have been heralded as a therapeutic and sensory toy for special needs children with autism, cerebral palsy and clinical obesity, the Bop Along Buddy is a developmental aid to help children explore movement, improve coordination, muscle tone core stability, imaginative play, balance and posture.

So not only do these Buddies love to bop and bounce they are terrific for childhood development not to mention lots of fun to play with. These colourful little Buddies will keep your kids entertained for hours, and best of all encourage them to get out and be active.

Do you think your child would love their own Bop Along Buddy for Christmas ? The good news is I have 1 to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply comment below and share with me why you would love to win ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Wednesday at 9pm

It’s cool to be custom

Everywhere you turn everyday people are getting up close and personal and by personal I mean loud and proud of putting their name on everything and anything, like a crazy label maker. Personalisation has gone to all new levels this year, with consumers not being able to get enough of putting their own brand on their everyday style. Whether it’s putting your name on your note pad, pen, shoes or bag, people everywhere in all age groups are not afraid to share a little piece of who they are with the world. Consumers are changing the rules and are now putting their name on their attire rather than wearing a million dollar fashion houses logo. It’s become cool to be custom.

Years ago when I got married and became Mrs Tink I put my name on everything! I had it monogrammed onto hats, shirts and even had it engraved onto my wedding band. I loved seeing my name on something and the craze quickly went from quick fling to obsession. 10 years later, after years of monogramming my name on everything I could Miss Monogram was launched and I have loved watching my obsession turn into a thriving business. Each week we work with corporate clients who are searching for the ultimate gift for a client, brides searching for a personalised present for their bridesmaids and the everyday fashionista, who like the rest of the world are yearning for a bespoke piece created just for them. Retailers are quickly catching on with many of your larger retailers’ now custom personalising mugs, hats, t-shirts even shoes. Nike id has captured the sports market and Shoes of Prey the Fashion. Typo and Kikki K are taking the stationary world by storm with their ingenious ways of keeping it personal and keeping us organised and Cotton On have created a fashion line that is not only affordable it’s super cute!

With Christmas just around the corner and the impending pressure starting to rise to find presents from the heart one trend I don’t think you can wrong with is adding the personal touch. Opening a present with your name on it will never fail to make you feel loved, in fact our business philosophy is based around it! Here is a sneaky peek at all the stylish goodies we have coming up for Christmas and if you still have some Christmas shopping to do is enter MRS TINK on checkout to receive $10 off your order.

Opening Fairy Doors the ultimate present this year

Recently I stumbled across one of the most beautiful toys I have ever seen, a super cute Fairy Door from Opening Fairy Doors. From the second I saw it I was drawn in and could feel the excitement building at the thought of seeing Miss Three’s face as she opened it on Christmas Day. These beautiful doors open up your child’s imagination as they dream of all the little fairies coming in and out of their room ready to sprinkle their fairy dust. As a mum it’s really important for me to see my little ones play, imagine and dream. Believing in magic is one of the most beautiful things about being a child and I want my two babies to believe in magic for as long as they can.

Opening Fairy Doors help fairies find their way into homes, by handcrafting beautiful timber fairy doors that OPEN. But more than that they are about providing children with beautiful, safe, unique and magical products that encourage hands-on play and inspire their imaginations. In an age when children can spend hours in front of electronic devices, computers & TVs, Opening Fairy Doors instead offer “good old-fashioned quality products” that inspire hands-on, interactive play and encourage story-telling and creative make-believe.

This Christmas I’ve teamed up with Opening Fairy Doors to gift one lucky reader their own Fairy Door. For a chance to win simply comment below and tell me what you loved to believe in when you were little ? I will pick my favourite answer and announce a winner Wednesday 6th December at 9pm x

Buckle 1922 Wilbur Wallet Giveaway

Usually my blogs are targeted at the ladies and occasionally the kidlets get a look in but rarely do the fellas so I thought the time was now to open it up to the boys. Today’s ‘Mrs Tink’s Must Have Christmas List’ item is the Wilbur wallet from Buckle 1922. Now my hubby loves to get a new wallet every year. Sounds easy… No! It must feel a certain way, be a certain colour and have multiple spaces for cards and one major non negotiable it must have a coin holder. The Wilbur ticks all of these boxes and more plus it even comes in a fancy box which is another perk!

Constructed from a delicious waxy cowhide leather, the Wilbur features 4 card slots, 2 note compartments and a removable passcase with 2 ID windows. The perfect wallet for my super duper fussy husband.

Give the gift of impeccable style this Christmas with Buckle | 1922’s range of men’s accessories.

Buckle’s affordable range includes bow ties, lapel pins, tie bars, cufflinks etc. that make the perfect gift for the stylish man.

As well as having an extensive range of men’s accessories, Buckle also have some adorable options for the stylish little boy – Buckle Jr.

Do you think the man in your life would love a wallet like Wilbur from Buckle 1922 ? Well the great news is I have one to giveaway! Simply comment below who you would love to gift this to ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Wednesday the 6th of December at 9pm

MyFit Pod Giveaway

The Athlete Foot recently launched their new fitness tracker called MyFit Pod. This clever little fitness tracker is your ideal running buddy and the perfect must have for Christmas.

This innovative tracker is designed to help you enhance your running experience by tracking your performance and progress. No cords, no GPS simply clip it onto your runners and off you go!

At just $39.95 it’s a bargain and will make a great Christmas present for anyone who is wanting to work on their fitness.

With Christmas in mind I’ve teamed up with The Athletes Foot to give one lucky reader the chance to win their own MyFit Pod. Simply comment below and share with me why you would like to win ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday at 9pm


“New wearable technology device that tracks 8 foot-based metrics plus performance data

The MyFit Pod is available in all The Athlete’s Foot stores across Australia for $39.95 RRP and the App is available to download now from the Apple Store and Google Play”

While you usually track your speed and distance, there’s so much more to learn about your running patterns. With the increasing amount of data available, why not learn more about your run and optimise it to break your personal bests? At The Athlete’s Foot, we believe smarter data means even better results.

Introducing the MyFit Pod, a new wearable technology device, that tracks 8 foot-based metrics plus performance data making any run or shoe smart.

How does it works?

By simply clipping to any running or walking shoe, you can start collecting smart data about shoe. With no buttons, no GPS signal or charging, the MyFit Pod stores up to 20 hours of run / walk data, and is for all levels of runners and walkers to understand, and improve, your personal performance, trends and history.

Most importantly, the MyFit Pod gives you the ability to track the performance and life of your running or walking shoes. When used with the MyFit Pod app, you’ll experience a more refined and personalised user experience, supporting your drive to always improve performance.

What does it measure?

Due to its light and easy clip-on design, you won’t leave it behind during your exercise sessions and will barely notice that it’s there, capturing all the basics (distance, pace, cadence, and time). Additionally, MyFit Pod also measures:

• Foot Strike (Heel/mid/toe)

• Stride Length

• Ground Contact Time

• Rate of Impact

Rate of Impact assists you to understand the impact hitting your body during a running or walking session, with a lowered Rate of Impact, the body has enough time to spread the force evenly. Rate of Impact, combined with the smart in-built odometer tracking every shoe kilometre, alerts runners to the end of their shoes life cycle, potentially reducing the risk of injury.

The MyFit Pod is designed and priced to live on one pair of shoes for the life of that shoe and can easily reset the Pod and move it to their next pair, without losing any run or walk data history.

Smarter data. Better results.

Available in all The Athlete’s Foot stores across Australia for $39.95 RRP and the MyFit App is available to download now from the Apple Store and Google Play.

LimboHop Giveaway

As a kid one of my favourite games to play was limbo and as a amazon giraffe woman you can only imagine the sight! This year I’m excited to pass this tradition on to my kids with the very cool toy from Childsmart LimboHop.

LimboHop is a high energy game in which players limbo under, or hop over a sweeper that spins around a central pole. But you have to be quick because the sweeper comes around fast! Limbo Hop aims to get children’s blood pumping while encouraging fun and friendly competitions and it’s fantastic for the whole family… even the amazon giraffe legged ones! x

As part of my Christmas Must Have Giveaway I have one LimboHop to giveaway to one lucky person.

Simply comment below and share with me what your favourite game was as a kid ? I will pick my favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday at 9pm x

Get Ready For Active Fun for All with LimboHop!

Childsmart, Australia’s leading distributor of children’s toys, nursery and lifestyle products is delighted to announce the launch of LimboHop – the fun and exciting indoor and outdoor active game that gets kids moving! Fantastic for the whole family, LimboHop is a high energy game in which players limbo under, or hop over a sweeper that spins around a central pole. But you have to be quick because the sweeper comes around fast! Limbo Hop aims to get children’s blood pumping while encouraging fun and friendly competition.

LimboHop is an exciting and versatile game ideal for girls and boys aged 7-10, but is also a great activity for the whole family. A new take on the classic game of limbo, LimboHop is perfect for families looking for a fast-paced, hilarious activity. Whether it is a picnic in the park, a day at the beach, or a rainy day at home, LimboHop is the perfect game to get up and get active! LimboHop packs away easily for convenient transport and storage.

With three player modes – single, double, or multi-player – you can play solo or with friends and family. Feeling competitive? Keep track of who is in the lead with the game’s in built score tabs.

To play, simply set up the pole and get the sweeper spinning! Duck under or jump over the spinning sweeper while keeping track of points by tapping the score tabs at the top of the pole. The player or team with the most points by the time the sweeper reaches the bottom of the pole wins!

After a fantastic launch in the UK, Childsmart is excited to announce that LimboHop will be available in Australia from Big W and Toyworld from September 2017. With proven year round sales in the UK, LimboHop is the perfect indoor and outdoor game to get kids jumping and diving all year round. Don’t miss out on the awesome opportunity to ignite the fun in any situation with LimboHop!

About Childsmart

Established in 2002, Childsmart is a family owned and operated business and is Australia and New Zealand’s leading distributer of high quality toys, nursery and kid’s lifestyle products. With an extensive range of products from some of the world’s leading brands,

Childsmart caters for all infants, toddlers and pre-school toy, nursery and kids lifestyle markets and aims to introduce little ones to fun, educational and lifestyle products in an imaginative, interactive and entertaining way.

Smiggle making Christmas extra special this year

Christmas time is a very exciting time in the Tink house, and we Tink’s do Christmas well. We love to decorate the entire house, every room, even the toilet! We hang up lights, watch Christmas movies and make gingerbread houses and while I pride myself on being Mrs Claus herself, one tradition does make me cringe…. the advent calendar. If feeding children chocolate each and every morning for 24 days is not bad enough, the cream on the cake is then watching the sugar highs and lows which always lead to tantrums because I won’t let them open just one more. I try very hard to fall in love with the advent calendar because as a child my grandparents always made sure we had one. I can clearly remember being so excited opening a new window everyday but alas now I have my own two children I’ve been hunting for a substitute that is more treat than tantrum. Recently all my dreams came true when I opened a package from my good friends at Smiggle, to find 2 advent calendars both of which were chocolate free! 24 fabulous days of super cute treats that will keep kids excited without the highs and lows of a chocolate frenzy, not to mention save you the dentist bill. Each window is filled with all the incredible products you can expect from Smiggle. Bright fun colours and products they can use to get creative at home. Amazing value for money, considering each product they can keep and use.

Each of the Smiggle advent calendars also come with a Willy Wonka Style golden ticket for a chance to win $1000 to spend with Smiggle. Such a cool idea with back to school already around the corner and a very expensive time of year.

So although it’s not December 1st I literally couldn’t wait and the kid inside me just had to have a little peek and look at what I found inside!!

Now before I go crazy I’m going to put them away until the first but in the meantime I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to win their own Smiggle advent calendar valued at $39.95.

Simply share with me why you would like to win? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday 4/12/17 at 9am.