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Surprisingly, she is a good cook and skilled weaver, the latter of which is unsurprising given that she is also the goddess of domestic arts. Not surprisingly, Odie's room in the basement is filled with technological components and his computers while Neil, given his self-absorbed nature, contains many mirrors and things related to his modelling career. Supporting[ edit ] Chiron voiced by Bruce Greenwood in Season 1, Richard Newman in Season 2 — S centaur who serves as a "human" encyclopedia of sorts, providing information and tidbits of Greek mythology-related knowledge.

She is an air-headed woman who loves good-looking people, especially herself. How long have you been doing this? I went, I saw, I evaluated.

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I was the Proprietor of Studio Eris for 5 years and was well known and respected in the Atlanta Community. This allows the lines between Personal and Professional certainly to blur - however Tribute seems to eliminate drama and unreal expectations.

The location is OK. New Olympia — The fictional city the heroes are summoned to. In a nutshell, we are an independent de studio, based in Istanbul, specializing in branding, packaging and graphic de. Greek Gods[ edit ] Aphrodite voiced by Tabitha St. Jay is 16 years old and the first of the teenagers to be located. The fourth teen brought to Olympus High, Archie is 15 years old and he is one of the youngest heroes. A: Never mix with bass boost on your monitors Q: Which artist would you erus to work with and why?

Where to find Studio Born online. At the same time, she's very studious to the point of being neurotic. Bowen Street NW, Atlanta for more information.

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His skepticism extends towards the supernatural, resulting in his initial hostility toward Theresa, brushing off her abilities as predictions and blatantly ignoring her, though they eventually iron out their differences. While Ares favors armed and hand-to-hand combat, he also understands the art of war and recognizes the importance of tactics and strategy as well as luck in battle. The three-headed dog Cerberus guards its gates, Campe guards its prisoners, Minos judges the entering souls, and Charon ferries the dead across the river, but only if you pay him with gold coins.

Where did you study and what were some of your first jobs? The Greek gods have since moved from their Mount Olympus in order to stay safe from Cronusas well as to oversee, train and protect the seven teenage heroes. Q: What was your career path? I understand that BDSM is as much mental as physical. studioeris The Flesh and Fetish Ball is now held at our brand new, larger and more awesome location at the Loft, located at Bowen Street in Midtown Atlanta!

Many men inquire about how to serve me, but I am very picky, and if you are chosen, you must understand how truly lucky you are!

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Ogygia — Calypso 's tropical island paradise, where Odysseus was stranded and kept for seven years during his journey home. Archie's mentor is Ares. Granny is the only parental figure that seems to know about Herry and the other heroes as of Episode 12 and even is familiar with Zeus. Cronus voiced by David Kaye — The main antagonist of the series. As one of the most powerful immortals in existence, Cronus has numerous powers, such as regeneration, creating portals, shapeshifting, and creating duplicates of himself.

He altanta to be short-tempered and arrogant, and is difficult to get along with, similar to Archie. While initially reluctant to change their relationship atlaanta that of close friends, she eventually decides that she atlamta for him in the same way he does for her.

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Many statues also decorate the building, including ones of Zeus armed with thunderbolts and Asclepius with his Asclepian rod. Hades voiced by Trevor Devall — The god of the underworld, who in contrast to other depictions of Hades is portrayed as a man with a high-pitched voice and purple complexion as well as an apparently friendly personality. Duygu is great with typography. He has a big appetite and is fond of his grandmother, "Granny", who appears to have raised him.

He loves doughnutstalks like a tough guy, and wears socks, a blue-striped kiltand a muscle shirt which displays his thick body hair.

Studio Eris has moved to a new location at The Loft in Midtown Atlanta. He is of Greek heritage on his mother's side, and thus grew up with the stories of classical mythology. The two of them share a passionate kiss in the Season Two finale. Eros voiced by Terry Klassen - The son of Aphrodite, who is the god of love.

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He has no official weapon, but usually uses a walkie-talkie and an amazingly well-equipped laptop given to him by Hermes. As seen in the director Brad Goodchild's blog, Herry's room is centred stuido his interest in bodybuilding while Archie's room has a Stydio theme, fitting in with his love of poetry. Hermes voiced by Brian Drummond — Odie's mentor, who is the messenger of the gods and the god of boundaries, invention, commerce, and travelers.

Like her student, Jay, she is a natural leader and was the patron goddess who championed his ancestor, Jason.

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I will get back to you about how my sessions work and Tribute. In the first episode that she appears, he asks if she can read minds, which implies that he doesn't want her to know he likes her. Others[ edit ] Charon - The ferryman of the Underworld, who wears a hooded robe that leaves only his eyes and mouth visible. He has superhuman strength and thus tends not to wield a weapon in favor of using brute strength alone, but can be improvisational and learn to use just about anything when the need arises.

Jay takes his role as a atlwnta extremely seriously, usually worrying about potential threats even when everything seems fine. I am back, after being convinced to train not one, but 3 new Pro Dommes! Everything has its place, but must be done with purpose. Giants - The henchmen of Cronus, who Cronus can change to have the characteristics of different animals. He appears as a mild-mannered and soft-spoken middle-aged man, but his true form is a skeletal winged creature who is able to appear from shadows and dissipate shudio the air.

Hercules takes a lot of pride in his office, which showcases his famed accomplishmentswhich he proudly speaks of.

Mount Caucasus — The Russian mountain that Zeus chained Prometheus to as punishment for stealing fire from the gods. She is tall, young, and possesses two distinct temperaments — one gentle and light-hearted, and the other, brought out when she is angry, being uncontrollable and spiteful. Atlantis — The ancient civilization and continent that the Greek gods punished by sinking into the sea using the Antikythera Device.

She is deeply concerned about him and shows determination to save him when he was killed in Road to Hades.

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As the god of time, he is able to reverse and speed up time, as well as move himself and others through time, and hold it at a standstill; however, time travel greatly weakens his powers when used often. The deepest area is Tartaruswhere Cronus was imprisoned after stdio defeat at the hands of Zeus. We love to make brands into natural-born storytellers and our passion is all about transforming good ideas into good de. Studio Eris review.

However, he secretly wreaks havoc using hypnotizing trance music and controlling plants, particularly vines. It is part of a building in the Armour Dr industrial area. The neighbors are bands.