Finding my glow again

Last year I spoke at an event that was to inspire others to take ‘the plunge’ and go into business for themselves. The speech itself went extremely well and I was very excited to be able to inspire so many driven go-getters to start in the business world. Unfortunately, my high was quickly dampened when I saw footage and photos from the day, I saw them and I shrunk. I knew the voice, I knew the words, but I did not know the face; for the first time in years I didn’t recognise the person talking.

My face was bloated and I had lost my usual glow, and although I was smiling, I looked sad.

I’m sure many people met me on the day and thought ‘she’s a happy bubbly girl’ who were not privy to my lack of glow or my cheeks looking a bit on the chubby side. I was indulging in too much red wine and chocolate, and had completely thrown out my usually strict exercise regime. I have developed a fabulous habit (insert sarcasm here) of self-sabotaging myself as soon as I hit higher than normal stress levels. Then comes the anxiety and instead of breathing deeply through it (which doesn’t work for me) I self-sabotage. My smile still shines bright but I slowly start eliminating all the things that make me “glow”. I stop eating well, I stop going to bed at a normal hour, I stop all forms of exercise and hibernate, and I stop replying to messages and avoid all forms of contact from friends. So in the words of Dr Phil, I go out of my way to completely deplete myself of all things good, and in effect the stress and anxiety snowball… quickly. So while many people would assume I’m a happy go lucky chicken, in reality I’m a mixed bag of emotions ready to spill over. Now while all of this may sound doom and gloom, the one very positive attribute I have is that when I see the warning signs I act. After seeing this photo I knew it was time to get my butt into gear and make a change, the pity party was getting old.

For me, the best way to get back on track is getting active, which is quite literally the last thing anyone wants to do when they feel rubbish about themselves. Once I’m active the healthy eating and drinking part follows.  So like a smack in the face from the universe, the opportunity to join EzyFit gym quite literally fell into my lap. Before I knew it I was standing in reception in my very stretched active wear struggling to breathe as it cut in to me and signing up to start at the gym.  The last time I joined the gym I was a teenager, now as a thirty-something I felt not quite as cool or fit, and it quickly dawned on me ‘what on earth do I know about the gym?’

Feeling my vibe, Kate the gym manager suggested some classes I may enjoy and find easy, I mentally took note of Kate’s lovely face knowing I would need to sneak through the gym and away from Kate while these said classes were on and head for the treadmills. Realising I was going to need some additional support and help, Joey Mogg the owner also highly sought after PT put her hand up to take me on as her client (YAY!) and show me the ropes in the gym, promising I would be feeling amazing again in no time. (DOUBLE YAY!)

I drove home already feeling like I was moving in the right direction, I had a towel, a keyring for EzyFit, and a membership; I was halfway there.

The next morning at 4.50am my clock went off like a fire alarm screaming at me that it was time to get moving to the gym for my first PT with Joey.

When I entered EzyFit I was met by Joey who is one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. She’s kind, she’s funny and her personality is infectious. Within seconds I knew I was in the right place, Joey took me though my paces so she could see where my fitness level was at (non-existent). She then started explaining to me the power of your heart rate and how working on this would not only give me a great result but would also accelerate the pace on getting a result… Music to my ears!

After a sweaty hour I was completely and totally exhausted, but I felt great and was already eager to come back the next day. Sweat – it’s an amazing thing, it makes you feel alive and reminds you you’re working.

The next morning I arrived early and saw a rush of people running into one of the studios, like a little lamb I gingerly followed and found myself smack bang in the middle of a Sprint class. Given that they did it with the lights off I thought, why not? I jumped on the bike and decided to break my RPM cherry, within seconds there was screaming, shouting and very fast music. People were jumping up and down on bikes like they were on a merry-go-round. I felt out of my element and yet also excited. 30 minutes later we were a pile of sweat and I was in awe of what I had just taken part in. How on earth had I never done an RPM class before? And more importantly when was the next one?

I instantly felt the need to find Kate, the gym manager, and tell her she was right, the classes rocked! Ten feet tall and bullet proof, I then took it upon myself to educate all that would listen to me on RPM and how it works. I mean now that I had attended one class I was clearly a professional.

On day two of PTs, Joey took my measurements and I was reminded why this change had to happen. My body was screaming out for some loving, and upon seeing the results I jolted my new diet plan into place. From that day on I was moving to meal prepping, green smoothies and lots of protein. I was going to become a meal prepping champion.

Fast forward three weeks into my fitness regime and I had started to feel brighter and perkier, plus my anxiety levels were slowly coming down. Green smoothies every day with at least 30 minutes of exercise and I was slowly finding my happy again.

In week four I decided to tackle Body Pump and also Tower, two classes I normally would have cringed at trying, however the other members were all so lovely I felt up for anything and ready to dance in the unknown.

By week six my game was strong people, I was attending 4-5 classes a week and two PTs with my trainer Joey – I felt alive! Joey has an incredible way about her with the way she trains; she pushes you to reach limits you never thought possible and has a way of making you feel like you can. With each session I could feel my body changing and my mind beginning to lighten, to think I was feeling this positive just six weeks later was truly mind blowing.

Making one single change to my world by joining the gym had started a domino effect of changes, each one positive and each one lowering my anxiety and stress levels. This change was never about loosing weight or getting skinny it was about feeling like me again. Eight weeks on and I am hooked, I’m still very much a work in progress but I’ve learnt so much about myself and my patterns. It’s okay to fall down the rabbit hole but it’s how you get back out that counts.

It’s cool to be custom

Everywhere you turn everyday people are getting up close and personal and by personal I mean loud and proud of putting their name on everything and anything, like a crazy label maker. Personalisation has gone to all new levels this year, with consumers not being able to get enough of putting their own brand on their everyday style. Whether it’s putting your name on your note pad, pen, shoes or bag, people everywhere in all age groups are not afraid to share a little piece of who they are with the world. Consumers are changing the rules and are now putting their name on their attire rather than wearing a million dollar fashion houses logo. It’s become cool to be custom.

Years ago when I got married and became Mrs Tink I put my name on everything! I had it monogrammed onto hats, shirts and even had it engraved onto my wedding band. I loved seeing my name on something and the craze quickly went from quick fling to obsession. 10 years later, after years of monogramming my name on everything I could Miss Monogram was launched and I have loved watching my obsession turn into a thriving business. Each week we work with corporate clients who are searching for the ultimate gift for a client, brides searching for a personalised present for their bridesmaids and the everyday fashionista, who like the rest of the world are yearning for a bespoke piece created just for them. Retailers are quickly catching on with many of your larger retailers’ now custom personalising mugs, hats, t-shirts even shoes. Nike id has captured the sports market and Shoes of Prey the Fashion. Typo and Kikki K are taking the stationary world by storm with their ingenious ways of keeping it personal and keeping us organised and Cotton On have created a fashion line that is not only affordable it’s super cute!

With Christmas just around the corner and the impending pressure starting to rise to find presents from the heart one trend I don’t think you can wrong with is adding the personal touch. Opening a present with your name on it will never fail to make you feel loved, in fact our business philosophy is based around it! Here is a sneaky peek at all the stylish goodies we have coming up for Christmas and if you still have some Christmas shopping to do is enter MRS TINK on checkout to receive $10 off your order.

Mrs Tink’s obsession with Diamond Kicks

Recently I stumbled across a brand that literally rocked my socks! A brand shaking up the way we think about the jogger, the trainer, sneakers, runners or as I like to call them kicks!

Diamond Kicks have captured the ever growing gym bunny market and brought something different to the table that even the likes of Jarrad Hayne, Libby Babet, Ashy Bines and Lauren Simpson are relishing in.Diamond Kicks take a 100% authentic pair of Nike, New Balance, Adidas, Asics and Puma and add a bit of bling! Gone are the days of the ugly sandshoe that you only pop on to train or walk in. Now comes a new era of sports shoe that gives ladies the opportunity to spruce up their gym look and add their own personal stamp without compromising comfort, foot care and protection. Diamond Kicks take a traditional pair of joggers and bring them to new heights by adding stunning genuine Swarovski crystals that bring the wow factor. Each shoe is embellished by hand using waterproof resin to ensure crystals don’t fall off while you run 5k’s. For ladies like me it’s given me the opportunity to add a bit of femininity to my everyday uniform of activewear.

Mandy Tramer created Diamond Kicks after she stumbled across the idea online and as a self-confessed sports shoe junkie she quickly got to work creating a pair for herself. In 2016 she launched her own business online and a thriving Instagram feed that now boasts over 89,500 followers. A simple idea that has exploded with mass orders coming in weekly. Diamond Kicks is located in Melbourne and now ships globally taking the active world by storm and filling a gap in the market place. Since launching in 2016 she has added hats, kid’s shoes and a plethora of shoes to her collection, clients can’t get enough of this stylish brand.

This week I sat down with Mandy and had a chat about the incredible success of her brand.

Hi Mandy, I’m obsessed with your shoes. Tell me what is your number one selling product ?

Mandy – My number 1 selling product is either the Nike juvenate as it is such a slender soft sock-like style you can wear it for your weight sessions at gym or just casual comfortable shoe. The other one would be the Nike Air Max 90. This is always such a popular style when I bring out new colours – it is more of a lifestyle shoe as opposed to a workout shoe.

I can see there is an enormous amount of work goes into creating a pair of Diamond Kicks. How long does it take to custom make a pair ?

Mandy – As each crystal is hand placed one by one it does take time to crystallise a pair of kicks. Depending on the size of the design, it takes anywhere from 30mins to an hour per pair.

Im guessing after seeing your incredible Instagram following, that I’m not alone with obsession. Do you have any celebrities wearing your shoes ?

Mandy – We have a range of well known personalities wearing Diamond Kicks. These range from sports players like Jarryd Hayne who we customised a pair for him last year, to popular fitness personalities like Ashy Bines and Lauren Simpson. Our shoes are also worn by some reality TV personalities such as the girls from the Bachelor, Married at First Sight and Big Brother.

Nat – What is your personal favourite shoe ?

Mandy – It is so hard to choose as I have so many favourites- every time a new style comes out I add it to my collection- which I can say is growing a little out of control but I am starting to really like the new Adidas and New Balance Range. I have always been a Nike girl but these other brands are stepping up their shoe game and once blinded up with Swarovski crystals- they are definitely a top pick!

Okay and to wrap up Mandy describe your brand in 4 words ?

Mandy – Expressive, Active, Premium, Custom!

After chatting with Mandy I myself finally got my hands on a pair of New Balance Lifestyle Mode in Miss Monogram Pink of course, and have had them on my feet since they arrived. Comfy and stylish are two words that rarely go together, but that’s the magic behind Diamond Kicks and their philosophy of bringing a bit of sparkle to the everyday sneaker. From $110.00 the price point is reasonable and the presentation flawless.

I’ve already added a few wish list items to my Christmas list this year, and can quickly feel an addiction growing legs!

But what about you ? Would you fancy a pair of Diamond Kicks for you tootsies ? Jump online now and enter TINK10 at checkout to save 10% off full priced items.

Happy Shopping x

Mrs Tink enjoys a little Carrie moment with Alan Pinkus

It’s been over a decade since Sex and the City aired on our television screens but who can forget the friendship, the fashion, the cocktails and most importantly the SHOES! The shoes were almost a 5th character, with woman tuning in every week to see what fabulous footwear Carrie was trotting around the city in. My frock addiction quickly flicked to footwear and I literally started dressing around ‘the’ shoes. I became obsessed with finding shoes that brought a little New York high fashion to my Sunny Coast lifestyle.

Sadly I’m not Carrie Bradshaw nor do I have her budget, so you can imagine my delight when I found a brand that was fashionably fabulous without the over the top price tag. A brand that brings quality high fashion designs dripping in crystals without breaking the bank balance. Who is this designer I boast about? Alan Pinkus.

Alan Pinkus is huge on the bridal circuit, with many brides wearing their gorgeous designs on their big day. Alan Pinkus and I started our love affair a few years ago when I screamed down Myer in Melbourne after finding ‘the Carrie shoe’, the ones’ Mr Big proposed to Carrie with, although I must say that this version was even more luxe. I was not only in shock that I found them but they were also only $299.00 and not $1500+. The Keisha is a delicious shoe, encrusted with the most stunning crystal on top that would make Carrie weak at the knees.

Available in 4 colours in a satin finish this shoe is stylish for events or even dressing up a pair of jeans. Gone are the days of saving our bling for a special occasion, adding something sparkly to a casual look is the perfect way to glam it up without going over the top.

The Alan Pinkus range is created using high quality materials and crystals. The range starts at $69.00 and features not only heels but flats too. Each pair of shoes are incredibly well-made, which is proven to me time and time again, as even after wearing them day in and day out my feet never need to  ‘break them in’ and never me sore feet or blisters.

Word is quickly spreading to women globally who are reliving their own Sex and the City moment through this stylish designer by adding a fab heel to their everyday look.

Check out

Mrs Tink sits down with Melanie J Designs to talk about Spring Racing Trends

Photo By Jason Hay Photography

The Spring Race season is here and if you are like me, you care more about the fashion than the Fillies. I could attend every race day and simply be content soaking up the fashion. Ladies really know how to ‘bring it’ when it comes to spring racing events. The line for Fashions on the Field could rival a groupie line at a Rolling Stones concert, with women queuing in high heels ready to show the fashion spectators exactly what they came for – full fledge fashion at its best! Stunning frocks, bright colours and handcrafted fascinators that would even make Lady Gaga weak at the knees. Ladies go up and beyond for race season and literally plan their outfits months in advance. This year I’ve opted for something totally unique, unlike anything I’ve seen before at the track. One name I’ve been hearing all year is Melanie J Designs. Each piece I’ve loved on Instagram has been from Melanie J Designs. So, I took the time to sit down with the master milliner herself, Melanie Jeffers to find out what’s hot this racing season.


Natalie: Melanie you create the most amazing pieces, what is inspiring you this Spring?

Melanie: Spring, the season of colour. Fresh and fruity colour palettes, rich greens with pinks, fiery red and deep purple. The colours of nature.

Natalie: I must agree with your love of pinks, I myself have never found a shade of pink I don’t like. What do you expect to see this season?

Melanie: Spring racing season 2017 will be filled with bright colours, black and gold/rose gold is still in high demand. The style of millinery for FOTF will be big halos, whimsical, colourful, coordinated head to toe. The birdcage or champagne gardens will see bejewelled crowns, lace and flowers.

Natalie: Fantastic! I’m a woman obsessed with jewels, crowns and flowers!

Natalie: How long does it take to create a custom headpiece?

Melanie: Editorial and couture runway pieces up to 2 weeks. Race and bridal millinery up to 7 days.

Natalie: Wow that is impressive, especially as you make them all by hand. Your work is very stylish and so are you. Describe your own personal style in 4 words.

Melanie: Feminine with a rebellious streak. Love red lipstick and a good pair of heels {and a crown of course}

Natalie: Of course! I am crown obsessed… I have be known to wear one around the house!

Natalie: You obviously love what you do as it shows in your work. Why do you love what you do?

Melanie: My passion is designing, pushing my creative boundaries to produce a product that I am proud of. Plus, I adore the look on ladies faces when they have their very own millinery piece, it really is couture you can afford.

Natalie: We all want to look a million bucks but we don’t want to spend that, your couture pieces are at a great price point that gives ladies that edge without spending a small fortune. What are your tips for women entering FOTF this Spring?

Melanie: Take inspiration from 1950s ladies…. cover knees, shoulders, no cleavage or midriff. Work with your milliner to co-ordinate your look from head to toe. Appear confident and stand up straight.

Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me today, Melanie. I am very excited to wear my couture piece with its gorgeous gold filigree metal, cardinal red roses and Swarovski crystals.  


Check out Melanie J Designs at

As seen in the Sunshine Coast Daily

Take a seat North West meet Little Miss London Tink. My top Instagram finds for Kids Wear

In the last few years the fashion world has had eyes on Beckham, Kardashian, Cruise and I’m not talking Victoria, Kim and Tom, no these little fashionista’s run by the names of Harlow, North and Suri. Three tiny tots luring us in with their edgy on trend threads that make a 35 year old like me crushing over their stylish days. Today I’m just as keen to see what they will wear next as I am their stylish mama’s. Now while I don’t have the bank balance of a Kardashian or a Beckham I do have my own fashionista little London Jean, a pint size redhead with a lot of spunk and an eye for fashion. One of our favourite things to do is shopping, and little Londy is a gal who knows what she likes. So where does one go to find super cute clothes for their mini me? This is one question I’ve loved exploring, and here are my favourite picks all found via Instagram. Yes you read right Instagram, here are my top Instagram finds:

1.      Kuddly Kids Buderim was my first surprise as they were located in one of my fave Sunshine Coast spots. The range this store has is incredible, and an affordable price point. The Bella dress we picked up was my favourite it really embodied my little girl, girly and fun.

2.      Sandy Feet Australia create swimwear designed for kids who love to play in the sun. Bright colours, fun designs and most importantly high protection.

3.       Crowned & Co home of the most delicious headbands and flower crowns.

4.      Annabelle Boutique, custom made vintage dresses that will make your heart melt. I was in awe of the unique selection this boutique offers with their super cute dresses.

5.    Rashhoodz, I’m obsessed with this brand and so is my little Miss. Their swimwear is so wearable, Miss Londy wouldn’t take it off. Great fabric, high protection and unlike anything in the shops.

6. Kids Tribe is another coast brand with a range fit for North West herself! I fell in love with this denim jumpsuit so much so I wish they had my size!

7 My Tinok, this brand is one I’ve been following on Insta for a while. They feature super cool baskets that kids love! Perfect for your boho baby.

8 Pink Poppy is one brand I’ve always loved for London. They really know how to make a little girl feel like a princess without breaking mummy’s bank!

9. Holster fashion is not just for yummy mummies anymore, their kids range are to die for. Gorgeous styles to have your mini me feeling just as fab as mum.

10. Teepea Kids cute designer pieces that are unique, edgy and really add a bit of personality to your little ones wardrobe. London loved the Moon Tribe jumpsuit especially because it was light to wear and perfect for Spring and Summer.

Thank you to Jason Hay Photography for photographs and Ebz Beauty Boutique for Styling

Mrs Tink’s Spring Fling with Embellished Kaftans

Photo By Jason Hay Photography

Spring fashion is my favourite, bright colours, bold prints and the perfect temperature for resort wear minus the stickiness that summer brings. Each Spring I look to brighten up my wardrobe, and never one to shy away from bright colours I love to amp it up and liven up my everyday look.

For years now I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect kaftan, one that is bold and bright without looking Jersey Shore, light and comfortable without the moo moo factor and within a price point that I can afford to actually wear rather than house in a safe. My husband cringes when I mention kaftans, he can’t understand why I would want to wear a ‘tent’ as he calls them. Now Mr Tink god love him is no fashion mogul and while most of his threads are not what you would call on trend he is not totally wrong in his thinking. If you choose the wrong kaftan with no shape essentially you are wearing a very pretty tent. So for years now I’ve been trying to find my ‘Kardashian in Miami’ look without spending a mortgage repayment in the process and without the tent factor. Recently the kaftan gods shone upon me and brought with them a local business called Embellished Kaftans.

Embellished Kaftans have captured the art of creating comfortable and stylish pieces suitable for all shapes and sizes. Each kaftan features bold prints that are perfect for the Sunshine Coast or a trip to Miami should the Kardashians come calling. A piece I fell in love with that ticked my wishlist was the Carnival Salsa Dress. This kaftan hugged in all the right places and screamed ‘I’m on holidays, let’s have cocktails!’.

Light and floaty and a dream to wear, it’s perfect for an outing on the esplanade in Mooloolaba or cocktails at Bistro C in Noosa. Embellished in stunning crystals I felt a million bucks and like Spring was oozing out of me. Given the quality and in comparison to others on the market I was very surprised at the price $195 far cheaper than another brand I’ve been eyeing off. Stylish & affordable fashion that will last longer than the season and the best part is they are right here in our own backyard, which means you can go into their showroom and find the one perfect for you. Embellished Kaftans 5/23 Premier Circuit Warana.

Photo By Jason Hay Photography

So what was the verdict from the husband? A date in my new kaftan! Mr Tink is officially a converted kaftan man.

Photo By Jason Hay Photography

Special thanks you to Jason Hay Photography for photos and Ebz Beauty Boutique for Makeup.

Mrs Tink shares the ‘Secret’ to fabulous accessories for Spring

For many years I’ve admired woman who know how to accessorise, you know the type who not only rock the perfect weekend outfit but also accessorise with the right necklace, earrings and bracelet. The kind of woman who always looks polished and perfectly accessorised. I myself have tried this but have found I’ve ended up looking more like a gypsy than Giselle. However, just recently I found a sneaky little secret, one that can take even the most basic outfit and add a little ‘statement’ without going over the top. Ladies I’ve discovered the art of wearing an incredible statement necklace, and it’s a secret I’m only too happy to share…. shhh Secrets.

Secrets is located in the heart of Hastings Street in Noosa, if you’ve enjoyed a coffee at the Coffee Club on the weekend you’ve no doubt already been peeking through their windows at all the shimmer and shine. Recently they have added to their collection stunning statement necklets that while elegant are still versatile enough to wear with a ball gown to a gala or a maxi dress on a Sunday. Each piece is created using the most incredible stones and materials that really adds the WOW factor to your outfit, even for a rookie like me.

Recently I added the Ahoy Sailor Necklet to my wardrobe and was astounded at what a difference it made to the dresses I’ve had for years. Adding a statement necklace took my favourite black kimono dress from last season and turned it into something new and on-trend for Spring and Summer 2017. I chose the Ahoy Sailor Necklet because the colour was perfect for my everyday wardrobe and worked with all colours and necklines.

And it’s not just me who has fallen for the statement piece, this season expect to see more of your Hollywood celebrities walking the red carpet in a necklet that is just as stylish as their dress. Accessories are just as important this season as your attire, with runway shows amping it up and showcasing beautiful eye popping pieces along with their collection.

In fact this season you will be seeing statement necklets everywhere. Recently Secrets featured many of their stunning pieces in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Brisbane and they have collaborated with designer Lydia James Couture and were featured in their latest collection.

Keep an eye out for Secrets next time you are in Noosa they are at 3/32 Hastings Street Noosa Heads.

Frocks and Fab Finds at Julie-Ann Boutique Buderim

I am lucky to attend lots of fabulous events, and with each new event my hunger for finding the perfect gown grows. For many years I’ve heard Sunny Coast women rave about Julie-Ann Boutique. At events the same ladies are standing up on stage for the best dressed award and time after time smile and say they are wearing a stunning piece from Julie-Ann Boutique. So I decided it was time to investigate for myself and see if Julie-Ann Boutique had the perfect outfit for me to attend a charity luncheon.

Located at the top of Buderim Julie-Ann Boutique has been a fashion Mecca for many ladies for over 16 years, and once I entered the shop it was easy to see why. The walls are lined with a wide range of gowns and fashion accessories for every occasion whether it be a Luncheon, Wedding, Melbourne Cup or a Gala Ball you will find it all. Boasting a huge range of designers such as Bariano, Ursula USA, Pink Ruby, Pasduchas, Jadore, Rose Noir and Studio.

Allow yourself some time to browse and get up close and personal with the designs because looks can be deceiving on the hanger. Like this gorgeous Jadore dress that on the hanger had me wondering if it was really my style and once I put it on I instantly knew it was the ‘one’ and would be perfect for the luncheon.

This stunning piece is perfect for Spring and has a fun, feminine feel and although the bodice is structured it was incredible to wear. Feeling like a million bucks in my brand new frock and not wanting to take it off I went from the luncheon to cocktails with the girls without feeling the need to change.

Julie-Ann Boutique has something for all ages, shapes and sizes, a popular choice for many teens getting ready for formals along with their mothers sharing the day with their daughter. I was pleasantly surprised to find multiple choices to choose from for future events and absolutely loved that each gown purchased is registered with the event you are attending so there are none of those ‘who wore it better’ moments.

Buderim never fails to excite me with the fab finds and beautiful boutiques and Julie-Ann Boutique has quickly become one of my faves. Pop in and have a peek at 47 Burnett Street, Buderim.

Rowena Morris – The Brow Perfector

Trena-Jane Rowlands AKA Little Too Much

Tam Wrigley from InStyle TV

My look was finished with a Mrs Tink Pink Miss Victoria A4 Clutch from Miss Monogram

Sunshine Coast Daily Life & Style Weekend

Fashion at our Fingertips

Fashion bloggers are changing the way we look at fashion, once upon a time we used to rely on fashion magazines and now we trawl through Instagram and are surrounded by style icons. Following celebrities and their style is quickly becoming a thing of the past with bloggers literally taking over the way we think about fashion. Real fashion, for real woman, it’s relatable and creates style inspo as opposed to an unattainable for the average woman. Fashion bloggers bring affordable labels and brands to our smartphones and make them accessible to the everyday woman. Bloggers are creating a platform for retailers and giving their consumers a front row seat to their brand without having to pop into a shop.  4 of my fave style icons are Brooke Falvey aka What Brooke Wore, Peta Bourke aka Trainee Mama, Katy Roach aka Katy Potay, and Stacey McGregor each of these ladies bring relatable everyday style to my Instagram feed and they have real bodies to boot. I sat down with the awesome foursome of style and asked them a few questions I’ve been dying to know and asked them to share their look of the day.

So ladies

Describe your style in 4 words? 

Brooke– Feminine, flirty, preppy and striped

Stacey – Whimsical, comfortable, rule-breaking and a little bit Bohemian.

Peta– Fun, Fresh, Affordable, Coastal

Katy – Casual, simple, fun and Summery

What is your most worn piece in your wardrobe? 

Brooke– I’ve got two go-to pieces that I can’t part with; a Saba striped t-shirt which I’ve had it for years and wear it time and again with everything from denim shorts and jeans, to pencil skirts, pleated midi skirts and even over bikinis. And a pair of nude heels because they make my legs look longer (I’m only 163cm)!

Katy – Whilst I wear a lot of striped t-shirt dresses (just like my bestie Brooke), I think I get the most wear out of a denim jacket I’ve had since my early 20’s when I worked at French Connection. Classic denim styles never date, and I feel like it has plenty more good years left in it!

Peta – Without a doubt, denim shorts – my ultimate mum staple. I have a couple of favourite pairs including a pair of Wranglers that I picked up at an op shop for $4. Oh, and of course active wear which is practically my second uniform as a casual group fitness instructor and major gym enthusiast.

Stacey -Denim jacket is my go to piece, but I also wear a lot of scarves.  I opt for oversized bright and colourful ones I can wear all seasons.  Oh and Wrap dresses – my wardrobe is full of beautiful printed wrap dresses.

If you could splurge $300 on what piece what would you buy? 

Brooke – The Peaches Sundress from Spell & The Gypsy Collective (because we all need a little white dress for summer) and a metallic Miss Monogram clutch.

Stacey – I just did this on the weekend, I treated myself (particularly my feet) to a pair of SARA Frankie 4 Footwear tan heels.

Katy – A few light and floaty Summer dresses and maybe a new pair of sandals for the upcoming Caloundra Music Festival, my husband and I go every year and I’m really looking to it!

Peta -I’ve always wanted a leather biker jacket but never really had the money to spend on something that wouldn’t really be affordable or sensible in the cost-per-wear algorithm. It would give me a good excuse to take a trip to a cooler climate though right?

Favourite colour for spring? 

Brooke – Yellow is going to be a huge colour for Spring/Summer, but I’m sticking with my fuchsia and reds at the moment, especially with embroidered detailing.

Peta – Pink, always pink. Last year it was pretty scarce but I’m excited to see lots of labels releasing my favourite colour this season.

Stacey – I’m adding a lot of pinks for spring to my wardrobe particular in fun prints.

Katy -Pineapple and regularly holiday in Far North Queensland, so anything tropical is at the top of my list. I love watermelon, peach and citrus colours in Spring and Summer, especially with pops of mint – sounds like a delicious cocktail, doesn’t it?!

What has been your best wardrobe bargain of all time? 

Stacey – I’m a keen thrift shopper, I found a Dolce & Gabbana coat in my size at a designer thrift shop for $100.

Peta– Does my whole wardrobe count? We visited op shops, garage sales and second hand markets frequently throughout my childhood and teens and it’s a passion that has continued on to the current day. That ‘frugal’ mentality means most items I own, whether purchased new or second hand, have been bargains. I often scour the Facebook buy/swap/sell pages and marketplace as well as Gumtree to find new items to add to my collection.

Katy – I’m by no means a thrifty shopper like my op-shop-loving best friend Peta, but I have had a few great bargain purchases, like a $55 chambray dress from local Noosa boutique Wardrobe which I wear all Summer long.

Brooke – I’m not sure about the biggest bargain but my most recent was a sunshine yellow Alex Perry dress with cut out back detail, which will be perfect for the races in Spring/Summer on sale at Myer for 70% off.


Witchery tee, Princess Polly skirt, Seed necklace, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Nude heels.



Little Party Dress ‘Stacey’ dress, Frankie 4 Footwear Nikki heels in Latte.


Peta Dress – Bardot from Kawana Shopping World ($40 on sale!), handmade headpiece, Urban Soul heels from Myer, Miss Monogram clutch

Katy Photo French Connection new season stripe ruffle sleeve dress, Klouds Silver Lining Kathryn sandals, and Miss Monogram pouch in turquoise


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