Mrs Tink gets her Betty Crocker on 

I’m no Betty Crocker. I try my best but ‘wow, that Mrs Tink can cook’ has never been uttered from anyone’s mouth. For quite some time now Master 6 has been asking me for creative desserts after dinner and it seems that a simple bowl of ice cream is not up to the standards of my the little man who is always confused as to why I haven’t been baking cupcakes for him all day as he sees on his Brady Bunch type TV shows. 
In a bid to please Master 6 I’ve tried to push the boundaries by adding milo or sprinkles to his ice cream, none of which impressed his fine palette. So when the team at Wattle Valley gave me the opportunity to sample their Chocolate Coated Mini Waffles and their Belgium Style Waffles I knew I’d come up trumps with Master 6 with this review. I mean after all waffles eh, how fancy is that?! 
After dinner Master 6 eagerly asked his usual sing song question, “What’s for dessert mum?” Expecting me to say an icy pole or crackers. He was suddenly deafened by my fancy tone and reply, “waffles with ice cream and strawberries.” 

The poor child was dumbfounded and so was Mr Tink who popped his head around the corner asking if we were eating out. With the two men in my life bewildered and worried I got to work and placed the waffles in the microwave for 30 seconds (a super hard and technical step). Once finished I removed and layered with ice cream and strawberries and Ta Da! Mrs Tink’s fancy smancy (a Mrs Tink word) dessert was served! 

The look on their faces was priceless and the silence deafening as they put their heads down, bums up and devoured the lot. Yes I’d had a win and was making my way to Betty Crocker status, my boys thought I was some sort of Master Chef and begged for the same dessert for the rest of the week. Another huge perk was Master 6 gobbled up dinner without any drama nightly just so he could get to dessert which was a major win. 

Do you want to spice up your dessert menu? Would you like to try some waffles from Wattle Valley? I have a packet of both the Belgium Style and the Chocolate Coated Mini Waffles to giveaway to 3 readers. To enter simply share with me your favourite dessert of all time? Our judges will choose their favourite answers and announce winners on the 4th of November at 9pm 

Good luck xx