GO2 saves the day and the hangover 


Recently I was a naughty girl (who am I kidding? I’m rarely good) and had a big night out with a girlfriend on a school night. Now when I say big, I mean big – bottles of champagne, followed by margaritas and an espresso martini. It all seemed wonderful at the time, I felt footloose and fancy free up until the next morning when it hit me in the face like a Woolworths Truck. Mrs Oh-So-Fabulous was incredibly ill, I was a dark shade of green and had to crawl to the toilet (yes, very classy). My head hurt, my brain hurt, my eyeballs hurt. I was in a world of pain, and to top it off I had two kids to get ready for day care and not to mention getting my bottom into the office as it wasn’t going to run itself.

After psyching myself up and applying multiple cold face washers, I knew I had to face the day. So down the stairs I went, shuffling along like a St Bernard with blood shot eyes hanging out of its head. Finally making it to the kitchen I went for the aspirin and water, followed by a multivitamin hoping I could trick my body into thinking I hadn’t abused it the night before.

I reached for the white bottle gleaming at me like a sign from above, saying ‘drink me’ (as if I was Alice in Wonderland instead of a middle aged, hungover St Bernard). Calling out my name was a lovely bottle of GO2 Oxygen with just the words I needed to read, ‘morning after’, and I suddenly remembered that GO2 Oxygen was great for repairing the damage done, not only to my head but to my poor liver.

I added 2 capfuls to my water and started tackling the kids’ breakfast. Within half an hour I was starting to feel more human again, not 110%, but enough to function. Mr Tink took the kids to school and I headed to Mr Jura for a coffee as big as China. Perched on the couch with coffee and toast in hand I convinced myself to get up, get dressed and showered before heading into the office.


Upon arrival I added some more oxygen to my drink bottle and sunk into my chair. After another large glass of water I started to feel my energy coming back and the oxygen working. The GO2 oxygen is fabulous for training but now I can also honestly say it kicked my hangover’s butt, making it possible to get through the day.

Now while I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t be having another bender like that anytime soon, I can say I’ve found the perfect remedy that was super easy to use and worked quickly. Is there anything this oxygen can’t do?

Would you like to try some GO2 oxygen too? I’m giving one lucky reader will win a prize pack of oxygen to try at home. For a chance to win, share with me why you would like to WIN? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 29th of April at 10pm.

My good friends at GO2 are also offering 20% off when you you use the discount code MrsTink for all your online shopping needs at GO2.

Good luck x
Go Oxygen 2


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